June 5 chat with Greg

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On June 5th, in response to a boycott of the site by a large number of comment board regulars, Greg Goodfried came into LG chat and had a conversation with the fans.

Chat log

iluuvme: hey guys
iluuvme: hi Creators!
X_X: Ello all
The Creators: ahhh, Perky, modelmotion, and Booklyn! you guys are awesome
schneidz124: 'ello Creators.
consideration: hello
X_X: <=-Opladybug
Brooklynxman: Thank you
Brooklynxman: You too
The Creators: and you opladybug
iluuvme: [to Brooklynxman] OMG THATS SOO AWESOME, BROOKLYN
schneidz124: <- Kelseygirl15
schneidz124: haha.
iluuvme: [to Brooklynxman] HE TOTALLY COMPLIMENTED YOU
Brooklynxman: (obviously, or we wouldnt be here)
The Creators: and you too kelsey, didn't want to leave anyone out
Perky: hello... lucky for me i suppose, just got home
schneidz124: except you might not like me, I tend to make fun of you guys a lot.
iluuvme: <--iluuvme
iluuvme: lol
X_X: lol thanks
consideration: http://i18.photobucket.com/alb...
The Creators: we have thick skin (at least I do)
schneidz124: yeah, I would hope you would by now.
iluuvme: [to Brooklynxman] what are they doing here?
The Creators: lol, we need it
schneidz124: very true
iluuvme: lol
iluuvme: very very very true
sshifty72278: lol
schneidz124: I just did an English project and talked about you guys for a good 15 minutes.
Brooklynxman: [to iluuvme] thec aht boycott, now we need to egt this done with
The Creators: sweet, what did you talk about?
schneidz124: how you're starting a whole new genre of entertainment
schneidz124: that may one day replace television as we know it
sarahboo: hi greg!
Brooklynxman: Hey boo
pyke39: LAGGGGY
MayhemII: I'm telling my aunt about the plot of this series as we speak.
sarahboo: hiya brookers
The Creators: sweet, wish i could have heard it
pyke39: BYE
sarahboo: boo!
demon_chick: Hi!
schneidz124: it was good, got a 100 on the project too, so thanks! haha.
The Creators: i have to go to canada this week and speak about that same thing at a conference, send me your notes :)
iluuvme: you guys are doing such a great job with the plotline
iluuvme: i really liked the last video
sarahboo: creators you have to keep sarah, she is soo fun to watch!
iluuvme: but it was kind of freaky..
Perky: this is going to get laggy fast, MM is really requesting that we move to the HymnofOne IRC chat so he can participate
belu214: I just want to thank The Creators for the way they introduced crazy Bree
Brooklynxman: IRC is current;ly on hold from an insane attempt to decode the last video
The Creators: thank you, we are all working really hard to tell a good story, especially miles - he has come up with most of the ideas the past few weeks.
schneidz124: I think IRC chat is a good idea. more people can access it
iluuvme: thats really cool
consideration: my family doesn't understand my love for lonelygirl
sarahboo: we heart u miles x
MayhemII: Yeh
demon_chick: Greg, you guys did a great job with this newest video. So, exactly why is she mad at p.monkey?
The Creators: this is greg, but i will tell miles.
consideration: yeah, why did bree abuse owen?
sarahboo: thanx, but i do love u too greg xx
sshifty72278: The story has been great
iluuvme: yeah...and how did she get into Chat last night?
iluuvme: that was crazy
iluuvme: cool, but crazy
MayhemII: Haha
kellyinside2222: hey iluuvme
NAXAN: Greg, will we ever see a full on ARG again?
iluuvme: hey kelly
The Creators: she really doesn't know what to do or who to trust - even p. monkey
kellyinside2222: i have been reading the chat last night
iluuvme: oh ok
kellyinside2222: i dont blame you for making her leave
iluuvme: is it because of the drugs?
demon_chick: Oh. Cool idea.
callxmexnevxx: HI CREATOR
kellyinside2222: its okay shes on crack or something
kellyinside2222: some drug
iluuvme: or because of stuff that the HoO taught her?
kellyinside2222: im talking on IRC chat right now
kellyinside2222: and yea
Brooklynxman: Yeah, someone decided to tell Bree to leave
kellyinside2222: that too
Brooklynxman: *glares*
kellyinside2222: they must have given her a drug
Perky: Greg before this gets too laggy, i would prefer to talk to you in a less public room at some point, I will likely PM you
kellyinside2222: to brainwash her
MayhemII: Someone...
iluuvme: shut up, brooklyn
sarahboo: bree has crazxy brain, she can accomplish anything at the moment
iluuvme: grrr
The Creators: ok perky
iluuvme: it was an accident
kellyinside2222: its okay elizabeth
iluuvme: thanks kelly
MayhemII: :)
The Creators: yes callmex
sarahboo: hi perky
kellyinside2222: np lol
Brooklynxman: I already said it was okay elizabeth
Perky: i can't participate fully right now, the people who can't get into the chat are in IRC and have asked to have the log relayed to them
Perky: hi boo
iluuvme: lol i know
The Creators: yep!
Perky: and anyone else i may have missed
sarahboo: is p monkey dead?
demon_chick: Greg, if you haven't left yet, what's with the caps lthing?
Brooklynxman: NO!
demon_chick: *thing
iluuvme: yeahh
Brooklynxman: BOO DONT SAY THAT!
iluuvme: is it a code or something?
NAXAN: BTW I love the addition of Jan !
The Creators: lol sarah, p. monkey is indestructable
sarahboo: ok :)
kellyinside2222: wait, in the video, im not sure what she said
sarahboo: haha
belu214: will there be any romance or relationships in the series?
Brooklynxman: kelly, there is a transcript on lgpedia
sarahboo: oh wait, is it a she or he?
iluuvme: why is the title of the most recent video have the thing with the caps?
kellyinside2222: did she say "i dont remember you" or "i remember you"?? because in the chat last nite she seemed to ahve remembered, but some p pl said she didnt.
demon_chick: she said 'I remember you!' And started to cry in anger
The Creators: that is a lot of questions. i really don't want to answer questions about plot - i would rahter that come out in the videos
Brooklynxman: She remembered at some times, forgot at others
kellyinside2222: ohh k thanks
Brooklynxman: at one point she didnt even know where she was
iluuvme: oh ok greg
The Creators: i am here to answer questions/complaints people have about the show and site
Brooklynxman: or what she was doing
iluuvme: yeah it was a lot of questions
iluuvme: lol
Ritchie2007: lag!
Brooklynxman: or even whatc chat was
iluuvme: hey ritchie
belu214: alright fair enough :)
schneidz124: maybe we should ask questions that only Greg can answer...instead of ones that you could ask anybody else.
Ritchie2007: liz!
iluuvme: yeah
kellyinside2222: HEY GUYS does anyone have any clues about the codes? in the IRC chat we figure out a lot.
Brooklynxman: I understand about the no plot thing
Ritchie2007: espeake
iluuvme: but now that he's here of course i cant think of any
sarahboo: will you tell all the actors they are doing an amazing job
The Creators: callme,that sounds great. we love fanfic
The Creators: i will sarah
demon_chick: ok. Question about the site: We don't seem to a;ways be 'on topic' on the commets board. Do you think you could make a board for just random chat?
callxmexnevxx: ^^
callxmexnevxx: I love privating.
Brooklynxman: Oh, yeah, I have one planned too
sarahboo: thanx, ok about the site...
iluuvme: night, pyke
Ritchie2007: nite again...
kellyinside2222: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/
kellyinside2222: THAT LINK
The Creators: i would like to split up the boards. here is the biggest issue. we have one part time programmer
callxmexnevxx: Oh, and there will be a war between the religions, I think. The Hymn of One vs. the Methodist church.
callxmexnevxx: mhmm
The Creators: and almost no money.
iluuvme: oooh ok
schneidz124: Kelly, we aren't here to talk about that right now.
demon_chick: Oh. Okay. Yeah.
iluuvme: lol
Perky: MM says this is not fair (just relaying the message)
The Creators: making changes to the site is very difficult, even though we want to make many!
callxmexnevxx: It'll be crazy.
demon_chick: Meepers!
caravelle: hey everyone
meepers_anonymous: hey
Brooklynxman: MM is also logging this in IRC
meepers_anonymous: I made it
caravelle: meep
demon_chick: i can understand.
Brooklynxman: Hey meepers
The Creators: meep
kellyinside2222: oj osku
meepers_anonymous: not easy
meepers_anonymous: MEEP!!
meepers_anonymous: tee hee.
kellyinside2222: okay okay a jjfaee
sarahboo: i dont really have any complaints, but about the tee shirt competition i was wondering if you could post some good quality pictures of the cast
The Creators: you guys are awesome
meepers_anonymous: meeping is my secret shame in real life
kellyinside2222: leep intu the order....that is a thing that bree said
The Creators: interesting. i will look into that.
iluuvme: yeah that would be cool
MayhemII: kelly, not here. ;)
kellyinside2222: what?
kellyinside2222: what mayhem?
schneidz124: kelly, we aren't here to talk about that right now.
belu214: i would just love an interview with the cast b/c we don't get many of those
schneidz124: save it for later in the IRC
iluuvme: yeah
kellyinside2222: WHY ARE WE HERE THEN
Brooklynxman: Kelly, go to IRC and log in and I will explain in pm
meepers_anonymous: no NO YELLING
sarahboo: woah, no shouting
kellyinside2222: i am in there
The Creators: we aren't doing mixed media for a while
schneidz124: yeah, she likes her shouting.
MayhemII: Kelly, go to the IRC chat.
meepers_anonymous: why not creators?
Brooklynxman: why?
The Creators: too much to do writing and producing this show - it was fun but very time consuming
meepers_anonymous: awww
schneidz124: I miss mixed media =[
meepers_anonymous: ok
caravelle: understandable
meepers_anonymous: I guess
MayhemII: ah
iluuvme: [to Brooklynxman] whats mixed media?
sarahboo: creators can u make a gallery with pics of the cast? i need good piccys for my t shirt
kellyinside2222: i am in IRC chat
kellyinside2222: model motion is spamming it
meepers_anonymous: lol
meepers_anonymous: good old MM
The Creators: sarah, i will look into that, it is a good idea.
NAXAN: Greg, does Jan have anything 'special' planned ?
Brooklynxman: [to iluuvme] the creators show, equivelant to youse'fs, but not as fun
meepers_anonymous: cant resist robot activities
sarahboo: thanx :)
iluuvme: [to Brooklynxman] oh ok
sarahboo: jan?
schneidz124: modelmotion isn't spamming it
caravelle: only high quality pics i have are of jessica, i supplied her with several for the myspace profile :)
schneidz124: he's helping out people who can't get in.
belu214: the new writer introduced to the series
The Creators: callme, do you mean you don't like sarah, or do you mean you don't get why she is with them?
sarahboo: cool cara
Brooklynxman: I like sarah
Brooklynxman: and not just cause I am a guy
Brooklynxman: She is cool
meepers_anonymous: I like sarah
meepers_anonymous: sometimes
The Creators: i have some great pics of the rest of the cast, i will try and get them up
iluuvme: i like sarah
iluuvme: a lot
sarahboo: i like sarah, she is refreshin to watch
Brooklynxman: there;s 2 girls who like sarah
The Creators: we like sarah too!
kellyinside2222: ta go
meepers_anonymous: whens shes distracting watchers
kellyinside2222: i love sarah
Brooklynxman: 3
iluuvme: she adds spunk and energy to the show
kellyinside2222: gotta go
Brooklynxman: 4
caravelle: sarah is fun
The Creators: bye kelly
iluuvme: she's something new
meepers_anonymous: whoa, lucky sarah
iluuvme: bye kelly
schneidz124: I like Sarah..
belu214: i love sarah's character and I'm a girl, she adds a spark that the boys and bree don't ahve
Brooklynxman: bye kelly, and 5 girls
b_nelson112: i just don't understand y sarah isnt more interested in wats going on
Brooklynxman: 6
b_nelson112: but i do like her
sarahboo: yea he totally means me guys ;)
meepers_anonymous: lol
meepers_anonymous: yep ofcourse
meepers_anonymous: how did you guess>?
sarahboo: hehe
schneidz124: I agree, Sarah should somehow be more connected to what's going on.
The Creators: sarah is sarah. she doesn't have the same history with bree, daniel, and jonas. she just kind of was thrust into this whole thing
Brooklynxman: I think she is
caravelle: im guessing cause sarah hasent been through everything that the rest have nelson
tazman2087: is it just me or does db get a lot of play
Brooklynxman: but shhh
sarahboo: she is emo, she pretends to not be interested
meepers_anonymous: yep, like maybe she has secret debrainwashing powers
iluuvme: yeah
The Creators: her sister new them, not her.
schneidz124: yeah...good point.
iluuvme: ironically, shes the one thats helping them the most
The Creators: wow, we smell?
eirys: was she thrust into it or did she choose to go out there to be with them?
iluuvme: lol
Brooklynxman: I think she could debrainwash db, but not Bree
schneidz124: but still, I think she should be more connected, make things interesting
b_nelson112: yetshe chose to follow them...
meepers_anonymous: lol
meepers_anonymous: debrainwash DB?
schneidz124: because she's in love with Danny B, duhhh people (haha)
sarahboo: the hymn of one is fun, the hymn of one is fun
meepers_anonymous: possib;y de pants him
caravelle: she was bored shes a free spiri
iluuvme: whatever happened to jules? or can you not tell us
schneidz124: how did you feel about the turnout for the live event, Greg?
meepers_anonymous: lol whatever hapened to that girl jules
Brooklynxman: No luuv We dont wanna know
iluuvme: lol
b_nelson112: haha meep
iluuvme: why not?
iluuvme: i was just curious...
b_nelson112: i wanna kno
The Creators: i was actually with the turnout for the live event.
