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A blooming flower from LaRezisto's video Join Me!

There are many strong female characters in the lonelygirl15 series. Due to the interpretive nature of feminism, there may be disagreement about whether or not a video communicates feminist values. Also, there might be disagreement about how the videos communicate those values. Feminism is also a form of government in which women and girls are the ruling class.

  • I'm Going to the Party! - Bree disobeys her parents to chase her own interpretation of happiness.
  • My First Kiss - Bree questions gender roles and common dating scripts.
  • How My Parents Met - Bree's father is attracted to Bree's mother's strong personality and independent thinking.
  • I Listened To Daniel - Bree decides to tell her parents she wants to lose her religion.
  • Bad Decisions - Gemma's vignette about the musician is telling of Gemma's character and needs in personal relationships. Although she and the boy had been seeing each other for only a short period of time, she demanded a level of trust and commitment that he was unwilling to offer. This ultimatum seizes control of the relationship.
  • Bree And I Hooked Up - Bree is emotionally vulnerable after witnessing her father's murder. It could be argued that she hooked up with Daniel as a game, so that even when the rest of her life descends into chaos, at least she can be in control of her relationship with Daniel.
  • Daniel’s A Liar - Bree defines the significance of a kiss that happened between her and Daniel.
  • The Human Ransom - Bree and Tachyon work together to rescue Daniel, a simple twist on typical thriller scripts.
  • Crazy Emo Chick - Sarah's confrontational way of introducing herself is a poke at gender roles.
  • I Know What Boys Like - Sarah and Taylor discuss what boys like and how to please them. Enough said?
  • Everybody Does It ;) - Sarah explains her playful and yet domineering attitude towards her relationship with Daniel.
  • Deep Throat - Daniel's informant turns out to be female, challenging typical gender roles of thriller fiction.
  • Season Finale 10 of 12 – 5 pm - Bree surrenders herself to the Order and sacrifices her life at the hands of The Elders to save her friends from an impending, yet to be articulated doom.
  • I Like Being Me - Emma's decides to take the serum, regardless of what Jonas says.
  • Join Me! - There is a significant amount of feminist symbolism in this video, including the hand gestures that Claire makes and the blooming flower halfway through the video.
  • Student Film - Daniel and Mallory discuss stereotypes and stop just short of a discussion of feminist values.
  • No More Lies - Sarah maintains stoicism and power through detachment. It could be argued that she is attempting to appear morally superior to Daniel because she is willing to expose him where he is guarded and protected.
  • Battle of the Sexes - Sarah says that she is just as capable as the boys. She also observes that The Order has some powerful, deceptive women such as Lucy and Claire.
  • Procreating on Peyote - Jennie tells us that only females are allowed to conduct the Peyote ceremonies. Also, she wonders why men are allowed to run the world.
  • Tangled Web - Jennie claims that girls are way better at inductive reasoning than boys.
  • Final Appeal - Very subtly, Jennie takes control of her relationship with Jonas. Jennie is willing to compromise but Jonas is going to have to meet her half way.
  • Backyard Bikini Patrol - !!