Learning Egyptian

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Episode 70/1x070
Learning Egyptian

I will gladly trade you information on Egyptian cults in exchange for more shiny beads.

Blogger Gemma
Date Posted November 9th, 2006
URL youtube.com
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Length 0:48
Description I am so glad to see that Bree and Daniel are okay... well sort of... but it's better than what could have happened!
Location(s) Gemma's flat
YouTube Tags gemma london LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast gemmers19 egyptian egypt the order
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Miles Beckett
Vidplay Vanessa Roveto
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Vanessa Roveto
Editor(s) Miles Beckett
Gemma Jackie Jandrell
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Learning Egyptian is the seventieth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. Gemma offers some explanations about Bree's religion.


Gemma: I wish I could come over and help you, but it's not like it's a tube ride away. I was worried about you, and so was everyone else. I thought I'd see what I could do from here. For starters, I can tell you everything I know. It is not Thelema as many have suspected. It's more like a secret society. It's not a religion after all. It's called "the Order". Like, there were these, uh, compulsory classes that were held in the meeting house, um, where the adults used to learn ancient Egyptian languages. Anyway, I remember flipping through my dad's Egyptian study books...and...I was always captivated by the pictures of the gold and the jewels. I guess I was kind of a typical girl that way. Okay, so I think I need to do a little bit more research. I'll get back to you soon. Stay safe.