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| name        = Cassie ("itscassie")
| name        = Cassie ("itscassie")
| image      = Itscassiesface.jpg
| image      = Itscassiesface.jpg
| age        = 18 or 19
| age        = 18
| birthday    =  
| birthday    =  
| youtube    = itscassie
| youtube    = itscassie

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Cassie ("itscassie")
First Appearance Last Appearance
um, hi bree. {{{last}}}
Character information
Age 18
MySpace itscassiemyspace
YouTube itscassie
Revver itscassie
Portrayed by Unknown

Itscassie is a youtuber who claims to be the Cassie mentioned by Bree. Her videos are generally dark both literally and figuratively. In them, she claims to be held captive by the Order, and while having little control over her situation, it does supposedly give her inside information at times.

In her first video, she claims that she didn't contact Bree because she was scared. She whispers because she claims that nighttime is the only time she has that is safe to make her videos. About 37 seconds into the video, a word in Enochian flashes on the screen. She claims that she was taken and that the Elders are now her parents.

In her second, she thanks Bree for taking down the welcome video she posted so quickly. It has been rumored that there was never a video posted as a welcome back for itscassie. However, she also mentions that no one can know that they're connected. Also in this video, it becomes extremely obvious that she's wearing a wig. one thought of why is that she has reached the point where she must shave her head, though nothing of the sort has been confirmed.

In her third video, itscassie says that she wants to prove to Bree that she really knows where Bree's parents are. She says that she's going to go check on them. She gets to the door, and opens it to go inside, but something goes wrong and she is heard gasping and saying "Oh my god." Then, it seems that she is running and when she finally comes back into view, she says that she saw someone looking over them in the dark and that she doesn't know what is going to happen now. She also says that this is very bad, and if she'd known that they were being watched over, she wouldn't have gone.

In one videos Got a ? and Nightmare, itscassie shows footage of someone walking into her room, and he closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep. She says she doesnt know who it was, why they came in, or when they left, because they left her door wide open. She also came onto LG15.com's chatroom to chat with people on the night of December 21st. She used an alias to be less obvious, and gave us a clue in Enochian. "Odzamran" is what was decoded. (Itscassie's chat)

In her video titled Pick up the phone, itscassie calls Daniel, Jonas and others, saying threatening or at least scary things.

Sneaking out, however, contained much more editing than the other videos. It was very scary, and ended with a caption 'Someone needs her shot'. Much of the footage was of Bree, though some of it seemed to be of someone else, most likely Cassie or the girl behind her.

In 'I found a lot of weird stuff', itscassie claims that the deacons never came back. She says that she went out, looked around in other rooms, and even went outside to try and figure out where she's located, but that all she found was weird stuff, and outside there is an arrow pointed to her building. Also, she claims that her wig was stolen. At the end, she says that she doesnt feel so good, and passes out.

The itscassie videos have not been confirmed to be in any way related to LG15 and there is controversy on the subject. The itscassie videos are extremely choppy, dark and mysterious. They are possibly related to videos by another YouTube user Fourthface.

Itscassie continues to add to her video series, with each video becoming more creepy and full of suspense.

She has been giving Bree advice, telling her to stay with Jonas, which she ultimately does, as well as threatening Daniel that bad things will happen if he leaves Bree. In her video entitled "nightmare" she claims Bree's parents are no longer staying with her and the order, and at the very end, her door opens. Who is this mysterious character behind the door?

Some suspect itscassie to be the same Cassie from the OpAphid videos, though due to the limited footage of her an accurate comparison is not possible.

itscassie video transcripts

  1. um, hi bree.
  2. Me and Daniel went swimming...
  3. You didnt see a thing.
  4. My little secret...
  5. you're not ready.
  6. Yearbook
  7. Jonas is your best option.
  8. nightmare
  9. got a ?
  10. pick up the phone!
  11. sneaking out
  12. I found alot of weird stuff.
  13. Depression
  14. Stolen Goods
  15. Escape Attempt (Part I)

Other Clues

  • In itscassie's videos, there is a reoccuring footage of a television, with no channel on. Just a fuzzy black and white screen, with static sound.
  • ICEnochian.gif
    The Enochian in the first video spells "death".
  • Cassie mentioned that she had a headache in the chatroom, and that she had to go lie down. Also discussed were the shots, which Cassie also takes, just like Bree did. She said that she liked her wig, and wouldnt say anything else about it.
  • In sneaking out, itscassie's description was 'The order cant hold me back much longer.'
  • Cassie's name could refer to Cassandra, the psycic who warned Troy of their impending doom at the hands of the Greeks, but was not beleived, in the story of the Trojan horse.
  • Some fans have noted that her claimed inability to post in the daytime, and the apparent fact that she fainted the two times she had a video in bright light may suggest that Cassie is unable to stand brightness.