Brooklynxman: Because Id rather Gemma come back
sarahboo: i liked jules
The Creators: we only emailed a small group of people
eirys: she still acts like she's bored, that's the thing - if she were a bit more invested in the plot it might be more coherent
The Creators: and had strict rules about not showing up if you were under 18 or weren't invited.
schneidz124: yeah, I got the email. but I live on the east coast.
Brooklynxman: Bring Back Tach
Brooklynxman: even better
MayhemII: Ha
sarahboo: i was 30% compatible :(
schneidz124: You should really do something on the east coast!!
iluuvme: so is jules not a part of this any more?
Brooklynxman: I was 50
The Creators: my biggest fear was that too many people showed up and there were safety issues
The Creators: so we kept it very small
sarahboo: oh i loved tachyon
caravelle: sarah makes a great distraction for d % j
schneidz124: yeah, I think a lot of fans had that fear as well.
tazman2087: man am i confused
Brooklynxman: Do something in NYC before August 10th
The Creators: don't worry, not that we know we can pull of something cool and fun, there will be MORE!!!
iluuvme: yeah, the survey was cool, though
immortal1: hey everyone
caravelle: i have a world of warcraft char named tachyon :P
tazman2087: thats...weird
The Creators: hey immortal
schneidz124: survey made it more interactive than it already is, and who doesn't like that
The Creators: cool, we love doing interactive things.
sarahboo: is it impossible for you to ressurect tachyon?
meepers_anonymous: I wish i could have gone to the seminar
caravelle: lol
Brooklynxman: Im with Boo
sarahboo: me too
iluuvme: seriously
Brooklynxman: '(obviously)
iluuvme: i really liked tachyon
iluuvme: she was really cool
The Creators: that week had a five interactive elements - 1) puzzle in bree's vid, 2) survey, 3) email to the chosen, 4) live event, and 5) phone call to number on flyer
MayhemII: Yeh
eirys: will there be a way to make it clear that gamejacking isn't going on - some people were worried about that as i remember
meepers_anonymous: can you hold the next interactive event in Australia?
meepers_anonymous: pretty please
caravelle: lol
schneidz124: yeah, that was a good week Greg.
iluuvme: very good week
The Creators: meepers, only if we can stay at your house
schneidz124: I came rushing home from school to check things
b_nelson112: interactiveness=good!
iluuvme: lol
meepers_anonymous: sure you can!
Brooklynxman: Any chance of every week being that good?
The Creators: lol
caravelle: aeepers put you up to askin that didnt she meepers?
meepers_anonymous: Bring everyone, Bree, DB, Jonas, Sarah
schneidz124: and I even snuck online at school to check up on a few things as well.heh
Brooklynxman: I tried to sneak online at school it blcoked me
meepers_anonymous: the watchers wll have to sleep in the garage
The Creators: we hope so, we are striving for every week being that good. it was a ton of work, so we all need to manage our expectations a bit
immortal1: I went to the seminar and now I have this eternal song stuck in my head--guess that's what makes it eternal
meepers_anonymous: no room left in my house
MayhemII: I sneak online at school alot.
tazman2087: and i dont know how you guys stay on top of everthing LG15 there arent enought hours in the day
Brooklynxman: Just remember, whatebver you need in terms of help, we'll give it
Brooklynxman: (free)
b_nelson112: i agree taz
MayhemII: Greg, do you ever sleep?
meepers_anonymous: (extra free)
schneidz124: ah, my expectations are moderate, so you tend to amaze me frequently.
The Creators: that is awesome brooklyn, thanks!
The Creators: thanks schneidz!
X_X: [18] * Killthesmiley question: Hi Greg! Sorry to hear that you won't be moving the chat into the IRC world. Thats a little....frustrating as the chat room lacks the capability to work on a lot of PC's in general. Is there a plan to fix the bugs? And when can we see them implemented? Don't you think you should fix the foundation before building the new "overhaul" of the web site?
iluuvme: yes
schneidz124: I'm willing to help, except I have no money.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Gotta get off, gonna get out of this merry go rounddddd..
iluuvme: what you guys do is amazing
callxmexnevxx: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...
callxmexnevxx: new video
callxmexnevxx: :)
iluuvme: all of you work so hard
iluuvme: and we just sit here like hungry animals
The Creators: killthesmiley - we read your blog post and completely agree
iluuvme: new vids are like food
The Creators: fixing the foundation of the site is priority number 1
iluuvme: they satisgy us for a while
iluuvme: satisfy*
b_nelson112: i agree luuv
iluuvme: but then after a while, we get hungry again
sarahboo: i really wanted some of those icebreakers sours after that vid u did but im in the uk and we dont have them :(
The Creators: unfortunately we only have one part time programmer and minimal resources. when we can, we most certainly will fix things.
schneidz124: will there be a new video tonight?? heheh
meepers_anonymous: lol
The Creators: schneidz . . . maybe ;)
meepers_anonymous: subtle sch
Brooklynxman: I think we should scatter the vids more, instead of all weekend off, one on the weekend, and 4 during week days
iluuvme: lol
iluuvme: yay
Brooklynxman: that would help
MayhemII: How long does it take to shoot a lg15 video on average?
schneidz124: aw man, c'mon now I need to know if I should stay up late tonight or not!
Brooklynxman: pretty please?
The Creators: it would help you, but it is hard for us.
sarahboo: lol
The Creators: last weekend was amanda and my one year anniversary
Brooklynxman: Its still 5 vids a week
meepers_anonymous: we are the ones with the addictions
b_nelson112: congrats!
meepers_anonymous: please feed us
iluuvme: awwww
sarahboo: you tell him greg!
iluuvme: congratulaions!
The Creators: however, i spent most of it writing essays on the blogspot about the comment board :)
Brooklynxman: but if it does hurt somehow then Im sorry, I can live with it, and congrats
sarahboo: aaaaw
iluuvme: lol
meepers_anonymous: how romantixc
The Creators: good for community relations, tough on the relationship
b_nelson112: aw
Brooklynxman: sorry
callxmexnevxx: there always seems to be a video to attach mine to when I make them
tazman2087: creators, this has probably already beeb addressed, but will you guys ever podcast or rss feed LG15
Brooklynxman: our bad, we have bad timing apparently
b_nelson112: we just want u to b happy!
The Creators: we need you guys to make more fan vidoes and upload them on the weekend
immortal1: awesome congrats!
caravelle: yeah grats on the anniv :)
schneidz124: you can get LG15 on iTunes
iluuvme: lol
luuvme: really?
tazman2087: really
Brooklynxman: I'll keep that in mind
tazman2087: ?
callxmexnevxx: http://youtube.com/profile?use...
iluuvme: *raids iTunes*
schneidz124: yeah..I have it on my iPod
immortal1: lol @ more fan vids
meepers_anonymous: do the cast ever watch fan videos?
schneidz124: its a free video podcast.
MayhemII: Me too
schneidz124: yeah have you ever seen any of my fan videos?? heheh. had to ask, sorry.
belu214: LG15 on the go, thats perfect!
tazman2087: hmm i have never run across it b4
The Creators: we do podcast. i will post our rss feed somewhere in the forum, i need to get that info from miles
Brooklynxman: You can also just steal it off of youtube and convert it top itunes format, then save it to itunes ;)
immortal1: I think some people are waiting for the redesign to launch fan vids
caravelle: really schneidz? i didnt see those
schneidz124: I'm the obnoxious Pick Me!! video.
MayhemII: I do that as well Brook.
sarahboo: i made one
The Creators: i'm sorry about the wait on the redesign. it makes us sad that we can't do it sooner.
The Creators: i'm not exactly sure when it will happen, but we are working on it.
sarahboo: but revver woudlnt upload it cause it had music on it, so its on youttube
Brooklynxman: Greg, schneidz = kelseygirl15, she wants to know if you have seen her vids
belu214: don't worry I prefer videos over website redesign
The Creators: thanks belu!
meepers_anonymous: sarah there are websites for music for videos
meepers_anonymous: its free, you just have to put it in the credits
belu214: :)
sarahboo: cool i will look next time, thanx meepers
Brooklynxman: meepers, we know, the music usually isnt good
Brooklynxman: usually
Brooklynxman: not always
immortal1: sarah did you check the In Development section of the forum? there are links to free music there
The Creators: i have seen kelsey's vids!
OhEmGeeItsLily: IMMOOOO.
The Creators: they are really great
caravelle: im behind whatever the creators decide its been a great ride so far from the show and website
tazman2087: so has anyone figured this recent code out?
immortal1: Lily!
meepers_anonymous: i think it is
schneidz124: you've seen my videos?!?! *dies happy*
MayhemII: Yay Kelsey!
sarahboo: the forum scares me, but lets not get into that, haha
tazman2087: ditto
Brooklynxman: yep
meepers_anonymous: Yay for kelsey
Brooklynxman: we know
The Creators: did any of you talk to bree in chat last night?
meepers_anonymous: your videos are loved
iluuvme: yay kelsey!
caravelle: i stick to the board mainly
iluuvme: yes
OhEmGeeItsLily: I did not.
b_nelson112: yea, has anyone figgured out the caps?
iluuvme: *raises hand guiltily*
Brooklynxman: No b
MayhemII: I did.
iluuvme: i accidently made her leave
Brooklynxman: We're taking a break from puzzle solving to chill with Greg
iluuvme: my bad
caravelle: i didnt know bree was in chat or i would have :P
schneidz124: Nope, I was already asleep by the time Bree got online
meepers_anonymous: Now you have t make lots of videos kelsey
belu214: yup i did it was fun but sort of confusing, but i love the in character chats
tazman2087: i am usually 12 hrs behind all the LG15 news
The Creators: i like chilling with you guys! thanks for joining me
sarahboo: no it was am here
meepers_anonymous: I'm in Australia. Bree's chat was bad timing
meepers_anonymous: damn time zones
schneidz124: haha, tell me about it Meepers.
iluuvme: no problemo!
caravelle: its our pleasure greg
X_X: Soooo
sarahboo: moi in the uk
alexsfruitcakemommy: too right meepers
tazman2087: i always find out about this stuff late
meepers_anonymous: we like chilling too!
callxmexnevxx: I didn't get a chane to talk to bree. I dunno why.
Brooklynxman: Its never bad timing for me, mostly cause I hardly sleep
schneidz124: damn the time zones! the whole world should be in Creator-time
iluuvme: its only because you guys are so awesome!
belu214: i was never ab;e to chat, yesterday was my first time
meepers_anonymous: lol creator time
The Creators: hey, this is almost as much fun as mixed medai, we should do this more often
meepers_anonymous: sounds like hammer time from MC hammer
MayhemII: I went to bed around 1am lastnight, dude to Bree in chat.
tazman2087: lol
meepers_anonymous: YES!!
callxmexnevxx: mhmm you should
Brooklynxman: Okay, before we continue, please turn off mikes and cams now
meepers_anonymous: do this more often
Brooklynxman: before we crash at 60
meepers_anonymous: lol
iluuvme: yeah
belu214: Mayhem: me too lol
meepers_anonymous: oh and everyone go watch my videos
meepers_anonymous: te hhee
schneidz124: we should do this everyday.
meepers_anonymous: can't resist a plug
callxmexnevxx: http://youtube.com/profile?use...
MayhemII: be strong meepers
Brooklynxman: neither can nev
callxmexnevxx: watch my vids
tazman2087: hell i didnt even find out about this chat stuff till a few days ago
callxmexnevxx: there's a new one
callxmexnevxx: :P
kellyinside2222: i have 135 vids
kellyinside2222: about
callxmexnevxx: I know. xD
meepers_anonymous: whoa!
X_X: soo are we going to talk about the site ?
meepers_anonymous: i have
meepers_anonymous: 12
Brooklynxman: kelly has a lot
kellyinside2222: yepp lol
meepers_anonymous: :(
alexsfruitcakemommy: gahh first time ever in chat, this is scary fast
schneidz124: I'd plug my videos, but since Greg already said he likes them I don't feel that is necessary. heheheh
immortal1: if we're plugging I'm looking for a new Flock girl
kellyinside2222: ya lol
Brooklynxman: OpLady is right
The Creators: talk about whatever you want, this is your time
caravelle: looks like all the message board people are here :)
iluuvme: coolio
callxmexnevxx: Well, I have a few subscribers. But I'm working on building a following to coax my kate and amanda to help me.
Brooklynxman: we need to get down to buisness
meepers_anonymous: I'm making my finale tomorrow
meepers_anonymous: should be up on Friday?
kellyinside2222: i only have 52 subs.
callxmexnevxx: And then my sam, too. She's the most important part.
meepers_anonymous: so thats thursday for most of you
NAXAN: Greg how did you connect with Jan/
MayhemII: Noo meepers!
immortal1: Greg any new guest stars lined up?
The Creators: i like that all the message board peeps are here. now the forum people are going to get mad at me :)
meepers_anonymous: whats wrong mayhem?
b_nelson112: haha, jordin from american idol!
OhEmGeeItsLily: Ohhh it's Greg talking?
caravelle: woot meepers, i always love your vids
tazman2087: uh no
kellyinside2222: I AM MAKING A NEW CHAT
meepers_anonymous: thanks carvelle
The Creators: we just had three guest stars in the "It's a Cult" video!
Brooklynxman: I personally would like a bone, and therefore would liek to extend an invitation to the cast, characters, and crew to come to comments
tazman2087: im sick of Idol
callxmexnevxx: As you've noticed, it's been only me on my vids. That's what I need to work on. So help me get views and I'll getme a cast.
