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There are many connections between Jimmy Page of the rock band Led Zeppelin and Aleister Crowley.

According to Wikipedia, "Page had a fascination with the poet, novelist, artist, occultist and founder of Thelema, Aleister Crowley. He bought Crowley's rural retreat, Boleskine House, which is on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland, though he no longer owns the property having sold it to hoteliers in the late 1980s. Page's collection of Crowleyana is considered to be the most significant in private hands: paintings by Crowley from Page's collection were displayed at a critically acclaimed exhibition at the October Gallery, London, in 1998." Another connection between the two famed occultists occurred in New Orleans at The Old Absinthe House. Both men spent significant time in New Orleans and at the Old Absinthe House. It was there that Aleister Crowley was inspired to write "The Green Goddess" based on events revolving around a young woman. Coincidentally, it events at the Old Absinthe House revolving around a young woman that influenced Jimmy Page to eventually create what he surely feels is one of his greatest creations, his son. It was there that Page met his future wife(now divorced. The two maintained a house in the suburbs of New Orleans where their son grew up and attended school. It is rumored that Jimmy Page and his wife have an autographed picture on the wall of the Absinthe house commemorating their meeting.

A Page of Fan Fiction

LordGreystoke422 made many of these connections between Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page and disclosed them in his video [An Absinthe of Clues. He took to the streets of the French Quarter in his video [Desperately Seeking Crowley] to examine the Old Absinthe House and an alleged picture of Jimmy Page and his wife on the walls there. Something that occurred that night caused LordGreystoke422 to begin holding back his findings. Whether it was something about Page or Crowley is unknown for now. When the time is right, LG422 will surely add another Page to his video collection and tell us what he found out about the boys of Boleskine.

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