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Gas 'n Eats was the convenience store at which Daniel worked until he quit in early November to accompany Bree, beginning with the video On The Run.

When Daniel first mentioned the job in the video Jonas?, it was previously unknown if Daniel worked or went to school. Daniel said in the video Back Home that he was planning on getting his job back, but it is unclear if he did, because he soon left again to join Bree and Jonas.

The name Gas 'n Eats is a possible reference to the John Gilmore novel "Crazy Streak," a noir style novel set in a gas station named "Gas 'n Eats." It is also possible that "Gas 'n Eats" is simply supposed to convey a generic gas station/convenience store that probably doesn't pay too much.

In the comments to the Paulmark18 video An Ode to Bree's Dad, Paul mentions that he also works at the Gas 'n Eats, though since he said it with a wink he might have been joking by alluding to Daniel's job.

More recently, in The Perfect Beach, Daniel remarks that the Gas 'n Eats store sold "redneck teepees", the tents people use for shade on the beach.

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