MayhemII: Meepers, I don't want your awesome series to end
QtheC: peeps? yum
alexsfruitcakemommy: what's your next video about meepers?
meepers_anonymous: I might make another season
schneidz124: I was just going to say Jordin Sparks..haha
Brooklynxman: anyone of them wanna say yes?
meepers_anonymous: if the people demand it
caravelle: even the filler vid was good :)
meepers_anonymous: lol
Brooklynxman: Meepers, we demand
schneidz124: I'll guest star in a video Greg!! (haah)
meepers_anonymous: I can't tell you what the next video is about
iluuvme: me too!
iluuvme: lol
meepers_anonymous: that would ruin it
meepers_anonymous: oh
QtheC: Will Aunt Alex and Gemma return for the Bree vs. Sarah P-Monkey Kung-Fu smack down?
callxmexnevxx: I want to guest star...
meepers_anonymous: I'll give you a hint
callxmexnevxx: :P
Brooklynxman: Greg, I'll join the series if you want
QtheC: I've been wanting to ask.
alexsfruitcakemommy: :D
The Creators: we want all of you in the vids - more live events!
meepers_anonymous: the party= possible trap
Brooklynxman: I can be a character
callxmexnevxx: Only because I'm part of the order now.
callxmexnevxx: xD
immortal1: I meant celeb type guest stars (no offence fan guest stars)
schneidz124: yeah, Elizabeth and I will fly out to Califronia together to be in a video.
The Creators: what character would you play?
sammy420: hi nev
Brooklynxman: Brooklynxman
meepers_anonymous: I'll join the cast
alexsfruitcakemommy: :( live events make me jealous
schneidz124: I would play: awesome reoccurring character.
Brooklynxman: :)
callxmexnevxx: I'm training to be a watcher, but somehow... I'm starting to become a part of the resistance.
meepers_anonymous: I can be Bree's childhood friend from when she lived in Aus
meepers_anonymous: it totally works
QtheC: Kelsey could be the girl who does the ceremony.
tazman2087: taht would be kinda cool
MayhemII: Haha
iluuvme: lol kelsey
meepers_anonymous: although you need to move production down here for a while
meepers_anonymous: cool?
schneidz124: unless the cermony results in death, then I don't think that's a good idea.
caravelle: lol@meepers
callxmexnevxx: So it would be cool if, when I escape with Amanda and save Sam, I suddenly arranged to meet Daniel and them.
iluuvme: we can be the voices of p. monkey and owen!
tazman2087: i mean jonas was a commentor b4 he was chareacter
callxmexnevxx: :P
iluuvme: hahahahaha
tazman2087: even if it was all planned
Brooklynxman: actually, because I am working ona fan series now, I cant
MayhemII: kelsey, your character can have a dramatic death
QtheC: THE ACTOR you need to check out is called "daxflame" on YouTube
caravelle: meepers can play a scientist
tazman2087: that guy is a loser
iluuvme: yeah
The Creators: i've seen all dax's vids
The Creators: pretty crazy stuff
QtheC: lol
tazman2087: daxfalme is so annoying
callxmexnevxx: I am a big drama nerd at my school.
callxmexnevxx: Pshh.
iluuvme: he is very annoying
iluuvme: and a bad actor
alexsfruitcakemommy: an evil scientist?
iluuvme: lol
MayhemII: I can't stand dax Flame
QtheC: SNL star, CEO one day, or ... real?
Brooklynxman: kk, seen meepers and luuv's videos?
sarahboo: [to meepers_anonymous] i think i love greg 0:) [laaaag]
meepers_anonymous: no the scientist who lives next door
immortal1: I have an awesome idea for a new character
callxmexnevxx: heh
meepers_anonymous: I can help them with all the science stuff
meepers_anonymous: Then I could be Jonas love interest?
alexsfruitcakemommy: like a wise scientist
X_X: [18] <modelmotion> Greg, we need to talk about the issues that caused the boycott...talk to Perky about that PLEASE
alexsfruitcakemommy: dumbkedore, but with science
alexsfruitcakemommy: *dumbledoe
tazman2087: lol
alexsfruitcakemommy: no that's not it either
alexsfruitcakemommy: *dumbledore
Brooklynxman: cant spell today?
meepers_anonymous: lol
Brooklynxman: welcome to my life?
Brooklynxman: no ?
The Creators: you guys are awesome, i should have come in here sooner!
meepers_anonymous: i was thinking a more sexy scientist
callxmexnevxx: I want to be Daniel's cousin.
callxmexnevxx: hahaha
crazycarebear815: Hi creators!
belu214: callme, I'm also a drama geek at school :)
QtheC: I think Jonas should go on a trip around the world in search of his parents ... then he can play a role in Kate Modern.
crazycarebear815: also nev
meepers_anonymous: please?
iluuvme: haha greg
callxmexnevxx: :)
caravelle: i think p monkey should seak revenge on sarah for gettin slapped around.. maybe sarah doing a video and p monkey trying to strangle her or something :P
tazman2087: i think jonas should start carrying the gat again
alexsfruitcakemommy: ye, jonas should be in kate modern and come to england :D
belu214: greg likes us, he really likes us lol '
callxmexnevxx: Creators, I should be Daniel's cousin.
Brooklynxman: On sraha?
MayhemII: No Jonas and Bree are going to end up together.
meepers_anonymous: lol
callxmexnevxx: That'd be insanity.
meepers_anonymous: NOOO!
Brooklynxman: Bree beat him up!
meepers_anonymous: Me and Jonas I can see it now
crazycarebear815: that would be total insanity
iluuvme: yay jonas and bree
crazycarebear815: but everything is insanity
meepers_anonymous: I even made a video about it
callxmexnevxx: mhmm
immortal1: greg you need a liason character like Nikki B but that actually interacts with fan characters
meepers_anonymous: you can't beat that
MayhemII: Oh haha your right of course meepers
alexsfruitcakemommy: I miss nikki b....
meepers_anonymous: well maybe you can
Brooklynxman: Nikki B does interact
QtheC: Yeah, the "reality" is out the window now, so why not a P-Monkey dream sequence? lol
Brooklynxman: and as soon as she come sback I will prve it
iluuvme: lol
schneidz124: yeah.....where's Nikki B?!!?!?
Brooklynxman: but I have talked with her before
callxmexnevxx: YEAHHHH!!!!!
tazman2087: thats the one of the smartest things jonas has done >got some protection
QtheC: Good idea immortal1 ... interactive Nikki
The Creators: immortal, stop making suggestions, they are VERY good and i don't want people to think we steal them from you :)
sarahboo: [to meepers_anonymous] my computerer is laggin bad style
crazycarebear815: Question for The Creators: after the characters started doing stuff that was illegal, were you planning on announcing that bree wasn't real?
meepers_anonymous: poor sarah
callxmexnevxx: VOTE ME FOR DB'S C
Brooklynxman: Everyone's iis
iluuvme: hahahahaahahaha
meepers_anonymous: mines not doing good either
callxmexnevxx: HOORAH!
meepers_anonymous: plus I am daydreaming
QtheC: I volunteer to interact with Nikki B. for say, lunch.
meepers_anonymous: about being jonas's scientist
alexsfruitcakemommy: haha
meepers_anonymous: you know what they say about scientists
callxmexnevxx: I say we get me all up on the screen. xD
MayhemII: Haha you can play docot with Jonas
The Creators: callme, i don't think the characters did anything illegal until after we revealed
Brooklynxman: , she's mine get your own character
MayhemII: *doctor
QtheC: Then dinner with Alex ... I think I can fit them both into my schedule.
sarahboo: lag
callxmexnevxx: What?
The Creators: that was a big reason why we did reveal, it was hurting the narrative trying to make everything completely "real."
meepers_anonymous: tumm
crazycarebear815: yeah, that was me asking that.
crazycarebear815: yeah, i know
meepers_anonymous: they like to experiment?
meepers_anonymous: oh
sarahboo: my computer is going to die
meepers_anonymous: that doesn't sound good
crazycarebear815: it requires that thing....what's it called? suspension of disbeleife.
meepers_anonymous: d'oh
callxmexnevxx: I'm lost.
iluuvme: oh no!
crazycarebear815: that's it.
callxmexnevxx: What did I do, now?
crazycarebear815: you were nev
alexsfruitcakemommy: hurting the narrative to make it to real? Oh stanislavski flashback
crazycarebear815: that is amazing on its own
immortal1: Greg it's frustrating to have ideas and have to sit on them. is there any way to suggest ideas formally?
crazycarebear815: i'm lagging
sarahboo: greg will tachyon resurface?
callxmexnevxx: oh, okay.
callxmexnevxx: xD
crazycarebear815: does this feel press-conference-y or what?
sarahboo: i miss her
iluuvme: me e2
crazycarebear815: yeah me too tachyon was amazing
callxmexnevxx: I'm unconfused now... maybe?
meepers_anonymous: I miss cassie
callxmexnevxx: I MISS GEMMA! SHE'S LIKE TUPAC!
sarahboo: she is my hero
meepers_anonymous: oh, I shouldn't have said that out loud
callxmexnevxx: If you remember, Creators.
crazycarebear815: lol like...tupac??
caravelle: I do have to say jessica did an amazing job at playing a crazy person
callxmexnevxx: Gemma is like Tupac, yes.
alexsfruitcakemommy: I agree
iluuvme: yeah jessica did an awesome job in her last vid
crazycarebear815: how? cuz she's not really dead?
callxmexnevxx: They told me that in Mixed Media.
tazman2087: Creators i dont know if you guys have seen the show Pure Pwnage, but they did something whre they made parts in episodes for there like 2 biggest fans, they were small parts but still
The Creators: immortal, check out the suggestions section in the forum.
callxmexnevxx: Ask them!!!!!
alexsfruitcakemommy: I found the crazy video disturbingly compelling...
iluuvme: tell her that for us! she was really amazing and she deseerves it, Creators
The Creators: thanks alex, we worked really hard on that video.
sarahboo: hmm moi thinks greg is avoiding tachyon issue :)
schneidz124: Alright...correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we were called here to discuss recent events concerning the comment boards?
crazycarebear815: tupac's not dead either.
QtheC: modelmotion, is chat working for you? I know you were locked out last night, even though your name was on the chat list
callxmexnevxx: Yomhmm
meepers_anonymous: yeh crazy bree was great
The Creators: huh :)
callxmexnevxx: you don't remember that?!
callxmexnevxx: :
callxmexnevxx: :O
schneidz124: so could we please move to that topic of interest, please?
callxmexnevxx: I'm in utter shock.
crazycarebear815: lol y'all should do more character chats.
alexsfruitcakemommy: it was really good :) at first I was all, oh 45 seconds. But definaely a good things in small packages thing
The Creators: we will.
tazman2087: i was genuinely skirred for bree's psych
crazycarebear815: or maybe kind of formal interview things.
iluuvme: yeah the character chats are so fun
crazycarebear815: lol totally
browndoggy03: hey guys sorry if im interupting, but you should go to "Bree's Puzzle Chat" and help crack the codes! thanks, its much appreciated
callxmexnevxx: I want Sarah up on here with DB. So I can chat with the girl who's hitting on my cousin.
crazycarebear815: i was left out of the last one.
crazycarebear815: heehee...wait...arent I your cousin?
Brooklynxman: Can we move onto the issues here?
sarahboo: lol *sneaks up to greg and ties him up* "i want tachyon!"
sarahboo: now
crazycarebear815: omg that means that i'm related to daniel
tazman2087: hehe
MayhemII: Haha sarah
X_X: Coll but brooklyn is right. cool*
The Creators: untie me at once
immortal1: Greg can you talk a little bit about how Alexandra was cast and if you expanded her role based on her popularity?
The Creators: thanks immortal
The Creators: yes, we expanded both the roles of Sarah and Taylor based on their popularity
Brooklynxman: No?
callxmexnevxx: OH! ALI! NEW VID! http://youtube.com/profile?use...
callxmexnevxx: go watch it
sarahboo: :( no im going bree on you
alexsfruitcakemommy: yes brooklyn? what are the issues?
Brooklynxman: look, we are willing to discuss it like civilized people
X_X: THe topic of the boycott and the comments. and all that shiny stuff.
Brooklynxman: we promise
callxmexnevxx: I want to be on the show. I'm popular.
callxmexnevxx: D
callxmexnevxx: xD
callxmexnevxx: I'm teasing.
The Creators: at first, they were suppossed to have a defined arc - help Bree, Daniel, and Jonas with finding Jules. but, because of all your feedback, we made them much larger recurring characters.
meepers_anonymous: I can be civil
iluuvme: lol brooklyn
meepers_anonymous: I can try at least
The Creators: you can't get that on t.v.!!!
Brooklynxman: luuv, why is that funny?
sarahboo: who are u nev?
iluuvme: idk
callxmexnevxx: I'm kidding. xD
crazycarebear815: lol nev you're amazing!!!
iluuvme: XD
-D: Hey, everyone.
The Creators: hey
-D: (Linc)
sarahboo: hey
tazman2087: ok so waht exactly are the issues againg
Brooklynxman: MM wants you to know that he is pissed that this is off topic (I may have added the vulgaroty)
The Creators: no issues, we are just hanging
crazycarebear815: how old is sarah? I'm so confused by that
meepers_anonymous: no issues?
Brooklynxman: *vulgarity
sarahboo: like chimps
schneidz124: The issues concerning the lack of attention the comment board has been receiving as of late.
tazman2087: oh ok
The Creators: she just graduated high school - 18 years old
meepers_anonymous: I think the issues is that some of us ar not happy
iluuvme: ok
crazycarebear815: and taylor (sorry i'm slow)?
meepers_anonymous: true?
tazman2087: yeah the whole taco bell thing was quite tiresome
alexsfruitcakemommy: ohh the boycott thing? yeah I'm still confused about that
alexsfruitcakemommy: perky's essay was really good though, really well written
Brooklynxman: alex, I'll explain later in full detail, kk?
crazycarebear815: nev let me jsut state here and now that i am in love with you.
meepers_anonymous: we feel that we can reach a comprimise that will alolw research on the comments board to be recognised
The Creators: here is my understanding of the issue - commenters are unhappy because they work hard to solve puzzles and don't get sout outs or the ability to talk to characters, right?
