Golf Day Out

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Episode 277/2x122
Golf Day Out

Let's see whose face turns red first...

Blogger Sophie
Date Posted June 5th, 2008
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Length 8:15
Description I had the greatest day out with Lee and the guys but don't worry I filmed every moment of it. Something's not right about Lauren's note. I posted it here and we need your help to work out what's going on:
Location(s) Sophie's flat, Golf club, Hyde Park, A Theatre, The new flat
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Sophie
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
On-Set Producer Louis Figgis
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Lawrence Tallis
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) John Palmer
Music "Climb the Mountain" by Norine Braun, "Apartment b" by Emmas Mini
Sophie Pippa Duffy
Lee Sam Donovan
Charlie Tara Rushton
Steve Giles Alderson
Lauren Emma Pollard
Ice Cream salesman Unknown
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Golf Day Out is the two-hundred seventy-seventh webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the one-hundred twenty-second video of season two.


Sophie: You will not believe the day I've just had. Lee called me this morning and asked me if I wanted to go for a day out with him, Charlie, Steve, and Lauren. I know! (Giggles.)

(Cut to Sophie at her vanity. She sets the camera down and puts on lip gloss. She smiles excitedly at the camera and picks it up.)

Sophie: Okay, jacket, jacket...

(Sophie searches her room for her jacket and finds it on a chair near her bed. A knock is heard at the door and Sophie gasps.)

Sophie: Oh, god!

Lee: Hello!

Sophie: Alice must've let him in! Yep, coming!

(Lee knocks on Sophie's door. She opens it to find him dressed in golf attire.)

Sophie: Hiya!

Lee: Hiya! You all right?

(Sophie giggles and they kiss on the cheek. The both giggle.)

Sophie: Hi.

Lee: Oh, well this is really nice, isn't it?

Sophie: This is my room! (Giggles.)

Lee: Yeah! So you ready?

Sophie: Yes! So, um-- where're we going?

(Lee gestures to his outfit. The camera pans over his clothes.)

Sophie: Wha--

Lee: I thought I was meant to be the stupid one?

Sophie: Golf?

Lee: Yeah, golf! It's dead good! It's going to be boss! ...And also, Steve knows the guy, so we get in for free.

Sophie: Okay. (Laughs nervously.)

Lee: Okay? Ready?

Sophie: Yeah.

Lee: Let's go! (Opens the door and turns back to Sophie.) Ladies first.

(Sophie leads the way out of the flat. Cut to outside with Sophie following Lee.)

Lee: Come on, Soph!

Sophie: (Groans.) I'm nervous about playing golf in front of people!

Lee: Golf's absolutely brilliant, don't be nervous!

Sophie: Yeah, but I've never done it before, ever!

Lee: It's my second favorite game, after Connect Four!

Sophie: Mm...

Lee: Come on, safely cross the road. Come on, one of you go.

(Lee leads Sophie across the street to Charlie's car where Charlie, Lauren, and Steve are waiting. Charlie is on her cell phone.)

Steve: Sophie, how're you doing?

Sophie: Hi!

Steve: Nice to see you. So nice to see ya. (Sophie lowers the camera to greet Steve.) You all right?

Charlie: --golfing. Really.

Sophie: Yeah, I'm all right.

Steve: You look lovely.

Sophie: Hi, Laur!

(Lauren waves at Sophie.)

Charlie: Okay. So have a good time. Yeah, okay; I'll speak to you when you're back. See ya, babe. Yep, bye. (Hangs up the phone.) Jules is still away. (Lee groans.) She can't come.

Steve: Oh well. Should we get going?

Charlie: Let's do it.

Lee: Ah!

Steve: Ah!

Charlie: Quietly.

Lee: Sorry.

Steve: Shh.

(Cut to everyone piling into Charlie's car.)

Lauren: I wanna get in front.

Lee: (Opens the backseat door.) Get in.

Steve: I can't fit my leg.

Lauren: Whatever.

(Cut to Lee in the backseat.)

Lee: Yeah, here we go, a day of golf! Golf day!

Steve: Yeah!

Sophie: Yeah, well thank you guys for inviting me!

Lee: I'll invite you anywhere.

(Sophie giggles and everyone makes fun of them.)

Lee: Should we sing a song, everyone?

Lauren: Oh, Lee, please, can we just have a bit of quiet?

Lee: Um, why have quiet when you can have (Sings.) "The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, 'round and--" Join in, everyone. "'Round and 'round."

Steve: Are you serious?

(Cut to everyone singing.)

Everyone: The Lauren in the bus goes moody, moody, moody, all day long!

Lauren: Okay, all right, I'm not moody; just shut up.

(Everyone teases Lauren as she rolls her eyes.)

Lauren: Please. Please.

(Steve puts his finger near Lauren's nose and she swats him away.)

Lauren: Steve get off me, I'm not a baby!

