Just bringing 'it'

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Flock Video - "It" Girl Response Video #7
Just bringing 'it'


Blogger meepersanonymous
Date Posted July 1st, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description I had 'it' before 'it' was cool. Not that I'm old or anything....

meepers_anonymous xoxo

YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15

Meepers Credit Withheld
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This article is about the meepersanonymous video. For the original video, see Do You Have "It"?.

Just bringing 'it' is the seventh video response to the "It" Girl Video Challenge, a component of The Chosen Flock Video Series.


Meepers: Hello everyone! Meepersannonymous here. Today, I want to respond to the "Do You have "It"?" challenge. Now for those of you who don't know what that is, there are a collection of girls called "The Flock" and these girls actually issued a video called "Do You Have "It"?". Now in this video there are five questions, if you can answer those five questions correctly, then you can join their clique. Well I've never been one to give up on a challenge, so here's my response. 'Kay, first question.

Question #1 True or False? According to Style.com’s latest newsletter bright, colorful sunglasses with big, chunky frames are set to be all the rage this summer.

Meepers: Sunglasses? (Cut to photo of sunglasses with the scream effect heard in First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails) Just kidding. But seriously (Cut to photo of sunglasses with the scream effect heard in First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails) Okay, so who is this Style.com and who do you think they're working for? Anyway, the best way to look at this is scientifically. I mean, Style.com made a prediction, so when you make a prediction, you need to do an experiment to see if it's correct. So let's see how I look in the so-called "cook chunky sunglasses". (Cut to photos of Meepers with sunglasses drawn on by some computer paint program) Okay, experiment complete. Conclusion, Style.com is written by idiots. Question two.

Question #2 You see an A-list celebrity shoplifting. What do you do and why?

Meepers: Um, I think this question needs a bit of modification. (Cut to question slide). We cross out "A-list" and put in "lonelygirl" and we change shoplifting to breaking & entering. What would I do? Hold the camera of course. Next question.

You’re on your way home from a cruise and a friend calls you last minute to invite you to a luncheon being thrown by the mayor’s wife. It starts in 15 minutes and all you have to wear are the clothes in your suitcase. What do you wear?

Meepers: Fifteen minutes? What kind of friend is that? (pretending to be someone having a conversation with her) Oh hi Meepers what are you up to? (herself) I- (friend) Well anyway I'm about to have lunch with the mayor. Isn't that awesome? Wouldn't you like to come? (herself) Well I- (friend) great make sure you put on something fantastic. Bye honey! (Back to normal) Thank god I don't actually know somebody that obnoxious. (Cut to her wearing a very ritzy outfit) I am so hot right now (Back to normal) Oh yeah. Anyway, since I just got off a cruise, I'm likely to have the following things: An over-sized Hawaiian t-shirt for my dad, a pair of goggles for my mom, and some funky hat for my brother? (Dressed up in cruise clothing) Vote one for Me! (Back to normal) Okay, question four.

You’re invited to a premiere. What is your shoe of choice?

Meepers: So I don't know about many people, but I actually have two feet, so I tend to wear shoes to a premiere. So anyway, let's just overlook that tiny detail for a moment. So you guys weren't very specific. I mean, what kind of premiere is it? I happen to own a lot of shoes, for lots of different premieres that I attend. Let me give you some examples. So, when I'm going to attend the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" premiere, I'm totally going to wear my metallic silver stilleto heels. (Picture of shoe) Complete with Anti-Muggle theft charm, enchanted self-buckling strap, and magic adjusting heels. (Cut back to Meepers) Now when I went to the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End" I want my hand-crafted black leather boots. (Picture of shoe) Complete with swashbuckling felt interior lining, anti seawater rust finish, and confusing plotline laces. (Cut back to Meepers) Now, if it was the premiere to the lonelygirl15 movie, I have the perfect shoes. They're purple sweatheart shoes of course (Picture of shoe) with plot hole proofing, spare sunglasses compartment, and 436 inch heels. Oh yeah, those shoes don't exist. Okay, Question Five!

What is the hottest video game out there right now?

Meepers: Oh my god, this is like the easiest question ever. My favorite game of the moment? "Guitar Hero"! (Cut to Meepers playing guitar hero guitar) I friken love this game. I love the music, I love the controller, I love the visuals, I love it! (to guitar) I love you, yes I do. Yes I do. Anyway, you're probably wondering, why don't I just learn real guitar if I love guitar music so much. Well, I have a serious health condition that prevents me from playing. Me, and only one other cartoon character in the entire world has this. It's called stubby finger syndrome. Look at them! (holds up hands) Look how stubby they are. It's the reason I will never learn how to play guitar, and Lisa Simpson will never play the saxophone, but with "Guitar Hero", it's not a problem. I can rock out all I want, stubby fingers and all. Not only that, I can totally rock from the comfort of my own living room. I highly recommend "Guitar Hero" for those with no musical talent.

Anyway, how did I do guys? Am I in? I know you're probably going to be overwhelmed by the awesomeness of my response, but I expect my offer for leadership of the Flock to be coming soon. Bye!


  • When showing the diagrams of her shoes, she says that her purple sweatheart shoes have 436 inch heels, but on the screen it says "436 cm heels". Either way, it doesn't exist.