Inside The Clinic

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Episode 13/1x013
Inside The Clinic

A narrow escape.

Blogger Linc
Date Posted July 24th, 2007
Length 0:53
Description 15OVER15,

Per your instruction, I am filing this report from a safe distance.

The warspy device came in handy!




YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 bree daniel danielbeast jonastko sarah opaphid tachyon linc lofisyndicate redearth rachel warspy
Linc Logan Rapp
Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
Doctor Rabbi Marc Rubenstein
Mysterious Figure No Credit Given
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Inside The Clinic is the thirteenth video in the Redearth88 video series.


(Footage from a silent, sepia security camera looking down a hallway. A doctor and a girl, presumably Rachel, walk down the hallway. The doctor directs Rachel into the room on the right, and then steps into the room on the left. He comes back out with a clipboard, pauses in the hallway, and walks into the room on the right. Another man dressed in black comes out of the left room and walks slowly into the hallway and pauses to look around. He is tall and large and the light reflects off his bald head. Linc walks down the hallway holding a gun with both hands. He stays to the right side of the hallway and looks in the room on the right. He quickly turns and aims into the right-hand room, and fires his gun four times, which we can only tell from the sparks flying out of the barrel. He reaches into the room and takes Rachel by the arm, who is looking behind her in shock. Rachel and Linc go back down the hallway from which they came.)


  • This video contains no dialogue. The only sound is the white noise from the camera.
  • This video was shot inside of Glenn Rubenstein's father's synagogue. [1]