(Cut to everyone in the car, which is now parked. Steve opens his door.)

Steve: Oh, it's a lovely day as well in London.

Sophie: Yeah.

Lee: Very beautiful!

Sophie: Oh... nice!

(Cut to Lee and Steve leading everyone toward the golf club.)

Steve: Okay, well I'll, uh, I'll go speak to Tracy. You guys wait here for a sec, just to let me--

Lee: Yeah, I'll come too!

Sophie: Okay.

Lee: All the boys, we'll sort it out, eh, Steve, mate? (Pats Steve on the shoulder.)

Charlie: Alright.

Steve: Alright, won't be long.

Charlie: We'll wait here.

(Lee and Steve walk off. Cut to Lauren sitting on the ground.)

Lauren: They're coming back.

(Cut to Lee and Steve returning. Steve takes off his jacket.)

Charlie: What happened? It doesn't look good. At all.

(Lee points to Steve and signs an "L" on his forehead.)

Steve: Um... We can't get in 'cause we're not dressed right.

Lee: Um, no. No, not we. He can't get in 'cause he's not dressed right, but he said I can go straight in because I am wearing the right attire.

(Sophie laughs and pans over Lee's outfit.)

Steve: Sorry guys.

Lauren: Well, this was a waste of time, wunnit?

Steve: Well, how 'bout ice creams then we could maybe do some fun games? Something like that?

Lee: Oh, yeah!

Sophie: Yeah!

(Cut to an ice cream salesman in a truck.)

Ice cream salesman: Hey, hi, which flavor would you like?

(Cut to the ice cream salesman showing them two different flavors.)

Ice cream salesman: Is it this one, on my right, or on my left?

(Cut to Lee, leaning over to Sophie.)

Lee: Is he flirting with you?

(Cut to a seagull in the park. Sophie laughs as Lee chases the birds. Cut to Lee running to Steve, Lauren, and Charlie lying on the ground. He jumps on their backs as they cry out.)

Sophie: Oh, no, Lee!

(Cut to Lee sitting down, holding a half-eaten ice cream cone.)

Lee: I think we should have Park Olympics: different tests to see who's the best at Olympics stuff like fastness.

(Cut to Steve and Lee running, carrying Charlie and Sophie on their backs. Cut to Steve doing a one-handed kartwheel, finishing by showing off. Cut to Charlie doing a kartwheel.)

Steve: That was special.

(Cut to Lauren doing a kartwheel. Cut to Lee attempting, and failing, a kartwheel.)

Steve: God.

(Cut to Sophie doing a foward tumble.)

Steve: Oh, wow!

(Cut to Steve giving the camera a thumbs-up. Cut to Lee and Steve balancing on their heads. Lee groans and falls over. Steve grins and falls backwards. Cut to Lee and Steve running with Sophie and Charlie on their backs. Sophie grabs at Charlie, who screams. Cut to everyone tangled after falling down. Cut to Lauren filming as everyone talks.)

Steve: Want to join in?

Lauren: No, I want to go home. (Turns the camera back to the group.)

Steve: You haven't got a partner? No?

Lauren: Yeah, don't rub it in, all right?

Steve: Okay.

(Cut to Charlie lying on her stomach.)

Charlie: So, is this... your first date, then? (The camera pans to Lee, who looks nervously at the camera.) Between you guys?

Lee: Betw- yeah.

Charlie: Or ever?

Lee: Between u- between us--

Charlie: Or ever?

Lee: Ever? No. Well, I--

Steve: Are you serious? This is your first ever date. (Lee looks embarrassed.) Is it? (Bursts out laughing. Sophie looks nervously at the camera.) How do you feel?

Sophie: Uh...

Steve: Gutted?

Sophie: No. I think it's sweet. (Giggles.)

Steve: Ah.

Lee: (To Charlie.) Yeah, well have you ever had a date before?

Charlie: Of course you know I've had a date.

Lee: Yeah?

Charlie: You remember all that shit about Gavin before?

Lee: Yeah?

Lauren: Yeah!

Lee: (To Steve.) Yeah, well, but have you ever had a date before?

Steve: 'Course I have.

Lee: Yeah, so? I don't even care anyway about that.

(Cut to Charlie laughing.)

Lee: Well- we- n- Well, have you ever had a date, Lauren?

Lauren: I've had loads.

Lee: You know what? You know it says on your Bebo profile that you've got a boyfriend? How come none of us have ever met him?

Steve: Does it?

Lee: It does.

Sophie: Yeah, I've seen that.

Lauren: So? Just because I didn't introduce him to you...

Charlie: Would you bring him over?

Lauren: If you want me to, I will.

Steve: Are you serious you've got a boyfriend?

Lauren: Yeah.

Steve: We've never met him after all this time?

Lauren: Well, it ain't been that long, has it?

(Cut to Charlie laughing. Steve and Sophie laugh as well.)

