Feline Feariousness

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Episode RAB4
Feline Feariousness

Based on a True Story

Blogger Reed
Date Posted September 17th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:39
Description They are among us...
Location(s) Reed's loft
YouTube Tags Lonelygirl15 LG15 The Resistance Hymn of None Lifesblood Labs Order Cats Danger
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Line Producer Lynn Kramer
Production Assistant(s) Andrea Aguilar and Travis Prow
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Assistant Director(s) Ram Paul Silbey
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jim Campolongo
Story Joshua Hale Fialkov and Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Jerry Pyle, Yusuf Pirhasan, James Renfroe, and Christopher Ryder
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Music "The Shocker" by Warner Drive
Reed Brett Ryback
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Feline Feariousness is the fourth video posted by Reed. It takes place during the first chapter of LG15: The Resistance.


(Intro sequence with Reed making faces and the screen changing color. The words "Reed's Rules" appear on the sides of the screen.)

Reed: Okay, my topic today is about something that not only bugs me, but also scares the (censored) out of me. I'm talking about an enemy who exist under our very noses. It has infiltrated our society. For our alleyways into our very homes. I'm talking about cats. You're probably thinking, how can you hate little kitties? Little kitties are cute. Well I'm not talking about kitties, okay? Little kitties are cute. I'm talking about full blown pussy cats. When they grow up, they get some sort of, like, evil genetic switch that gets flipped on and then they go nuts! You all recall the time the giant cat attacked Los Angeles? True story! I have a cat at home. When you, like, pet it and it's like, "Aw, pet me! I love you!" and then all of a sudden it's like "Roar, hiss hiss!" What is that about? The only reason my cat even gives me the time of day is because it wants to manipulate my mind! Whenever you see an evil villain in a show or something, what's always sitting on its lap? It's a cat! I'm talking to you Dr. Claw. What do they call people that want to, like, break into our homes and steal our possessions? Hmm... cat burglars! Cats want to steal our souls. And finally, what will give you eternal bad luck if it ever crosses your path? A black cat! Maybe my mom's little tabby is the reason I didn't have a junior prom date. Think about it, think about it. According to Wikipedia, cats are (makes quotation signs with hands) carnivorous predators that hunt over 100 species of foods. Let's not get added to that list, people. Get rid of your cat, before your cat gets rid of you! Meow!