Brooklynxman: she quoted me in that essay
QtheC: Greg, modelmotion cannot enter this chat... can you boot his "ghost" --- it has been here since last night.
callxmexnevxx: Can I guest star like Katherin McPhee? She's my hero. I want to be just like her. Please?
X_X: er you kindva pissing loads of ppl off right now.
meepers_anonymous: I don't care heaps about the shoutouts
callxmexnevxx: Make my dream come true.
tazman2087: who was she in the vids?
meepers_anonymous: I care about our research being disregarded
meepers_anonymous: because we are not on the forum
crazycarebear815: lol nev you already are just like katherine mcphee.
Brooklynxman: We all have our issues
The Creators: model has been booted!
Brooklynxman: at this point
meepers_anonymous: what makes the research any less valuble?
Brooklynxman: however
Brooklynxman: we can talk about it
meepers_anonymous: just because of where it is posted?
-D: Well, part of the problem is the difficulty in FINDING that research.
meepers_anonymous: Perky has offered to summarise the comments board for every video
callxmexnevxx: Please, Greg. I'm dying... of laughter!
iluuvme: brb
callxmexnevxx: You can put me on the show.
callxmexnevxx: It's okay.
Brooklynxman: Point 1: You said character interactiopn was too much work for ccomment, I posted a solution to this
callxmexnevxx: Nobody'll care. :P
sarahboo: its on blogspot, its not hard to find
The Creators: here is my question: why don't you guys want to do all your reearch on the comment board and then post an answer or hypothesis in the "in-character" section of the forum?
tazman2087: *highly confused*
crazycarebear815: god you guys are so nice. it's nuts.
Brooklynxman: Point 2: That soltuion also makes it possible for us to talk back
sarahboo: forum is scary
meepers_anonymous: Soome of us can't use the forum
MayhemII: Many people are intimidated by the forum
sarahboo: and would get deleted?
Brooklynxman: Point 3: Why cant you taqke the research the first tinme we post it
Brooklynxman: Is it less valid when it is on comments?
iluuvme: alright
iluuvme: gtg eat dinner
The Creators: brooklyn, the simple answer is that the solution requires a programmer to do the work. we don't have that. i know it sounds pathetic, but we don't.
meepers_anonymous: we summarise all the comments research on the blog spot
Brooklynxman: bye luuv
-D: Why is the forum scary? I don't understand this division between the two. Seems very arbitrary and an old flame war.
meepers_anonymous: the blogspot is even easier to read than the forum
iluuvme: it was soo nice talking with you, greg! and everyone else!
celaigh: ok this is intense I just watch the posts. good luck with negotiations, guys!
The Creators: yes, but the characters don't read the blog spot.
belu214: the forum is fine, i don't understand whats so scary about it
The Creators: by iluv!!!
iluuvme: dont have too much fun while im out
crazycarebear815: wait, what about a boycot?!?!
Brooklynxman: Greg, I recommended making us post PT to (charcter) on top of IC comments, and then Ctrl+F
QtheC: There is some exchange of info between comments and forums postings, but not everything - not practical
iluuvme: hahaha
iluuvme: ok bye
alexsfruitcakemommy: I have to say I prefer the comments board? It's a nice atmosphere :)
crazycarebear815: i thought that that was buses...
meepers_anonymous: what if we make summarises of the comments board research
meepers_anonymous: attach them to each video
caravelle: oddly I can see both sides of this heh
meepers_anonymous: in a manner the characters can see
MayhemII: Modle motion is getting pissed
crazycarebear815: i'm so comfuzziled.
X_X: Mm would like every oone to shhush so perky can speak up.
MayhemII: He wants Perky to talk
Brooklynxman: We can do whatever is necessary Im sure someone out there can even help design the site
crazycarebear815: i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know waht's going on
meepers_anonymous: go ahead perky
sarahboo: maybe we could post it on blogspot and you take ito ff there
sarahboo: sorry i lagged
callxmexnevxx: nobody's watching my vids. This makes me shed an emo tear.
callxmexnevxx: http://youtube.com/profile?use...
Brooklynxman: Perky didnt want to talk here
crazycarebear815: i watched it!
crazycarebear815: that was funny
Brooklynxman: she wanted it to nbe more private
The Creators: you guys should take the post that is on the blogspot and post it in the forum. i don't really understand the difference.
Brooklynxman: she said so
crazycarebear815: look up inflatedpenguin815
crazycarebear815: subscribe to moi.
Perky: perky can't talk here
shiggs: celaigh, I always watch the posts too...and I only get to check for them once a day or so, so by the time I get to it, I can't see what people are thinking about it (I'm very familiar with the names in here since you all comment a lot)...it's a lot of work to pick out the research from people just acting like they know what they're talking about...and forum is kinda weird to me...so I think it would be cool to have some sort of solid information about the videos SOMEwhere
belu214: is so difficult about that?
sarahboo: mfor research posts?
crazycarebear815: but we're all just pedestrians...how are the creators not that little badge man?>
-D: I agree, Greg. I think this is bending over backwards for arbitrary reasons.
tazman2087: wtf is model motionQ?
Brooklynxman: shiggs, how do we know someone in the forums knows too?
belu214: i meant, what is so dificult about the forum?
meepers_anonymous: ok, perky will talk one on one with greg
shiggs: what do you mnea, Brooklyn?
shiggs: I guess I'm not familiar with it, which is my own fault
Brooklynxman: There is no way to tell who is telling the truth and who is bsing on comments or in the forums
callxmexnevxx: http://youtube.com/profile?use...
callxmexnevxx: new vid
shiggs: true true
callxmexnevxx: watch, be amazed
meepers_anonymous: I just want a choice
Brooklynxman: However, we try top site research usually
Brooklynxman: with links
callxmexnevxx: come on, kids
meepers_anonymous: cooments board or forum. I want to CHOOSE which one I go to
shiggs: But don't most of you know who is kind of reliable?
crazycarebear815: i watched it. do i get a badge
sarahboo: i suppose it makes sense to just post it on the forum, but as i understand, some posts get deleted.
meepers_anonymous: I don't think thats a bad thing
meepers_anonymous: is it?
crazycarebear815: i need chocolate. Creators, got any chocolate? Just shove it through the keyboard.
Brooklynxman: Greg, like I said, I am sure that somewhere in comments is a programmer willing to help do whatever you need done
shiggs: It's just that when I get to the forum there's lots of posts about some really hardcore puzzle stuff...and that's just incredibly over my head
Brooklynxman: hell, ina year I should be ab;e to help
tazman2087: yeah
X_X: Lokk I like them both and I have no problem posting on the forum but I thing a big proublem is keeping the comments informed and whats going on out side of the videos.
belu214: i think the forum is easier to navigate, the comments are fun but dificult to keep up with
callxmexnevxx: ALI
callxmexnevxx: ME BE ON AUDIO
Broken Kid: The Creators have said they'll interact more with comments and keep people there posted. Is the biggest concern about the in-character interaction?
Brooklynxman: Its a preference thing
tazman2087: too many pply use the comments and form for idol bs
alexsfruitcakemommy: I guess this sort of thing doesn't afect me? Because I'm not half as brainy as some of you lot and I'm not that great at reseach...but I do get the point some of you guys are making
Brooklynxman: BK, yes, that was another issue
X_X: also sorry for my typing I got a bvad finger.
Brooklynxman: there were several
sarahboo: to be honest i woudlne post on the forum because its confusing and i like the freedom of comments, but for in character and research, i think that should be on forum.
tazman2087: yeah
belu214: sarah: i agree, thats a good plan
sarahboo: id love in character in comments
shiggs: That's the thing--I really appreciate the freedom of comments, but at the same time that's what kinda screws it up for me
Brooklynxman: brb (I really have to go, i'll be back in about 10
belu214: brb too, gonna rent a movie
X_X: How come you guys have stopped talking?
sarahboo: maybe creators could post and say "bree chat in 5mins" allowing comments to get in character
meepers_anonymous: because
Broken Kid: obviously, I'm focused more on the forums, but I think Greg's post about posting more in comments and keeping people updated there and including everyone (forum and comments) is a good one. But the -character issue is a tough one
meepers_anonymous: when your losing a battle
The Creators: with regard to chat, we don't tell forum people about the chat - it just happens.
Broken Kid: they chose the forum, which is easier for in-character...
sarahboo: okay
shiggs: I mean, I'm just coming from the demographic of someone who has kept up with vids from day 1 but never got involved with the behind-the-scenes...I'd still like to know about it and be informed, you kno?
Broken Kid: I didn't know about the chat, and I'm a chat admin. :)
sarahboo: hmm
QtheC: Hey guys, well good idea to have regular community chats like this with the Creators - efficient use of time if limited to an hour or two. .... I think Perky et. all still want to set up more of a private dialog with The Creators if that is possible ... something that can be shared with everyone, I think
-D: The problem is - there needs to be continuity. Comments - regardless of its quality - is incredibly chaotic. It's very easy for the casual reader to miss out on crucial stuff. Not everyone is going to sift through 1500 ssages to find that one from Bree.
sarahboo: maybe just keep character chat for chat rooms?
-D: In the forums, it's very easy for the lurker to get to those comments.
QtheC: And with that, QtheC is out...
alexsfruitcakemommy: golly this is getting so serious
shiggs: yes yes -D:! Exactly!
-D: And Blogspot is NOT a feasible answer. That's off site, which is unacceptable.
sarahboo: Q, do u want us to stop talking?
Broken Kid: you lose a lot if you keep it to chat rooms. At least, you use the ability to archive it and for people to respond slower, to quote.
sarahboo: yea ok hmm
-D: I'm sorry, but anything that forces you to go away from the site you're trying to bring traffic into is not a good solution.
shiggs: Well I'm out but I hope you all have a wonderful day
QtheC: me? no, I'm fly on the wall here
QtheC: fly leaving the wall
QtheC: to watch bad prime time tv
The Creators: -D, thank you. the forum is set up for things like "in-character" chat. it is not about us liking them more or respecting their research. it is purely logistics.
X_X: I do think charater interaction should be in the forums.
tazman2087: (swats at fly)
sarahboo: ah right, well if perky wants to talk why doesnt she talk now?
Broken Kid: the LG15today is a fantastic resource. They do a great job there. It is a supporting site, not an end to itself, but it's a great resource for fans!
sarahboo: so we can see
immortal1: more can be done in comments in regard to character interaction but it would involve color coding character posts and bolding character names and they don't have the programmers to do that
meepers_anonymous: ok well I'm going back to real life now
meepers_anonymous: I have expts to do
Perky: because her computer can't handle this, and i refuse to fight with forum people when my discussion is with greg
meepers_anonymous: I hope everyone has fun
alexsfruitcakemommy: bye meepers :)
Broken Kid: I don't think anyone's fighting...at least not since i've been here.
sarahboo: im confused
sarahboo: ask for comments is
yepooda: I'm going to get massacred for this but, I don't see the point in video comments. There are just too many to keep up with. I tried initially, but it was too difficult.
Perky: if i start discussing this, that will not be the case
Perky: but i can't handle this lag
Perky: and it's crashing my browsers
tazman2087: i thought everyone was happy, but im oblivious
sarahboo: regular announcements and shout outs
-D: Yeah. Perhaps - MAYBE if the comments were able to be integrated into the forums, as in, each video is both displayed on the front page and also a thread in a separate forum (Comments forum, etc), then you would have something. But that would require a bit of work in PHP/MySQL making the forums and Wordpress play nice with each other.
tazman2087: i didnt know there was a schism
immortal1: if you f5 it restarts the chat which will clear the lag
sarahboo: ok perky x
Brooklynxman: did Greg leave?
-D: Since there isn't a programmer on staff, that's not a feasible solution.
sarahboo: no i dont think so
Brooklynxman: I dont see him on the list
sonieee: hey all... sorry i was just off making breakfast :D
-D: "The Creators" is still on my list.
Broken Kid: No, Greg's here...
MayhemII: Yhe he's still here
caravelle: [to -D] ok well im lagging bad so im off everyone. thanks for this greg. see everyone on the board
sarahboo: i think peopleshould just use forum for research thing and character chat, although id love character chat on comments
Brooklynxman: okay
The Creators: [to Perky] my computer acting up, brb
Broken Kid: ugh...this chat doesn't make things easy...
sonieee: hmm... did i miss anything interesting?
-D: Nope, BK. I think we'd be better off with a Java client to an IRC channel.
sarahboo: wow im tired
Brooklynxman: Agreed
voyboy: hey all
immortal1: BK did they have a contract for this chat?
-D: Hey, Voyboy.
Broken Kid: I think the chat needs some tweaking, honestly. I understand the C's want something proprietary, but this is really tough to stay on top of.
Brooklynxman: IRC is much better we could leave this for vid chat
-D: Welcome back.
Broken Kid: a contract?
voyboy: whats going on ?
Broken Kid: oh, for the chat software?
The Creators: i'm back
immortal1: like a lisence for a certain time period
sonieee: wb Greg
Broken Kid: I believe this is a paid version of the chat software, but I don't know. That's just my guess.
voyboy: Hi Greg
immortal1: wb Greg
Brooklynxman: wb
Broken Kid: I like the webcam and audio features though!
Roundhouse: what's going on tonight?
-D: Yeah, I don't see the vid chat being all that wonderful. And I'd Skype if I wanted to talk.
yepooda: /me off to start a pot of coffee
Brooklynxman: Thats what I meant BK
sarahboo: hi voyboy
sarahboo: welcome back greg
voyboy: There great but they sure do suck up the juice in here BK
Brooklynxman: leave vid chat here, and add an IRC chat
Broken Kid: it does...
