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Age 19
YouTube jonastko
Portrayed by Unknown
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Jonas is a Revver/YouTube user who has left video comments on Bree's videos.

From the very beginning, a lot of users thought he was probably an official character because of the production value and style of editing similar to Bree's and Gemma's videos. Jonas is an orphan and lives alone in what was his parents' house. In a comment to Date with P. Monkey, Jonas disclosed that his parents were lost at sea 6 years ago. This kind of unlikely and dramatic detail also pointed to Jonas being canon (although something like that is not something that couldn't happen to a character outside of the Lonelygirl15 story). He also says, after talking about his parents, that he can't believe he's telling this to a bunch of complete strangers and was probably put in just to justify the unlikelihood that someone would say something so personal on a video sharing site - and to Bree, who everyone knows is an actress. Probably the most damning evidence against Jonas's authenticity is that he doesn't acknowledge that Bree isn't real.

In Bree's Thanksgiving video she acknowledged Jonas: "Well, I feel silly. I thought about what you said, Jonas, and I realized I've been taking Daniel for granted. . . Thank you for reminding me what's important." This reference convinced many that he was canon, and this was confirmed with the release of Trust Issues on November 29, 2006 as an official lg15 video. This is similar to the way Gemma was brought into the story.

Jonas's profile says he both became a member and posted his first video "one week ago." That doesn't give him much time to surf around, get familiar with Bree and Daniel, and decide to blog, but maybe he had been using YouTube before he actually became a member, and only became a member after deciding to do his own videos.

Jonas mentions that his parents were lost at sea while travelling along Longitude 140.

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