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Episode 010
Dream 10: Ceremony=Colossal (The Order)

Finally, a glimpse into the mystery!

Blogger VoyBoy
Date Posted May 18th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description I'm sick to my stomach. I don't know how much is real or fake or what...I ended up getting caught. Not caught but...just watch.
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YouTube Tags Bree LG15 Daniel Jonas Order Lonelygirl15
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Dream 10: Ceremony=Colossol (The Order) is the tenth blog in the Dreams from the Breeniverse video series.


(A surgeon moves a big light over the camera. The sun sets.)

Mysterious Voice: Sun's going down. Like a big bald head. Disappearing behind the boulevard. It's Sharkey's night. It's Sharkey's night. Tonight!

(The moon rises behind a capitol building. Camera zooms in over the skyline of a city. Lights bounce in the sky. A flag waves.)

Mysterious Voice: And the manager says:

(A person walks into a hotel.)

Mysterious Voice: "Sharkey? He's not at his desk right now. Could I take a message?"

(Two people fight. People sit and watch a movie. An old ship sails.)

Mysterious Voice: Hey Kemosabe! Long time no see

(Cuts to Bree from The Human Ransom.)

Mysterious Voice: Hey Sport - You connect the dots! You pick up the pieces!

(People sit in the theater. The begin applauding. A sped up shot of a freeway is seen.)

Mysterious Voice: Well I drove down to Big D.C.

(A child opens the door and sees the globe outside.)

Mysterious Voice: And I walked into Room 1003. And there they were

(More scenes from The Human Ransom.)

Mysterious Voice: The Big Boys.

(Nurses roll infants down a hospital hallway.)

Mysterious Voice: And they were talking. Big B. Little O. Little M.

(More scenes from The Human Ransom.)

Mysterious Voice: Silent B. They were saying: "Let's teach those robots how to play hardball."

(A ball of fire explodes.)

Mysterious Voice: "Let's teach those little fellas a little gratitude."

(Cuts back to the theater. Cuts to two bubbles inching towards each other, then joining together. Cuts to the fast freeway. A silouhette dances.)

Mysterious Voice: HEY! What's that big noise from the sky?Sounds like thunder - Nope.

(A beam of light shines. An angel appears.)

Mysterious Voice: Sounds like the Fourth of July - Nope...Wrong again. You know? It's just those angels walking. They're clomping around again. Wearing those big clumsy shoes. We got for them.

(Green lightening flashes. People at the theater stand up in applause. The fast freeway is shown. Scenes from a town are shown. People applaud again.)

Mysterious Voice: Well deep. In the heart. Of darkest America.

(An American flag waves.)

Mysterious Voice: Home of the Brave. Well HA! HA! HA! You've already paid. For this.

(Shot of VoyBoy.)

Mysterious Voice: Listen to my heart...BEAT!


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