Brooklynxman: this way we have an option
-D: The problem with adding options is splitting up your userbase.
voyboy: [to sarahboo] fill me in on the discussion?
Brooklynxman: No kidding, but the vid screws stuff up
sonieee: is anyone actually using the video chat option right now?
Brooklynxman: and with the chat last night we dont yet have a complete log because everyone was crashing
-D: If you have five options and ten people evenly, well, it's great we all have options, but now we've got a bunch of two-person discussions and no real community.
tazman2087: nein
sarahboo: um, i wish i could voy, were just discussing the issues of forum and comments
alexsfruitcakemommy: was the chat with bree good then?
-D: I would just rather either stick with the vid chat, or (my preference) drop it completely and make a dedicated IRC channel.
Broken Kid: I think Greg is talking with some of the comment regulars about how to make sure the comments are equally a part of the LG15 site.
Brooklynxman: Maybe we could have an option to prevenmt any vid chatting in a room with a canon character or a creator
X_X: Hey guys I am trying to keep up but this is reaking all matter of havoc on my coomputer
immortal1: Voy we were talking about the guy who snuck in the footage from the HoO seminar and how the Order probably put a hit on him
sarahboo: :)
Broken Kid: *agrees immortal1*
Brooklynxman: lol
alexsfruitcakemommy: haha
-D: Linc's trying to kill him too. Not sure why. I hear that guy's a jerk.
tazman2087: i for one amd sick of the forum posts like "who wants to see DB with his pants down?"
voyboy: god
meepers_anonymous: hey listen I had to come back
anothertearfallsdown: oy vey
voyboy: it really was my 15 minutes huh?
meepers_anonymous: There are some very upset ppl outside
Broken Kid: can I have your autograph, voyboy?
voyboy:  ;)
meepers_anonymous: they don't appreciate how they are being treated
Broken Kid: why are people upset, meep?
voyboy: sure
meepers_anonymous: we had a worldwide boycott
-D: It's the Internet. Come in with a thick skin.
alexsfruitcakemommy: ooh so jealous, do you think kate modern will do live events like that?
Broken Kid: treated in what way?
meepers_anonymous: because we felt the comments board was being ignored
Brooklynxman: The boycoot was huge
meepers_anonymous: we wanted to have a wuiet chat for a resolution
MayhemII: it was.
The Creators: [to Brooklynxman] sorry guys, need to run for a minute brg
meepers_anonymous: whereby there are options
5iveSe7en: not long just a week or so. I have been following it for much longer, but thought I would get involved so I can exerience the whole show and see how it affects people.
Broken Kid: *nods* And Greg has said that he wants to make sure the comment board is integrated better...more interaction with the cast and including options.
Brooklynxman: we cut comments by an awesome amount
meepers_anonymous: for commenters and forum users
meepers_anonymous: but this is not it
Broken Kid: except for in-character chat, which they want to keep in the forums...
sarahboo: lol
meepers_anonymous: creators we just want to be heard
meepers_anonymous: we are willing to help change the comments
The Creators: i hear you meepers.
X_X: ppl are talking abou the next vid and characters and thats not what this chat is for.
meepers_anonymous: so they are more user friendly.
meepers_anonymous: We can sumarrise the comments for each video
sarahboo: this chat has been awesome
meepers_anonymous: so that they are easier to navigate.
meepers_anonymous: we can also change the format of the comments
-D: Then the commenters should work on developing a new front end. This is just Wordpress with some nifty mods.
meepers_anonymous: so that the one regarding the interactivie are sepaated
meepers_anonymous: from the ones that aren't.
Brooklynxman: I'll do it, I'll need help, but if I get help (B.c I cant be here all the time), I'll sum up in character comments and research and send it to the creators, if it means we can get in character on comments
sarahboo: sounds like an idea
meepers_anonymous: just give us a chance to help you
Brooklynxman: Id point out what numbers were in charcter
meepers_anonymous: we can do so much for you
Brooklynxman: and everything
meepers_anonymous: for free
meepers_anonymous: we don't mind
Broken Kid: The Creators do plan on ensuring the COmmentors don't feel left out. I know they plan on posting more there, making sure folks are alert to any announcements, etc.
voyboy: [to callxmexnevxx] not sure
meepers_anonymous: just don't treat us like we don't exist
The Creators: here is my real concern, I don't want to make promises to you that I can't keep.
X_X: It hink it would be a goo idea to have some sort of news box.
meepers_anonymous: but thats the thing
meepers_anonymous: we will do the work
-D: Someone's bound to have an open domain somewhere, install a copy of Wordpress, go nuts. Maybe get in contact with the Creators and try to re-create that front end (find out how they made it), then make your adjustments how you see fit.
The Creators: I don't want to promise that I will "fix" comments or put up some type of button that let's you know when "in-character" conversation is occuring on the forum
The Creators: i just don't know when that will happen.
meepers_anonymous: and you just have to provide an approiate outlet
sarahboo: yes its official, i love this community so much
Brooklynxman: Fair enough, promise you will consider our ideas, because we are trying, and offering to do as much of the work as we can
meepers_anonymous: for the summarries etc
meepers_anonymous: ok
The Creators: all i can control is making good videos and keeping this site running. we want all of you to be happy. also, we really want to do lots of character interaction. with our site the way it is, the best place or it is the forum.
meepers_anonymous: so maybe we can trial something
The Creators: but we are listening and taking everything you say to heart.
The Creators: if we can improve things, we will.
meepers_anonymous: ok
The Creators: what would you like to trial that does not involve programming?
meepers_anonymous: um
sarahboo: thanx for listening greg, everyone appreciates it
Brooklynxman: Ctrl+F
Brooklynxman: for in charcater comments
Broken Kid: we've tried to provide links to character comments in the forum...and guests can read the forum (although can't post), so you don't have to register if you want to keep up.
tazman2087: rlly
Brooklynxman: it seems like it could be easy enough
meepers_anonymous: or a colour scheme
meepers_anonymous: so we can tell the comments apart
The Creators: can't do a color scheme, that involves programming.
sarahboo: lol
Layne: in each in character section, theres a sticky that has a shortcut to all the characters comments, thats all I read there
Broken Kid: it might be a good idea to alert commentors when characters are posting (like Sarah did for a long time the other day). Maybe someone already does...
Brooklynxman: I was about to say what Gereg saod meepers
-D: The site is split in two - you've got the main page (Wordpress) and the forums (phpBB). You can take out one and the other will be fine, they're not connected. Meaning if you just set up a Wordpress blog elsewhere, on your own domain, you can make it and then make the adjustments and then once you show it to the Creators, if they want to implement it, show the adjustments you made.
sarahboo: oh dear
-D: And step-by-step instructions on how.
tazman2087: fo real pick up a copy of programming for dummies
meepers_anonymous: damnit
meepers_anonymous: gotta run back to my experiment
The Creators: tazman, that would not help. i can barely turn this computer on :)
5iveSe7en: tough crowd
Broken Kid: keep in mind that any solution to the comments page should maintain what the commentors like, which I think is the ability to post regularly and frequently
X_X: Status :privite comment
Brooklynxman: tazman, it is also not that simple
tazman2087: u could just delegate the job
X_X: lol
MayhemII: Couldn't we use some forum of html in the comments? or does that not work?
The Creators: yes they are 5, but we LOVE the passion!
Broken Kid: that might be tough in more of a blog format, but I'm sure someone could come up with some interesting ideas.
tazman2087: "jessica, readi this"
Brooklynxman: I have experience with Java programmming can be a bitch for the simplest of things sometimes
sarahboo: hehe
-D: Well, yeah, BK, so you have that separate site that the commentors can all work on independently. Once it's finished, it'll be something that the commentors like becuase, well, THEY made it.
voyboy: It doesnt matter what they do there will always be people up in arms about somthing
Brooklynxman: tazman, my idea (actually mm's idea) PT to (character)
Brooklynxman: format
Brooklynxman: if it is out of that format
X_X: dam for ppl whoe have an internet show, your pretty computer illiterate.
X_X: :p
Brooklynxman: then it isnt responded to
sarahboo: to be honest i think if a character did post on comments, we would recognize and get into character ourselves, and not talk about them as actors, it could work
-D: I think one issue is that a lot of commentors are making the offer but not showing what they can do.
tazman2087: sat waht
tazman2087: say what, i cant type
-D: Get out there and show 'em. Make a presentation. Pitch the damn idea with your design and Wordpress modifications.
The Creators: we can attempt working with the format, but I am not sure it will work.
iluuvme: Yay!
iluuvme: I'm back...
iluuvme: and the creators are still here!
Brooklynxman: Hello luuv
iluuvme: Heya brooklyn
The Creators: i can almost promise that someone is going to post out of format, or we are going to miss a post, and then I will get yelled at :) but i can take it
Brooklynxman: Im with D here, we can work up something
iluuvme: so whats been going on?
Broken Kid: I don't think it hurts to have one official place for in-character interaction... It doesn't mean the comments page is any less valuable and important to LG15
The Creators: this is like moot court back in law school!!!
yepooda: that's what I was thinking BK
iluuvme: lol
sonieee: lol @ greg
Brooklynxman: And Greg, if it is out of frmat, ti doesnt get answered
iluuvme: i guess we're debating, then
iluuvme: >_<
immortal1: I object!
Brooklynxman: we will take responsivbiltity
X_X: lol
tazman2087: brooklyn i didnt quite get what yo were sayng
tazman2087: earlier
sonieee: i think moot court is probably easier to deal with lol
The Creators: ok, but that person who writes it will get mad at me and say "who cares about format, I spent all that time typing the response."
tazman2087: lol moot
yepooda: one "official" place would end all of this
sarahboo: my eyelida are like magnets
-D: No, I've been in mock trial/moot court. That's a BITCH.
voyboy: I personaly think that(in character section) should be kept in one place. The writers need ot know all the comments made right? what if theres something missed?
The Creators: objection overruled :)
Brooklynxman: I understand, but we can also point you to posts, with like PT to Bree, read comment 108
sarahboo: i hate time zones
-D: Pre-trial motions? Intense
Brooklynxman: if it is out of format but has important info we'll try
The Creators: thanks voyboy, that is what I think!
iluuvme: lol at greg
immortal1: doh!
sonieee: i did mock trial too, it wasnt too bad :)
X_X: I'd be happy to relay things to the forum for ppl who don't want to go there.....
Broken Kid: I think the Creators can show appreciation for the comments and include them without doing in-character chat in multiple locations... but it would be interesting to try it.
Brooklynxman: it wont be prefrect, but it cant get peopel more upset then they are no
alexsfruitcakemommy: sarahboo me too!
Broken Kid: I think people have to be willing to hear the Creators say, though, that it wasn't easy for them and they're choosing the forums, if that's how it works out.
voyboy: [to sarahboo] What do I know ?
Brooklynxman: In character is in multiple locales
Brooklynxman: chat and forum sop far
The Creators: brooklyn, do you know how many PT to Bree's there are going to be. You have a million interesting things to say.
X_X: No! no m,more messong with time zones!
voyboy: [to sarahboo] When is my call time for my next episode?
immortal1: well the HoO is separate, why not a separate area not on the coomments or the forum dedicated solely to character interaction? The Creators: also, on the forum, not even close to every post gets answered or responded to. the characters can't read everything.
Brooklynxman: I also volunteered to make a summery of which were really important
voyboy: [to sarahboo]  ;)
Brooklynxman: We understand that
iluuvme: yeah that makes sense...
The Creators: you guys are a tough crowd. if we don't respond to you in time, i will get yelled at (there is a theme here)
Brooklynxman: We know not everything will be answered
Broken Kid: lol
iluuvme: poor creators!!
-D: Well, Brooklyn, I think the best you can do is collect yourself a good group of people knowledgable in, say, PHP, or at least in programming logic, and build a mirror of the current Wordpress blog. Then make your adjustments, and take careful notes of what you did (i.e., Upgrade LG15 Blog for Dummies), and then show it to the Creators, let them see it and perhaps implement it.
iluuvme: lol but like you said, you have tough skin, right? :p
tazman2087: who does the yelling
sarahboo: brooklyn i dont think character chat will happen in comments, its too much work to do it in two places
-D: And if they don't accept it, well, now it's in their hands.
tazman2087: arent you like, the boss
The Creators: Amanda is the boss
Broken Kid: lol
-D: Greg: Shocking answer. I'm shocked. =P
Broken Kid: well now that we have that clear. ;)
tazman2087: your the creators
sarahboo: haha
voyboy: [to voyboy] then let them create
Brooklynxman: Im nto shocked at all
voyboy: [to voyboy] i said that to myself
alexsfruitcakemommy: the creators, it's so ominous sounding
Brooklynxman: Lucy is vicous
sarahboo: lol
The Creators: to be honest, you guys are the boss, i am just trying to come up with a good solution for the show, our team, and the community.
tazman2087: Amanda pays the bills huh?
Broken Kid: I think it would be worth it to try an in-character interaction on the comments page and see how it works.
alexsfruitcakemommy: ha that was kind of schmaltzy/sweet
tazman2087: angry amanda= no money
The Creators: yes, amanda pays the bills.
tazman2087: ?
tazman2087: nm
laurababy33: hey yall
Broken Kid: if it works, maybe it can happen more often. If not, at least they tried and chose the option that works best for them.
tazman2087: yeah a southerner
Brooklynxman: Okay, Im gonna take D's suggestion and try to get a team of epopel to rework comments
laurababy33: :-)
The Creators: yeah, it was a little schmaltzy - realized it after I typed it. That will be embarrasing to read on lg15today
sonieee: [to The Creators] i think a good short term solution would be to post a video right now... and take everyones mind off of it ;)
alexsfruitcakemommy: haha
Broken Kid: lol
Broken Kid: scandal!
