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Emily Maya Mills


Character: Margot Frank
Background information
Age 27
MySpace emilymayamills
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Emily Maya Mills filmography

Emily Maya Mills is the actress who plays Margot in the LonelyJew15 web series. She grew up in San Francisco California, where she attended Sacred Heart Cathedral Prepara. She later went on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree from Emerson College, where she majored in Acting, and minored in Communications, Politics and Law.

Emily has been a cast member of iO West's Mainstage Sketch Company and created and co-hosts the weekly stand-up show, Triclops @ Silverlake Lounge. She has performed onstage through a variety of venues and has been seen hosting promos on the Travel Channel and in the Odenkirk directed Derek & Simon: The Show. She is currently a proud member of the UCB Maude team Our Struggle (former member of Maude team Wall of Sound).

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