Lee: Is it an imaginary friend?

Lauren: No, Lee, it's not imaginary!

Lee: You've got an imaginary friend!

Lauren: You know what, you're the one who makes shit up, aren't you? I don't make non--

Lee: I have not made up friends since I was thirteen, thank you very much.

(Sophie laughs.)

Lauren: Shut up, just shut up, you don't have a clue about me, do you? (Gets up.)

Lee: I--

Lauren: You think you can rant on about me and imaginary boyfriends, well you screw you all, piss off. (Walks away.)

Charlie: Lauren! (Gets up.)

Sophie: Lauren!

Charlie: Lauren! (Chases after Lauren.)

Lauren: Just leave me alone, I want to be on my own!

Charlie: We were joking around!

Steve: (Turns to the camera.) Are you serious?

(Charlie stops. Sophie follows Lauren as she walks away.)

Charlie: All right, I think she just wants to be on her own for a little while.

(Cut to Sophie watching Lauren. Cut to Lee watching Lauren.)

Charlie: Should we make a move, guys?

Steve: Yeah. Yeah, it's gettin' a little cold.

Charlie: You wanna hit up the cinema, or... Would you be up for it?

Lee: Yeah, let's go to the cinema, just the four of us, then see a film.

(Cut to Sophie holding Lee's hand and they giggle. Lee kisses Sophie's hand and she giggles.)

Charlie: Oh, you guys are gonna make me vomit. (Laughs.)

(Cut to Sophie walking down the street behind everyone else.)

Sophie: Well, the weather's turned a bit.

(Cut to Lee running as Steve walks with his arm around Charlie. Lee jumps on the window sill.)

Lee: Sophie! Sophie, look, I'm like a cat. Right, so what're we gonna go and see anyway?

Steve: I thought we'd go catch The Waiting Room? (Points to a poster.)

Sophie: Oh yeah, I've heard that's really good.

Charlie: Cool, let's do it.

Steve: Cool, then.

(Lee looks confused, then runs ahead.)

Lee: I'm gonna get some popcorn!

Steve: Okay.

(Charlie laughs. Fade to black. Fade to Lee, Charlie, and Steve walking out of the theatre.)

Lee: That was great, wasn't it? You know, that was really sweet.

Charlie: Aww, did it make you cry, Lee?

Lee: No. (Looks awkwardly at the camera.)

Charlie: I'm just kidding. I thought it was really great, too.

Steve: Yeah, me too.

(Cut to everyone inside Charlie's car as they drive in a car park.)

Charlie: Where's my space, there's my space, over here...

Steve: There, there she is... all right. Ahhh.

Charlie: Here we go...

Lee: Ah. Come on Sophie, just come in for one drink.

Sophie: Uh....

Charlie: Yeah, come on, babe, I don't want to be left hanging out with these two on my own.

Sophie: Well... (Lee gives Sophie two thumbs-up.) Oh, go on then, but as long as you're sure you don't mind.

Charlie: Yeah, I'm sure. Come on.

Lee: Yes!

(Cut to everyone walking up the stairs in the apartment building.)

Lee: Guys, what I don't understand, right, is why he had to keep getting it out all the time? (Sophie laughs.)

Charlie: Can we please stop talking about it? (Laughs.) It's absolutely disgusting.

Lee: Did you think it was a special effect?

Steve: I think it was a prosthetic.

Lee: Ugh.

Charlie: Yep.

Steve: What's that? (Sophie zooms in to find a piece of folded paper taped to the flat's front door.) Oh look, a note.

(Charlie pulls off the piece of paper and unfolds it. She scans over the letter.)

Charlie: It's from Lauren. Uh... she said that she's just going away for a bit and she knows she's been in a really crap mood lately, but she's not pissed off at us, she just needs to get away from it all.

Lee: Oh no. You think she's gonna be all right?

Charlie: I dunno, it just doesn't--

Steve: Well mayb--

Charlie: --it doesn't really sound like her, though.

Steve: Maybe she's telling the truth. Maybe she just needs a bit of space.

Sophie: Charlie, show me?

(Charlie turns the note to show the camera. Cut to Charlie, opening the door. Cut to Sophie in her room.)

Sophie: So... Well, that took a bit of shine off the day, really. I hope she's all right. To be honest, it sounds like she's fine; I think Charlie's just a natural worrier. (Smiles.) Anyway, overall, I had a really good day today. Really good. (Giggles.) Bye!


Lauren's Letter said:
hey charlie, hey lee,

i'm going away for a bit. i'm not Pissed off

at U guys, i just need some time. everything's been

getting on top of me lately and I realized that

i've been taking my Crap mood out on you 2

and that's not fair for you've both been so good to


anyway, i don't Want you to worry about me...

i'm Fine, really. just need to clear my head and

sort a few things.

i'll see you soon

love Lauren