-D: Yeah, I think that's a good solution. Worse case scenario, nothing changes.
tazman2087: lol
Brooklynxman: I agree that that would be a short term solution, not a long one
sarahboo: i like it the way it is, i hate change
alexsfruitcakemommy: sonieee is wise
meepers_anonymous: back
Brooklynxman: boo, I promise to show it to you first
Brooklynxman: actually, I'll post it on the forums
meepers_anonymous: almost lost my samples
-D: Well, long term solution requires a good programmer with MySQL/PHP skills.
Brooklynxman: but I eed people who can do it
sarahboo: ok :)
Broken Kid: *nods D*
Brooklynxman: on the forums and on comments
Brooklynxman: and everywhere
Brooklynxman: hell, I'll make sure no one lisses it
Brooklynxman: except Bree
Brooklynxman: cause it would be pointledd to but that in on character chat
-D: Which, thankfully because it's phpBB and not a proprietary forum tech, would be the easiest out of any forums to do, but still not an easy task.
tazman2087: so creators, when does a Win a Date With Bree/Sarah come into play
sarahboo: 1. Beer: Guinness 2. Anorexic: dangerous 3. Super Hero: Saz and Perky 4. Your Last Ex: oh dear 5. Power Rangers: long ago 6. Plastic Surgery: Nip/Tuck
sarahboo: ignore that
immortal1: lol
-D: Can't.
Broken Kid: lol sarah
laurababy33: ? lol
sarahboo: myspace thing
Broken Kid: we're learning a lot about sarah tonight at least
sonieee: [to The Creators] hehe
sarahboo: lol
tazman2087: lol
alexsfruitcakemommy: golly I love how hard everyone works to sort things out here
sonieee: [to The Creators] eergh why wont the "to the creators" bit go away?
tazman2087: hehe
OhEmGeeItsLily: You haved to make it go away.
tazman2087: its a cures
sonieee: [to The Creators] the list is empty... nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Broken Kid: yeah, that happens sonieee
OhEmGeeItsLily: BK!
Broken Kid: sometimes changing rooms and coming back will help
tazman2087: Burger King?
sonieee: [to The Creators] k thnx :D
OhEmGeeItsLily: No...Broken Kid.
tazman2087: im hungry now
sonieee: huzzah
sonieee: ugh its nearly 11am... i hate wednesdays
sarahboo: the hymn of one is fun
tazman2087: 11 am?
sarahboo: fun
sarahboo: fun
OhEmGeeItsLily: Do we have an Aussie in here?
tazman2087: austrailia
The Creators: 1.Stella 2. Gross 3. Daniel and Jonas 4. None, I never talked to a girl before Amanda 5. Never 6. Hair transplant :)
laurababy33: Ohhh!
sonieee: heh yeh :)
tazman2087: hahahaha
sarahboo: nearly 2am here
immortal1: I object!
laurababy33: wow, its 8 here
alexsfruitcakemommy: yep, two in the am
sarahboo: lol @ creators
tazman2087: 748 here
Broken Kid: point of order, your honor
laurababy33: pm on tue
Broken Kid: sidebar
Broken Kid: that's all the legal jargon I know
OhEmGeeItsLily: 1. Two more years. 2. Disease 3. totally forgot what comes after this.
sonieee: ssutained?
sonieee: err sustained
The Creators: promissory estoppel
sonieee: thank god for Law and Order... for all your court room drama needs!
Broken Kid: [to The Creators] gazundheit
sonieee: ooo... that will be on in an hour eep!
The Creators: lol BK
tazman2087: habias corpus!
immortal1: habeus corpus
tazman2087: first
immortal1: ipso facto
Broken Kid: um...brief!
meepers_anonymous: I have to go save my samples again
Broken Kid: legal notepad!
tazman2087: corpus cristi
The Creators: Paris Hilton
tazman2087: o wait...
sonieee: lol broken
Brooklynxman: In the criminal justoice system thera re two, sperate, yet equally imoortant groups
OhEmGeeItsLily: Orange jumpsuit.
alexsfruitcakemommy: ugh pais hilton
immortal1: laizzz faire
tazman2087: hahaha
-D: Ex Post Facto.
Brooklynxman: the police who investogate the crimes
sarahboo: in jail
OhEmGeeItsLily: Are we playing a game?
5iveSe7en: writ of certiorari
tazman2087: and the bag guys
The Creators: the police who investigate crimes and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders, these are their stories
Broken Kid: DUM DUM
laurababy33: lol
OhEmGeeItsLily: Law and order
tazman2087: dont forget the bad guys
immortal1: bonk bonk
tazman2087: doink doink
archetype: sigh
sonieee: lol brooklyn... i used to work in a starbucks and i made this one up: In the Coffee Industry, the People are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Companies who purchase, roast and distribute the coffee beans and the Baristas who turn them into delicious caffeinated beverages. These are their stories.
-D: Mala prohibita.
The Creators: i think our games are making people leave - but this is fun!
X_X: @#$%#$
Broken Kid: mmm...coffee
-D: I think I'm the only one playing this game, now.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Carpe Diem?
tazman2087: hehe
OhEmGeeItsLily: I think i win.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Just kidding.
laurababy33: lol, i think im quite lost...
immortal1: seize the fish!
alexsfruitcakemommy: haha
sarahboo: lag
OhEmGeeItsLily: NEMO!
callxmexnevxx: Carpe Noctum
sonieee: in globo or in seperatum? (ergh spelling?)
callxmexnevxx: Seize the night
Broken Kid: Broken Dog doesn't like me chatting...
archetype: /me is very disappointed he did not get an invite to the Seminar ;)
sarahboo: kipper
tazman2087: writs of saituary
5iveSe7en: writ of certiorari
tazman2087: thank u
5iveSe7en: NP
Broken Kid: it's all greek to me
sarahboo: im confuzzled
Broken Kid: except, you know, latin
callxmexnevxx: or latin
callxmexnevxx: haha
immortal1: mmm gyro
OhEmGeeItsLily: haha.
callxmexnevxx: xD
callxmexnevxx: wow, great minds think alike
5iveSe7en: Bonjour from Paris!
sonieee: lol
sarahboo: greg do u like harry potter?
alexsfruitcakemommy: onfusedcay
tazman2087: pobody's nerfect
The Creators: bonjour!
callxmexnevxx: I LOVE HARRY POTTER
immortal1: we sound like Bree
Broken Kid: lol
alexsfruitcakemommy: jskgdfdgh harry potter someone said harry potter
tazman2087: yally wanna know who dies at the end
Broken Kid: Yay for an Owen cameo
sonieee: bonjour 5ive!
Broken Kid: :D
laurababy33: harry potter?
laurababy33: yes!
5iveSe7en: bonjour sonjeee
The Creators: you know, i never got into harry potter. please don't hate me
OhEmGeeItsLily: WHAT?!
laurababy33: lol NO!
X_X: lol
OhEmGeeItsLily: But it's good stuff!
tazman2087: me neither
callxmexnevxx: It's okay, Greg. What you've created is bigger and better.
tazman2087: its a cult
X_X: I think its too late.
OhEmGeeItsLily: -.-'
alexsfruitcakemommy: oh harry potter and lg15, best obsessions ever
callxmexnevxx: Andthere's not a 7 episode limit.
callxmexnevxx: :)
Broken Kid: I didn't either
sonieee: hehe
OhEmGeeItsLily: BK!
laurababy33: ? harry potter a cult
Broken Kid:  :`o
immortal1: it's generational Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter
X_X: >.>
X_X: no way........
tazman2087: star wars is eternal
X_X: <.<
alexsfruitcakemommy: I love star wars lord of the ring and harry potter
-D: Never a Harry Potter fan, either. Not against it, just was never into it.
tazman2087: not generational
alexsfruitcakemommy: does that make me multi generational?
OhEmGeeItsLily: Do you have a name today, -D?
laurababy33: lol, possibly
X_X: nah, just a geek :P
-D: Douganowski.
alexsfruitcakemommy: haha
OhEmGeeItsLily: Can i call you Doug instead?
tazman2087: star trek on the other hand is generational
-D: I'll take Raymond Chandler/Jim Thompson/Will Christopher Baer/Chuck Palahniuk any day.
callxmexnevxx: GREG! I think it's time to bring Gemma back and have her fight Sarah.
-D: Or Dougski.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Sure.
callxmexnevxx: For Bree.
alexsfruitcakemommy: I think alex ighting sara would be funnier
alexsfruitcakemommy: over daniel obvs
callxmexnevxx: Like, say DB and Jonas left the house... with Sarah to watch over Bree.
sarahboo: lag
laurababy33: alex & sarah.... nice
sarahboo: bad lag
sarahboo: :(
callxmexnevxx: AND HERE COMES GEMMA!!!!
callxmexnevxx: :O
tazman2087: yeah is gemma alive cause i have been seeing these posts from "crowley" something suppose 2 be gemma
OhEmGeeItsLily: I want her to be alive.
alexsfruitcakemommy: the crowley things not canon though is it
OhEmGeeItsLily: Only because...everyone thinks she's dead.
sarahboo: harry potter rocks (i say this 2 hours after my original comment)  :(
OhEmGeeItsLily: And I actually liked her.
tazman2087: maybe shes the bionic woman
tazman2087: they rebuilt her
callxmexnevxx: Have her fight Sarah.
X_X: lol sarah
OhEmGeeItsLily: Haveyou seen the traliers for that?!
callxmexnevxx: Do it.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Nuts.
tazman2087: they had the techknology
sarahboo: how old is everyone? im 20
tazman2087: ditto
laurababy33: 19
X_X: [to OhEmGeeItsLily] 18...damn thats wierd
alexsfruitcakemommy: 17
Brooklynxman: 18
OhEmGeeItsLily: 50.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Just kidding.
X_X: oops
Tony Noodles: holy ***
Tony Noodles: is one of the castmembers in here
Broken Kid: hi Tony
immortal1: whoa TNoods
Broken Kid: The Creators are in
tazman2087: REALLY?!
sarahboo: 50?
Tony Noodles: hithecreators
callxmexnevxx: Greg is, anyway.
tazman2087: whats their name
laurababy33: btw creators=love
OhEmGeeItsLily: I said I was kidding.
tazman2087: man r u old
sarahboo: sorr yit was lagging
callxmexnevxx: 16
OhEmGeeItsLily: If I was 50, I would not be here.
OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA.
Tony Noodles: what if you were 40
OhEmGeeItsLily: I'd be off playing with my cats.
X_X: lag lag lagity lag
alexsfruitcakemommy: 'm sure lg15 has 5o year old fans
Tony Noodles: youd be in here AND playing with your cats
alexsfruitcakemommy: lets not judge
sonieee: im 25
sarahboo: lol
callxmexnevxx: like LordGrey
sonieee: whee laaaag!
Tony Noodles: we know what those fans are called
callxmexnevxx: mhmm
callxmexnevxx: prime example
X_X: ew
OhEmGeeItsLily: Yeah...tends to get like that when there's about 20 people in here.
sarahboo: thanx for answering everyone
Brooklynxman: highlands is 50
OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm 19 years old by the way.
Brooklynxman: cough51cough
sarahboo: lol @ brook
alexsfruitcakemommy: haha
sarahboo: where is highlands?
Brooklynxman: dunno
alexsfruitcakemommy: ugh, I have a history exam in a few hours, I should really go...
-D: I have a pulse. Which means I'm older than fetus and younger than corpse.
tazman2087: whats ARG
X_X: lol
sarahboo: lets play..guess greg...
Tony Noodles: some kinda video game
Broken Kid: argh, matey
sonieee: oh nooo dont talk about exams, pleeease!
sarahboo: guess gregs fave colour
alexsfruitcakemommy: oh but I must. three exams in the next three days
sonieee: eee!
laurababy33: alternate reality game... right? lol
sonieee: mine start in 2 weeks
sarahboo: i say blue
Broken Kid: args are for pirates!
Tony Noodles: guess who greg is
tazman2087: tank u
Brooklynxman: Im guessing Greg left?
sonieee: i dont even wanna think about it
laurababy33: hahaha
alexsfruitcakemommy: pirates :D
Brooklynxman: oh
laurababy33: yumm
Broken Kid:  :b
Brooklynxman: nvm see him now
immortal1: yeah I thnk Greg's ghost is here
Tony Noodles: im eating scrumptious greek takeout and drinking some good wine
Broken Kid: spoooky
Tony Noodles: i think ive replaced holly pretty well bk
sonieee: ooo i found the curse of monkey island in a store for $10. best pirate game ever!
tazman2087: does the Gemma Crowley series have any tihng to do with the storyline or is is FF
alexsfruitcakemommy: I was a pirate for comic relief a few weeks ago :) that was fun, inner child, regressing etc etc
sarahboo: ok i really have to go now its fiva past 2 am. and my eyes have fell out with me :(
Broken Kid: gemma crowley posted a post saying that it's fan fiction
laurababy33: :-)
-D: Until it's acknowledged in the main vids, Taz, always assume it's fna.
-D: *fan.
immortal1: didn't gemma crowley say that bluestone was a bridge?
X_X: yah
Broken Kid: it is indeed. But it's interesting, and I like seeing Gemma return, if just in fan fic :)
tazman2087: yeah iread that but was confused
Broken Kid: callxmexnevxx has been a torublemaker...but seems to be behaving him/herself lately
sarahboo: goodnight all, goodnight greg!
Broken Kid: lol
OhEmGeeItsLily: I keep wishing Gemma was this really big spy.
alexsfruitcakemommy: I don' understand the crowley vids, why they're such a big deal, I can't make any sense out of them
-D: Okay, I'm rolling out.
OhEmGeeItsLily: BYEE!!!
Broken Kid: sorry call...that was supposed to be private. no offense
Tony Noodles: did gemma come back?
OhEmGeeItsLily: WHAT>!
