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| name = Kate
| name = Kate
| image = KateModern3.jpg
| image = KateModern3.jpg
| age = late 20s
| age = late 20s(?)
| birthday = August(?); Virgo
| birthday = August(?); Virgo
| youtube =  
| youtube =  

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First Appearance Last Appearance
I like Pigeons! Forgiveness Prevails?
Character information
Age late 20s(?)
Date of Birth August(?); Virgo
Bebo 4267180392
Portrayed by Alexandra Weaver

Videos with Kate

Kate <Bebo:abstractheart> is the main character of the KateModern series. She lives in East London with her best friend Charlie. She is dating Tariq, who has just started a business with Gavin. She says that she's signed up for Bebo to showcase her art. Rumor has it, there is "something" in her blood. "Kate" is actually an alias she made up when she met Charlie. When Kate was a child she had awful night terrors. Eventually they went away, until they came back. She tried to seek help, and found Steve.


Follow this link for theories about Kate.

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