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This article is about the Redearth88 crew and community member. For other Mikes, see Mike.
Mike Frankson

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Character: Himself (Cameo)
Other Roles: Hubby
Background information
Age 45
Birthday May 30th, 1976
LG15 10512
Mike Frankson filmography

Mike Frankson is an editor for Redearth88. He became involved with the project after his fan videos caught the eye of Glenn Rubenstein. Mike now helps edit videos for the character of Rachel.

Before the days of YouTube, Mike edited and produced an internet reality series called "The Real Tag," which got the attention of sponsors Tiger/Hasbro in the laser tag world..

After its successful run, Mike started working in radio in NYC, hosting shows based on independent music with a listener share of 4.5 million people. After new ownership came in with a format change, Mike left the show, realizing that he'd accomplished one of his childhood dreams.

In June 2006, Mike found Bree on YouTube and has been an avid follower of lonelygirl15 ever since. In late 2007, Mike decided to combine three things he truly cared about: lonelygirl15, the community and radio. This decision led him to form BreeFM. Currently, he runs the show and invites other members of the community to DJ.

Mike is also a self-taught musician, playing piano and keyboards and recently put his latest collection of compositions online on his new artist page under the name of "Michael's Purpose". Mike was also he PM of Zoeyiswatching. Mike also portrays Hubby (a parody of Brother) in LonelyJew15.

Recently Mike began his own series 3rd Triad which he directs, writes and edits.

Mike is proud to be an active member of the community.

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