Dear Old Dad

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Episode 0004
Dear Old Dad

Chrys Dear Dad.jpg
He respects my decisions.

Blogger Chrysandra
Date Posted April 23rd, 2007
Description I made a video about my dad!

He's a pretty cool guy

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Dear Old Dad is the fourth video in the chrysplanet video series.


Chrys: So if you watched my Earth Day video, you can see my dad in it. (Still shot of Earth Day In 12 Seconds briefly appears.) My dad's really a great guy. He's not as interested in the environment as I am. And I'm sure he'd probably like me to be studying more, but he respects my decisions on what I want to do. So when I told him I was planning stuff for Earth Day, he got on his only pair of sneakers and one of his few pairs of blue jeans, and got out in the dirt for me a while and helped me, you know, pull up roots and stuff. My dad's really nice, but he's also pretty reserved. He doesn't talk a lot around strangers. I guess that's where I get it from. But because of that, he never sides with me when I get in an argument with my mom. That's kind of lame. He tells me later on that he agrees with me, but he won't tell her. The only time he's ever stood up for me is about my choice of music. He pretty much told my mom, "Miranda, it's her free will." And my mom didn't say anything more about it. I guess she was suprised that he had said anything at all. I know I was. I don't want to give you the idea that my dad's a weakling or anything, he's not. He just has his own way. Well, I gotta go help my mom clean the kitchen. So, bye.