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Greetings from the Order.
A Word to the Wise
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Age Unknown
YouTube immant
Revver immant
Portrayed by immortal1
List of Immant's videos


Immant is a YouTube user that posted two fan fiction videos before the Ceremony that appear to be addressed to Bree. In the videos, he praises the addressee for her commitment to the "Order".

Dr. Thomas Immant first appeared on the scene as a shadowy figure but more recently has made an effort to become the more "user-friendly" public face of the Order until he was mysteriously expelled and forced underground.


1. Greetings from the Order.

  • Dr. Immant established contact with an unknown addressee.


  • Immant's YouTube account was started at the same time as lonelygirl15's YouTube user account.
  • Gemma later confirms the existence of the Order in Learning Egyptian.

2. See you at the ceremony...

  • Dr. Immant praises the addressee and explains the the life changing significance of The Ceremony.


  • This video was broadcast just prior to The Ceremony.
  • Dr. Immant wears a hood and attire which is later seen worn by Order members involved in the Ceremony, as well as at least one bald-headed man. Forum speculation begins about whether he was actually there.

3. We do not wish to make enemies, only friends.

  • His dark attire and sunglasses seem to become the look for new members of the Order as they begin to appear in the Breeniverse.
  • This video suggests for the first time that the Order is more then a religion and has great influence and addresses the case of mistaken identity of a bald member of the Order spotted in The Ceremony.

4. The Doctor is in

5. Seeing the Big Picture

6. Order Announcement: New Policy to Combat Misinformation

  • This video shows a friendlier public side of Dr. Immant quite different than the shadowy figure we've seen previously, and the ending of the video sets a lighter tone than the others.

7. The Order MAQs (Most Asked Questions)
8. The Shut Eye

9. Flee
10. A Word to the Wise

Supplementary Video

Dream 12

Diagnosing Dr. Immant

In the video See you at the ceremony... he seems to be claiming he will be at Bree's ceremony but will not be seen, and is shown wearing similar attire to the people in the video The Ceremony, before it came out. Also, in The Ceremony, Daniel films a bald man who perhaps bears some resemblance to Immant, but Immant claims in his "We do not wish to make enemies, only friends." video that while he was at the ceremony, he does not believe that he was spotted there by anyone. Since the Order of Denderah seems to be aware of Daniel's presence at the ceremony, they probably know about the video he took and who does and does not appear in it.

Later, in Bree's video "On The Run," we glimpse a bald man who was probably the guy at the ceremony. We see his face this time, and he looks nothing like Immant. However, Dr. Immant had previously stated in his video We do not wish to make enemies, only friends. that it was tradition for men to shave their heads after ascending to a certain level in the Order.

Current logo at the end of Dr. Immant's vids.
In Immant's earlier videos, he used a protected mark of the religious organization OTO. His response to fan requests to remove the symbol has been reported as gracious and accomodating.

Analysis of the Member Directory would suggest that suspected characters who did not immediately register their names are not officially affiliated with the LG15 project. Notably late to register are nikkibowerreport, member #337, and Dr. Immant, member #129. New characters may, however, be registered much later as their names are currently unknown and therefore not in danger of being stolen.

A unique feature of LG15 is that while characters may not be part of the original storyline, the Creators have stated that Fan fiction storylines can influence and cross that of the main storyline. This is alleged by the Creators to have already happened with OpAphid. It is possible that while Dr. Immant may not have started as canon he very well could become so.

Traditionalists vs. Reformists

  • Note: Dr. Immant is a fanfiction creation, and as such, his description (below) of the Order's two opposing camps is not necessarily the way the Order is intended to operate in the official LG15 storyline. There may be some overlap, as Dr. Immant's videos have had some crossover points with the original storyline. (See section "Diagnosing Dr. Immant" above). Most of all, this information is useful in understanding Immant's story arcs and underlying messages.

Dr. Immant's videos provide a glimpse into the alleged inner workings of the Order. In addition to offering some background on its foundation in astrology, the videos reveal a rift between the two political affiliations within the Order: the Reformists and the Traditionalists. The Order's purpose, traditions and ceremonies, religious structure, astrological influences and yes, its values are common ground for both. They differ in terms of the philosophy in which the Order should run its operations.

The Traditionalist clings on to the "by any means necessesary approach" that includes the methods of fear, intimidation, force and assassination, which often lead to the needless loss of life. They are stuck in an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. In the old days this was necessary to insure the Order stayed in the shadows. If the general public knew their world was being shaped, surely they would resist. It's different in the modern era. The Order is not only known but has a proven track record and people don't ask the questions they know they don't want answers to. They are content to let the Order do what they do because deep down, they know it must be done. The Reformist sees this as an opportunity. Now is the time to operate through political power, social status and economic influence.

The Reformists are few in number. What progress they have made is largely due to the fact that a few of the more prominent members are with them. Most Traditionalists don't even regard them as a threat. The radical Traditionalists are what the KGB were to the old Soviet Republic. They no doubt have seen that the old hardliners there were unable to change and were eventually left behind.

Change is slow within the Order. There are no bloody coups to stage. The Reformists must be content to spread their message and grow in number until the current leadership dies off. These prominent members of the Reformists can then ascend into some of those leadership positions. This is predestined. The stars have always governed everything the Order does and this is no different. As the elders die off it will be the stars who determine who will ascend to their positions. The real battle is to win these would-be high ranking officials over to your chosen political affiliation before they ascend. Perhaps the next to ascend will be a Reformist, or perhaps that day will never come. Either way, to go against this process would be to go against one of the Order's most fundamental beliefs and thus there are harsh penalties against those who would interfere with members predestined to ascend to positions of power within the Order. These members are protected just as any other high ranking official of the Order. This is why the Tradionalists and Reformists can't kill each other off.