Tony Noodles: lol
OhEmGeeItsLily: he didn't even give me a chance to send him off!
QtheC: Boo!
Broken Kid: *sighs*
immortal1: some people do an awesome job of self promotion
Broken Kid: So, Lily is 50, huh?
tazman2087: haha
OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm a hot 50 year old.
OhEmGeeItsLily: So hot, I look 19.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Bwahahaha.
Broken Kid: *changes the subject away from my faux paus*
immortal1: she's like Sally O'Malley
sarahboo: boo! Q!
sarahboo: xx
OhEmGeeItsLily: IMMO, bambi tried to kill me.
QtheC: lol
OhEmGeeItsLily: We were on the highway and it pranced across in front of the car.
immortal1: bambi? you mean like a doe? a deer a female deer
alexsfruitcakemommy: the creators are being very quiet
OhEmGeeItsLily: I think it was a doe.
The Creators: i'm here
tazman2087: so are we expecting a new vid tonight or what
OhEmGeeItsLily: The don't have antlers right?
laurababy33: please?
alexsfruitcakemommy: ahh, lurking
immortal1: no those are bucks
yepooda: baby deer don't have antlers either
tazman2087: neither do horses
OhEmGeeItsLily: What do I know of animals?
yepooda: lol
tazman2087: or chickens
laurababy33: maybe a reigndeer (sp)
OhEmGeeItsLily: I just know bunnies multiply like crazy.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Reindeer.
yepooda: ao do hamsters
OhEmGeeItsLily: OH.
yepooda: * so do hamsters
Broken Kid: hi Danielle
OhEmGeeItsLily: And seahorses are cool!
Danielle: Hey BK
laurababy33: uh, yeah, reindeer :-)
Danielle: How are you muffin?
yepooda: I can't type apparently
OhEmGeeItsLily: The males carry the effing babies.
tazman2087: hahaha
Danielle: *nod to creators*
OhEmGeeItsLily: That's the way it should be!
laurababy33: I wish I was a seahorse!
Danielle: We all do.
Broken Kid: [to Danielle] you missed most of the conversation!
caravelle: i just wish both sides of my body functioned normally again :P
laurababy33: lol
Danielle: [to The Creators] Its okay BK, I was busy tonight. Music awards night
Broken Kid: [to Danielle] did you win?
Tony Noodles: i went to the cd store and got everything i was looking for
alexsfruitcakemommy: gahh, I'm going to have to go, revise, memorise the names of some popes
Danielle: [to The Creators] whoops
Tony Noodles: usually i get everything but i was looking for
Tony Noodles: and its pretty beautiful outside
Tony Noodles: this day gets an 8/10
Danielle: i got the vocalist award
Danielle: and was MC
Broken Kid: [to Danielle] woo...congrats!
immortal1: Greg how's the business of lg15 going? the Ice Breakers thing set a good precedent?
Broken Kid: mmm ice breakers
OhEmGeeItsLily: I bought some of that gum!
yepooda: I have the Ice Cubes...they're good
OhEmGeeItsLily: they make for good bubble blowing.
Tony Noodles: are there stocks in lg15 yet? immo sure acts like a shareholder lol
OhEmGeeItsLily: Unlike Bubble tape.
yepooda: lasts a long time
OhEmGeeItsLily: :: shakes fist.
immortal1: wow. that's sour.
immortal1: lol Noods
Broken Kid: that's not a bad idea, actually. :)
immortal1: sweat equity
alexsfruitcakemommy: it's been fun, bye everyone! x x x x
yepooda: bye
immortal1: I invest my heart...
laurababy33: bye
laurababy33: too late
Danielle: Well this is quite the Q&A now isn't it
Broken Kid: it's kinda died off...Greg was talking quite a bit for a while
immortal1: yeah no one has asked me anything!
OhEmGeeItsLily: I have a question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop?
caravelle: yeah early on
immortal1: 3
The Creators: i'm here if you have any questions or thoughts
yepooda: 1,273 licks
immortal1: next
caravelle: 4242
yepooda: but it depends on the size of your tongue\
Tony Noodles: lol emos got buttloads of questions or thoughts
laurababy33: if you lick it slow it last longer. lol
Tony Noodles: immo
OhEmGeeItsLily: Why did the marching band go to the dentist?
yepooda: but what do I know...I usually bite it
Brooklynxman: If you suck on it instead it takes 0 licks
laurababy33: i got it from a SHIRT!
Tony Noodles: i havent had a tootsie roll pop in over a decade
yepooda: I gave them out last halloween dressed up as ghosts
MayhemII: So Creators, how long does it usually take to film a LG15 video on average?
raz0r_sex: hey everyon
raz0r_sex: everyone*
laurababy33: hey
yepooda: hey raz0r
The Creators: good question. it about 3 hours to shoot and another 4-5 to edit.
raz0r_sex: this is my first time in the lg chat. im so new to this all
Tony Noodles: the tootsie roll owl guy was pretty cool
MayhemII: Wow
laurababy33: wow
OhEmGeeItsLily: For a less than 5 minute video.
laurababy33: welcome razor
raz0r_sex: thanks :)
raz0r_sex: are the creators always in here?
laurababy33: no
Brooklynxman: no razor
Broken Kid: What was the hardest (or longest) video to shoot? or edit?
Brooklynxman: its actually pretty rare
Tony Noodles: consequently so many ppl arent always in here
caravelle: how far ahead of time does the cast get A SCRIPT TO MEMORIZE THINGS?
caravelle: sorry bout caps lagging n didnt see
The Creators: yep, we work ALL the time. that time I mentioned doesn't even include story meetings, writing, re-writing, pre-production, location scouting, building the sets, etc.
immortal1: hey I want everyone to know that seminar was like a mini play. all one take.
The Creators: thanks immortal. amanda set up that entire thing. took her a week.
iluuvme: hey again guys
raz0r_sex: are you guys ever gonna bring tachyon back? i miss tachyon
immortal1: and it lasted maybe a half hour
laurababy33: hard work, we appreciate it
OhEmGeeItsLily: Immo should make a guest watcher.
OhEmGeeItsLily: Just...don't show his face...
Broken Kid: lol
The Creators: we try and get the cast scripts about one week ahead, but it usually the night before becasue we are tweaking it based on the community feedback.
Broken Kid: is twjaniak ever getting a cameo? :)
immortal1: the back of my head is famous
OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA
caravelle: ahh
Danielle: urg i am always at odds with this client
Danielle: ALWAYS
iluuvme: lol
rob2417: I really believe that Amanda is brilliant!
The Creators: rob, she is!
immortal1: Amanda is an unsung hero
Danielle: Amanada is my favourite Creator.
Danielle: Sorry team
Danielle: <3
rob2417: And beautifyl too!
The Creators: in addition to all the physical production on LG and the interaction, she does Nikki Bower!
Broken Kid: Greg has to say that. :)
raz0r_sex: wow, i can see people on video, this is neat
Danielle: Shes a hottie 4 shoooo
Danielle: hahahah way to blow that Greg
Danielle: lol
Tony Noodles: so nikki b was always in on it
Broken Kid: speaking of Nikki, convince her to come back! We miss Nikki B
iluuvme: yep
laurababy33: :-) I was the same way when I did my first chat razor
Danielle: She's also a killer vocalist :)
Brooklynxman: Yeah, I didn know that, now tell her to get Nikki B back
MayhemII: Creators, any funny blooper moment (while filming)you can remember off the top of your head?
caravelle: so shes a very busy person your saying greg :P
The Creators: you will have to wait for the DVD!
shadowofjustice: DVD?
Tony Noodles: whats the dvd gona have
shadowofjustice: There's going to be a dvd?
raz0r_sex: theres a dvd comming out?
laurababy33: dvd really
Danielle: haha, alrighty mr. product placement
yepooda: yay to the dvd
Tony Noodles: i want something with every episode
sonieee: lollol
raz0r_sex: lol danielle
Broken Kid: if LG15 isn't planning to end, when will we get a DVD? :)
MayhemII: Haha
caravelle: cant wait for the dvd.. that will be awsome
OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA, what if you guys were to do commentaries on ALL of the videos?
sonieee: oh no you've done it now greg
laurababy33: maybe n"seasons"?
Brooklynxman: I think this would be a good time to resurect the idea of a lost episode of PSW
Tony Noodles: how many hours of video is there yet neway
tazman2087: i heard there was gonna be a full length feature film
tazman2087: and action figures
laurababy33: that would be awsome
iluuvme: lol
raz0r_sex: i want a daniel beast action figure
Broken Kid: yeah! I want a Danielbeast action figure!
laurababy33: action figures? lmao
raz0r_sex: ha ha
yepooda: ooh my very one Jonas doll
immortal1: lol @ action figures
yepooda: *own
Broken Kid: whoa...creepy, raz0r
MayhemII: Haha lunch boxes
raz0r_sex: omg broken
The Creators: we are working on a DVD, more to come later.
raz0r_sex: lol
iluuvme: hahahahahahaha
shadowofjustice: anyway, I have a quick question for you guys, are you fans of Joss Whedon
caravelle: heh action figures.. i want the p monkey one to act out his revenge :)
Tony Noodles: what are you working on while working on that piece of work
Brooklynxman: I think all the girls wanna Jonas sex doll
The Creators: hell yeah, Joss Sweden is great.
iluuvme: not me, brooklyn
yepooda: lmao
laurababy33: hahaha!!!
iluuvme: :p
MayhemII: Damn right, Brook
rob2417: Greg, what happens when you all go on vacation? Who's going to mind the store?
immortal1: I am! Joss inspired me to move to LA
raz0r_sex: that would be awesome brooklyn, jonas is really cute in person
raz0r_sex: and on cam.
Tony Noodles: id get a p monkey but hes a hand puppet. theres something unsettling about hand puppets. .
Brooklynxman: Just syaing luuv, it would be a big seller
shadowofjustice: Ok, did you guys ever watch "Firefly"?
sonieee: joss sweden? lol
tazman2087: p monky hand attachtment for the bree af
The Creators: he directed the funniest Office episode - where Jim gets bitten by a bat and pretends to turn into a vampire - brilliant
immortal1: I met Joss
iluuvme: lol
tazman2087: that was awesome
caravelle: that was a great episode
raz0r_sex: i met yousef as well, they are pretty cool
iluuvme: so greg
Tony Noodles: lol what taz said
The Creators: hey rob. we have been able to go on a few vacations. we basically pre-film a week of videos and either upload on vacation or someone stays behind.
tazman2087: i hate alabama
iluuvme: how long do you think LG15 will last?
tazman2087: there arent anyfamous ppl here
OhEmGeeItsLily: Until Bree has a baby.
OhEmGeeItsLily: just kidding.
tazman2087: hehe
laurababy33: good question iluvme
immortal1: as long as there is an audience
Tony Noodles: lol
MayhemII: Hahaha
raz0r_sex: is the LG cast planning to go to the nyc youtube gathering like the one in sf?
shadowofjustice: probably until either money runs out or the actors do
The Creators: a long long time! we have a great ensemble cast and a really cool story. as long as you guys want to watch, we will do it.
iluuvme: cool!
laurababy33: we want to watch it!
iluuvme: just making sure that the actors weren't getting sick of us, yet!
Broken Kid: as long as Owen pops up every now and then, I'll keep watching. :)
The Creators: awesome!
iluuvme: :P
Tony Noodles: i want to watch it but i have dial up so i dont watch so much
Brooklynxman: I seconed razor yotube meet
Brooklynxman: yes or no
tazman2087: lol bree running from the order in a rascal
Tony Noodles: p monkey wallops owen
Broken Kid: shush, you
caravelle: ohh maybe owen can get the revenge for p monkey :P
Tony Noodles: in terms of adorablness
iluuvme: lol
raz0r_sex: im probibly going to the nyc gathering so knowing the cast would be there would be more incentive :D\
Danielle: i'm glad i crash so much
Tony Noodles: theres a gathering?
Brooklynxman: Im going, because its like a $5 ride ont he express bus and I am there
laurababy33: I wish something would happen in the south...
iluuvme: im so far away from nyc
tazman2087: man digital cable is awesome!
iluuvme: louisiana
iluuvme: sucks
raz0r_sex: yeah tony, in nyc
Danielle: i wish... Canada baby
Broken Kid: there is talk of a convention in CA
shadowofjustice: When is the youtube event?
Danielle: lets gta this *** out
Danielle: Minty!
raz0r_sex: there already was one in san francisco, i went and saw yousef there
Minty: dani!!
immortal1: oh I have a Q! What's teh YouTube partner program like? is it any good?
raz0r_sex: im going to nyc from cali! big trip lol
sonieee: Greg: i vaguely remember something bree talks about, living or visiting australia.. when are we going to see the introduction of a crazy Aussie character to the show? ;)
Tony Noodles: if i didnt have a job or something id go to these silly youtube things or lg15 if there is one
tazman2087: never
caravelle: yeah laura im thousands of miles from everything im in florida
tazman2087: you have orlando
laurababy33: we need a sweet southern girl in the show. :-) maybe a georgia peach???
tazman2087: and daytonea
tazman2087: and miami
iluuvme: laura: or a louisianian?
iluuvme: lol
laurababy33: yeah, that works too
laurababy33: :-)
iluuvme: XD
sonieee: lol is that a word, luuv?
iluuvme: yes it is
Danielle: i think they you need even more sexy bad guys
iluuvme: its really bizzarre
sonieee: cool!
raz0r_sex: Are you guys looking for any more people in cali to be a part of the cast? ::wink wink:: nudge nudge::
iluuvme: but its what i am!
iluuvme: a louisianian
iluuvme: hahaha
sonieee: lol
laurababy33: lol
iluuvme: its even weirder when you say it out loud
Tony Noodles: i think i solicited to be a writer lol. but i guess theres enough of those
sonieee: i hope everything is starting to get better over there, luuv?
laurababy33: dont worry, im an atlanta-ian?? maybe atlantan
iluuvme: sonieee: how do you mean?
