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Brett Ryback
Portrays Reed
Background information
Age Unknown

Brett Ryback filmography

Brett Ryback is the actor who plays Reed in the LG15: The Resistance webseries. An accomplished actor and composer, Brett is also a multi-award winning playwright.

Since age 5, he has worked extensively with many renowned regional theatres, including: South Coast Repertory, Laguna Playhouse, Reprise! Broadway's Best, Milwaukee Rep, The Skylight, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Milwaukee Shakespeare, and most notably Center Theatre Group in their production of The History Boys at the Ahmanson Theatre. He has appeared on television on Cupid (ABC) and House (FOX), and numerous commercials. His music has been performed all across the country from the Waimea Bay Music Festival in Hawai'i to various cabaret houses in New York City. He holds a B.A. in music composition from UCLA.

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