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Episode 83/1x083

Bree shows off the cranberry sauce of her "traditional Thanksgiving meal".

Blogger Bree
Date Posted November 24th, 2006
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Length 2:53
Description Daniel and I were fighting and didn't do anything for Thanksgiving. So, I decided to take Jonas's advice and work things out with Daniel.
Location(s) A hiking trail
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast thanksgiving chips cranberry juice key blanket turkey yum
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Mesh Flinders and Miles Beckett
Camera Miles Beckett
Vidplay Mesh Flinders and Vanessa Roveto
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Vanessa Roveto
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music You Are The Reason by C. Layne
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Thanksgiving is the eighty-third video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Bree is sitting in the passenger seat of Daniel's car.)

Bree: Well, I feel silly. I thought about what you said, Jonas, and I realized I've been taking Daniel for granted. I don't know where my parents are and, sometimes I... (Bree sighs) ...I just feel so helpless that I feel like it's easier to pretend like everything is okay. Thank you for reminding me what's important. (Purple Monkey is now in the shot, and Bree talks to her.) Hey, why didn't you remind me of what was important? Bad monkey. (Bree kisses P. Monkey and lowers her.) So I thought...that we could get the Danielbeast back into his natural element, and do something he really loves: hiking! And besides, since this week is Thanksgiving, I should probably be giving thanks, not the silent treatment. I bought all the makings of a Thanksgiving feast. (Bree, holding the camera, is walking behind Daniel, who is holding a backpack, on a path.) Tired yet? I can hear you puffing.

(Bree beings puffing loudly. Daniel laughs.)

Daniel: Are you tired ye--

Bree: I need to put you on a leash, it says. It's the rules of the park. (The camera points to the park sign.) Dogs on a leash. What about Danielbeasts? (Bree is now at a bulletin board. She reads a bulletin.) "Should you litter? Why not?" Aluminum cans last eighty to a hundred years. (Bree looks shocked. The camera moves further down the trail.) Daniel. (Bree checks her pockets.) I can't find my room key.

Daniel: Maybe you left it in the room.

Bree: Maybe. (Further down the path...) Here. (Bree points.) This looks good.

(The camera turns to Daniel.)

Daniel: Okay.

(Bree starts unpacking the backpack. Daniel leans in to help, and Bree pushes him away.)

Bree: No.

Daniel: What? Why not?

Bree: This is my treat. You should be--

Daniel: I don't mind helping!

Bree: No, sit. (Bree is now sitting, the camera pointed at her.) I tried to create a realistic Thanksgiving feast. (Bree holds up a bag of turkey jerky.) This is the turkey. (Daniel laughs. Bree holds up a bag of potato chips.) This is the mashed potatoes. (Bree holds up a bag of trail mix.) And this is the stuffing.

Daniel: That's totally my favorite.

(Bree holds up two bottles of cranberry juice.)

Bree: This is the... cranberry sauce. Umkay, so, it's not exactly what the Native Americans and pilgrims ate, but... (The camera turns to Daniel, who is eating some jerky.) ...keep in mind we're feeding a Danielbeast. (Bree laughs. Daniel gives a thumbs up.)

Daniel: It's good. (Bree sticks a piece of jerky in her mouth.) Mashed potatoes!

(Daniel munches on chips.)

Bree: (almost unintelligible through a mouthful of food) You gotta crunch 'em first. (They both crunch some chips in their hands.)

(You Are The Reason by C. Layne plays as shots of Bree and Daniel eating, and Bree throwing food into Daniel's mouth is shown. Cut to far away, the camera zooms in on Bree, who is sitting on a rock in the distance, reading a note.)

Daniel: We were having such a good time, then Bree got all sad suddenly. I guess she just misses her parents. (The camera turns to Daniel.) We got a lot of great footage, so...I'm gonna get us to an Internet cafe, edit it, and we can get it right up. It's gonna be cool. (The camera turns back to Bree.) Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


  • The note Bree is reading is probably the note her parents left her with the money when they were taken away by the Deacon.
  • This is the first video where Bree acknowledges Jonas, and the video is a response to Jonas's Happy Thanksgiving, both of which were strong signs that Jonas was an official character in the series.
  • Bree's losing her room key is important, as in the next video we find that their hotel room has been ransacked.
  • This video contains an error. While Bree is throwing food into Daniels mouth both of his hands can be seen neither of them holding the camera.