Tony Noodles: an atlien
tazman2087: hotlanta
sonieee: atlatean?
Tony Noodles: like outkast's cd lol
laurababy33: oh yeah!
sonieee: atlantean
laurababy33: kik
laurababy33: *lol, idk what that was
tazman2087: atl is where its at
iluuvme: you mean with new orleans and stuff?
sonieee: yeah
caravelle: i guess im a tampaian
shadowofjustice: I find it interesting how the creators have just pulled back and are letting us rant on
laurababy33: peace up, a town down! :-)
raz0r_sex: lol me too shadow
tazman2087: im from LA
Brooklynxman: They already did that a few times shadow
laurababy33: so creators, how do yo feel bout a town???
tazman2087: lower alabama
laurababy33: you should film there
iluuvme: well
shadowofjustice: well I haven't been here the entire time
immortal1: which town?
iluuvme: there are a lot of places that look exactly the same
iluuvme: they even still have water lines on the houses
raz0r_sex: i live in california but nowhere neat LA
Brooklynxman: NYC
Tony Noodles: we want the creators to be more dominant, like a woman with a whip in the red light district
iluuvme: but there are some parts that are starting to look a lot better
iluuvme: in new orleans
sonieee: wow
Broken Kid: well, guys, I have to run. nice chatting with you all!
iluuvme: but its still pretty deserted
raz0r_sex: lmao tony
laurababy33: no, seriously... haha, dominatrix!
yepooda: bye bk
OhEmGeeItsLily: NOOO BK
immortal1: see ya BK
Tony Noodles: seeya bk
sonieee: really?
iluuvme: bye BK
laurababy33: bye broken
sonieee: thats so sad
iluuvme: yeah really
Broken Kid: bye!
iluuvme: everyone came to baton rouge
OhEmGeeItsLily: BOO!
iluuvme: sooo much traffic
iluuvme: we almost doubled in our population
iluuvme: because of all of the people that came
sonieee: wow
raz0r_sex: are the creators on cam?
immortal1: Lily are you mean to chat noobs? I read it in the forum
iluuvme: it sucks because the rest of the world thinks that we're all ok now and that everything's back to normal, but it's not
sonieee: i guess that was sort of the closest place they could migrate to?
OhEmGeeItsLily: Maybe.
Tony Noodles: shes HELLA mean
OhEmGeeItsLily: I don't remember.
iluuvme: a lot of everything is still the same
laurababy33: apretly
sonieee: well this is what pisses me off
shadowofjustice: Mr. The Creator sir, are you still alive?
OhEmGeeItsLily: Okay, so tony says I am. Must be true.
iluuvme: yeah i know
sonieee: something new pops up on the news and everyone deserts the last thing
raz0r_sex: im still a n00b
iluuvme: yeah
iluuvme: its still going on
raz0r_sex: i troll in the forums but am too shy to post.
iluuvme: and hurricaine season is about to start again
tazman2087: shadow, i read the chat transcript, the russian was a nice touch
Danielle: i keeeeep crashing
lonelydidi: what's a noob?
Tony Noodles: you
Tony Noodles: haha
iluuvme: lol
laurababy33: new-be
Tony Noodles: :)
Danielle: i'm thinkin gi'm gonna try the forum again.
laurababy33: sh
Danielle: hahahahaha
shadowofjustice: thank you, I was quoting "Serenity"
raz0r_sex: noob-=new
tazman2087: do u have a PC or mac
sonieee: is there a chancethat more damage could be done to whats been fixed?
immortal1: Serenity rules
iluuvme: yeah
lonelydidi: oh I thought it was a nipple and boob or something weird
shadowofjustice: me, PC
OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA
shadowofjustice: yeah immortal, one of my favorite moves
Tony Noodles: SERENTITY NOW! serenity now
shadowofjustice: movies*
OhEmGeeItsLily: Moobs are man boobs...
iluuvme: hurricaine season is supposed to be really bad this year
immortal1: I went to the Serenity premiere
lonelydidi: suckers
lonelydidi: no hurricanes here
Tony Noodles: was the back of your head in serenity?
sonieee: im sorry to hear, i hope you'll be safe where you are
yepooda: lol
iluuvme: LOTS of hurricaines here
iluuvme: yeah i live in baton rouge
immortal1: SoCal Browncoats
iluuvme: so it can get bad
iluuvme: but not as bad as N.O
immortal1: nope noods that was before I was an extra
shadowofjustice: I was in a movie music class(we watched movies and analyzed the music) and I did my paper on "Serenity"
caravelle: im in florida i know all about hurricanes
iluuvme: we actually didnt have school for 2 weeks because of the hurricaine katrina and rita last year
raz0r_sex: Creators, if your still watching... bring back tachyon! lol
Tony Noodles: did you get a part?
sonieee: we get hurricanes here, but only way up north where they have a wet and dry season
shadowofjustice: NYC Browncoat, Say what!!(realizes I'm one of the whitest people around)
Brooklynxman: Im going to fa so
Tony Noodles: my friends a film school student and we were barbequing on the beach
sonieee: mainly our big problem is drought
immortal1: but I just delivered Christmas presents to Alvin and teh Chipmunks
iluuvme: yeah us too
tazman2087: my cousin was in the Mighty Ducks
iluuvme: we have extremes down here
iluuvme: except for no snow
Tony Noodles: and the forest ranger showed up and my friend was filiming him and he pulled his gun out
Tony Noodles: lol cus he didnt know if it was a gun or camera
Tony Noodles: yeah we got kicked outa there
raz0r_sex: weird
immortal1: is Greg on mic?
raz0r_sex: i noticed that store owners get mad when your vlogging in their store. :P
Tony Noodles: did i just kill the chat
tazman2087: the south doesnt have volcanoes either
laurababy33: [to The Creators] Kinda random, but I've never been in chat with you, and I just want to say that the show rocks! We appreciate all of the hard work, time, and effort you put into the show. Sorry, Im cheesy like velveeta
tazman2087: damn
Tony Noodles: a couple of lezzie security guards kicked us out of there shopping center before
raz0r_sex: i love the cheese
immortal1: mmm cheese
caravelle: hehe
tazman2087: so very cheesy
iluuvme: velveta is most certainly NOT CHEESE
laurababy33: [to The Creators] lol
iluuvme: its not real cheese
laurababy33: [to The Creators] it is cheese
caravelle: lol
sonieee: well, time for me to go back to the real world.
Tony Noodles: it is addictive though
raz0r_sex: lezzie security guards rock iluuvme: no its not!!!
tazman2087: hahaha
iluuvme: you put it in the pantry laurababy33: [to The Creators] well,it tastes like cheese
Tony Noodles: and it is cheesY iluuvme: and it doesn't mold
iluuvme: thats bizaare raz0r_sex: at least every single one ive met
immortal1: I hate to be the person who transcribes this chat! lol
iluuvme: you can leave it out for months and it will NOT mold
yepooda: velveeta's smooth
iluuvme: XD
laurababy33: lmao
sonieee: *waves* bye all
iluuvme: byee
laurababy33: bye
yepooda: bye sonieee
immortal1: bye soni
caravelle: yeah the transcriber is going to think we all need help
iluuvme: lol
raz0r_sex: what would happen to lg15 if they introduced a lezzie body guard for bre, that would be a neat twist!
caravelle: Meep!
Tony Noodles: tostitos salsa con queso is kinda like velveeta
laurababy33: mmm, transcribers! & cheese
The Creators: meep
raz0r_sex: ive lost my mind.
laurababy33: :-)
The Creators: meep
iluuvme: lol
raz0r_sex: meep
yepooda: ha ha
The Creators: meeeeeeeeeeeeep
iluuvme: :p
raz0r_sex: meeeeeeeeeeeeep
tazman2087: at a certain point the transcriber is gonna be like "skrew it"
immortal1: hi transcriber, whoever you are!
Minty: peem
Tony Noodles: what the hell is a transcriber
laurababy33: lol... Im sorry trannie
laurababy33: lol
laurababy33: trannie! haaha
iluuvme: XD
The Creators: who is the transcriber? that is a cool word. maybe we should have a new character: The Transcriber. Would he/she be good or evil?
caravelle: hadent been a meep for awhile so instinct took over :P
immortal1: so transcriber, how you doin?
iluuvme: evil!!
laurababy33: lol, neither, just crazy
tazman2087: neutral
Tony Noodles: reminds me of the song informer by snow
iluuvme: we need more evil people
Brooklynxman: I amI am, and several others are
tazman2087: someone who watches from a distance
Musique36: Holy crap!
immortal1: definitely evil
Musique36: LILLLYYY!!!!!!
Tony Noodles: transcribah, shallalalallaa umbee read dis
iluuvme: ever since alex, tachyon, brother, and opaphid left
iluuvme: we need more
tazman2087: like lemony snickett
raz0r_sex: transcriber sounds like something the HoO could have
laurababy33: or LORD VOLDEMORT!
Minty: wb dani :)
iluuvme: evil people
shadowofjustice: Mr. The Creators, can I call you Greg(or whatever the name of the person sitting talking to us is, because I'm not sure anymore) how exactly did you plan out how Bree would be acting.(as in did you base her current mind state off of anyone, or did you just figure, "well she'd be confused, so why not play her crazy")
The Creators: whoa, who is in white - is that the transcriber?
Brooklynxman: I am transcribing, though having difficulties chatting, and I know several others atre as well
immortal1: The Transcriber can be the person who logs all of world history
Musique36: That is he who must not be named.  :-P
iluuvme: lol
tazman2087: lol no
Danielle: greg, i'm sorry. but... this whole chat client sucks ass.
yepooda: sneaky taz
Danielle: serious monkey ass.
tazman2087: i was seeing what would happen
yepooda: it as funny
Minty: or donkey ass, either one
Tony Noodles: where can i buy grape leaves
The Creators: the LGPedia moderator is the transcriber
yepooda: *was
The Creators: danielle, i agree.
Danielle: Good. Change it.
iluuvme: yeep
Danielle: <3
caravelle: this client seams to log a lot for me at least
The Creators: i don't know how. you all know more about computers than i do.
iluuvme: lol
laurababy33: it hasnt really lgged for me
Tony Noodles: what would a block of solid paper be like
Tony Noodles: is that possible?
raz0r_sex: it works just fine here
Musique36: Well... after having waited for months to get this chat back, it may be a crappy client, but it's here.
tazman2087: hey i need a job ill teach you to compute
yepooda: good point musique
immortal1: MusiQ
Tony Noodles: like a foot by foot by foot cube of solid paper, not sliced
shadowofjustice: creators, if I meep, then will you answer my question?
Musique36: IMMO!!!!
OhEmGeeItsLily: Those months were hell.
caravelle: agreed
Tony Noodles: ,musique your back
Musique36: Dude... good job in Pirates3!!
immortal1: you saw??
Tony Noodles: i wish i could hear your sexy voice but i have crappy audio
Musique36: Yup yup
iluuvme: WHAT?!
iluuvme: WHO WAS IN POTC 3?!
Musique36: That scene was so sad though!
OhEmGeeItsLily: Er....I wasn't looking.
OhEmGeeItsLily: HAha.
OhEmGeeItsLily: WAH!
Tony Noodles: immo was in that?
OhEmGeeItsLily: SHUSH!
OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm going to watch it again!
immortal1: thanks lily haha
iluuvme: who was in what?!
iluuvme: immortal!!
iluuvme: you were in potc 3?!?!!?!??!
shadowofjustice: and now my question is gone
tazman2087: who were u
shadowofjustice: never to be answered
iluuvme: what!!!!!!!
Danielle: its sweet that i can show people my apple eating skillz here, but... in al lhonesty i'd rather have no lag.
immortal1: I haven't seen it yet myself LOL
iluuvme: im freaking out
OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA!
iluuvme: IMMORTAL
Tony Noodles: whats the uh. x:xx:xx that you were in there
iluuvme: WHO WERE YOU??
OhEmGeeItsLily: Dork.
Musique36: Ugh. Sorry Immo. Shouldn't have said aloud.  :-(
Minty: that apple looked good dani, but i think a banana would have been better :D
iluuvme: who was he in the movie?!?!?!?!?
immortal1: it's probably just a few seconds
iluuvme: *is obsessed*
iluuvme: who were you, though??
iluuvme: ??
Tony Noodles: he was pirate numba 12
Musique36: I love that song though. I hope they have it on the soundtrack.
immortal1: technically I was a Fort pirate
OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha, Noods.
iluuvme: soooooo you saw orlando bloom?!
iluuvme: *is spazzing now*
immortal1: haha no
Musique36: *rolls eyes*
laurababy33: okay yall, well thanks for the chat, but its almost 10pm here, and I havent had dinner. so bye for now! Bye Creators!!!!!
OhEmGeeItsLily: Wow. Don't die or anything...
iluuvme: no what scene were you in?
Tony Noodles: i didnt even see the first pirates movie
The Creators: bye laura
tazman2087: who cares about orlando bloom keira knightly is who you should be looking for
immortal1: the hanging scene
iluuvme: OOO
iluuvme: COOL!
shadowofjustice: Creators, is it just me, or is some of LG15 seem to be similar to "Firefly" and "Serenity"?
iluuvme: thats really neat!
Musique36: That scene was so depressing. I'm surprised they decided to use it to open the movie.
immortal1: yeah it was fun
iluuvme: thats really really really cool
The Creators: alright folks, i'm outta here. it's been fun, thanks!
iluuvme: awww
tazman2087: shhhh i havent senn it yet
shadowofjustice: NOOOOOOOOOOO
iluuvme: BYE GREG!
tazman2087: bu\ye
iluuvme: :(
shadowofjustice: bye
immortal1: thanks Greg- don't be a stranger