The Order MAQs (Most Asked Questions)

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Immant Video 7
The Order MAQs (Most Asked Questions)

You scratch the Order's back; the Order kidnaps your parents and hunts you down...

Blogger Dr. Immant
Date Posted December 9th, 2006
Description Thanks for all your inquiries. I'm sure you'll understand if we can't answer them all.
YouTube Tags dr doctor immant order MAQs LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast tetrabiblos caretaker night ghost
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The Order MAQs (Most Asked Questions) is the seventh video in the Immant video series. It was posted in response to Your Decision.


Dr. Immant: I already have received a number of inquiries. I thought I'd quickly take this time to address a couple of the most asked.

The first of which being of course: is what is the Order? And what exactly does it do? Well let me ask you this: Have you ever wondered why that guy got that promotion, even though you were more qualified? Or how that student who you sit next to in class always gets A's, yet never seems to study? Or the elderly person who has smoked their whole life yet has somehow managed to live into their nineties? It's almost as if they've had friends in high places helping them or a guardian angel. Imagine if you had access to the best minds in their fields and the most powerful people in their professions. This is what the Order offers. The only thing asked in return is that if asked you help in the manner in which the Order has helped you. You may be asked to perform a service and if that time comes you must be willing to answer the call.

The other question is: what is the Big Picture? That video is an exercise in forward thinking. The study of Ptolemy and the Tetrabiblos may lead some to some radical thinking and they may come to some conclusions in which even they are uncomfortable with. Then it's a question of whether they are ready and willing to accept these theories or simply dismiss them. It's the first step in determining the non-believers from the believers. To see the big picture you must see what is not being shown and you must hear what is not being said.

(The video ends with a logo.)