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Main Characters

RE88-Rachel-Portal.jpg Aly Zarin alias-cropped.jpg Tachyon-cropped1.jpg Brother-cropped1.jpg
Rachel Aly Zarin Tachyon Brother
OpAphid-cropped1.jpg RE88-Linc-Portal.jpg Warpyloltidetorevenge-cropped1.jpg 15OVER15-cropped.jpg
OpAphid Linc War Pylol 15over15


Meet RedEarth also known as Rachel, a shy intern from east Texas living in Los Angeles whose boring summer vacation takes a turn for the surreal. Seemingly escaping the drama of her past, Rachel unknowingly plunges head first into a conspiracy bigger than she could ever imagine. The clinically interesting guy she'd been dating turns out to be a former secret agent who rescues her from a faceless organization that is after her for some reasons not yet disclosed. The summer's events come to a head when Rachel is cornered by the former lg15 assassin, War Pylol but once again rescued at the last possible second by agent 10033, Codename: Brother. Rachel's unexpected run in with OpAphid herself convinces Brother to make a call for help to his partner, Tachyon. Rachel suspiciously reappears months later with no knowledge of the incidents that precluded her disappearance. Tachyon, however, goes undercover as Rachel's new roommate: Aly Zarin to protect her and find out the truth behind the events that are unfolding behind her back.




List of Videos

  1. Hello. I am Rachel's first video blog. - RE
  2. Lo-Fi Resurgence - LOFI
  3. I've Got Issues - RE
  4. Make It Go Away - LOFI
  5. Crazy Bitch - RE
  6. Creepy Stalking 101 - LOFI
  7. 15OVER15 - 15OVER15
  8. A Sigh of Relief & Other Random Events - RE
  9. Interrogation + Date = INTERRODATING - RE
  10. First Date Postmortem - RE
  11. The Best Deceptions - RE
  12. Outside The Clinic - RE
  13. Inside The Clinic - LOFI
  14. Waking Up - RE
  15. Kinda Sorta Lonely - RE
  16. Tide To Revenge Afire - WAR
  17. Cut To The Chase - LOFI
  18. Worth The Wait? - LOFI
  19. Remember Me? - [Op]
  20. A Little Help, Perhaps? - LOFI
  21. Can You Help A Brother Out? - BRO
  22. Where Does The Time Go? - RE
  23. Opportunity Crisis! - RE
  24. Divine Intervention? - RE
  25. Aly Zarin! - TAC
  26. 2 Girls 1 Dwelling - RE
  27. When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves - RE
  28. How Could THIS Happen? - RE
    I've got mail - GRG
  29. Exploring Myself - RE
  30. About Last Night - RE

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