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List of Characters in KateModern

Main Characters · Recurring Characters · Guest Characters · Unseen Characters

Main Characters

These main characters are the focus of most videos and the central plot. They have major speaking parts and create their own video blogs.


Portrayed by: Alexandra Weaver

A trait positive artist from London.

S2 Icon - Charlie.jpg

Portrayed by: Tara Rushton

A sanga-loving PR rep with a complicated love life.

S2 Icon - Gavin.jpg

Portrayed by: Ralf Little

Software developer with questionable levels of mental stability.


Portrayed by: Jai Rajani

Has a violent temper, which leads to issues in forming relationships.

S2 Icon - Steve.jpg

Portrayed by: Giles Alderson

A man seeking spiritual clarity in life as well as friendship.

S2 Icon - Julia.jpg

Portrayed by: Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty

Bubbly girl turned bitter abuse victim by the choices she made.

S2 Icon - Lee.jpg

Portrayed by: Sam Donovan

Has a hyper personality and a zest for life.

S2 Icon - Lauren.jpg

Portrayed by: Emma Pollard

A trait positive girl who can take care of herself.

Recurring Characters

While these recurring characters are not always around, they reappear often, and influence the story when they do. Some of them videoblog, while others are not videobloggers but still contribute to the plot.


Portrayed by: Pippa Duffy

A fan who runs the KateModern Bebo page.


Portrayed by: Liam Reilly

Dr. Griffin's son who is working against the Order.


Portrayed by: Pete Gibbons

A man in a black suit who watches Kate's apartment.


Portrayed by: Gene Foad

The doctor Kate visited who knows a great deal about the Order.


Portrayed by: Valerie Cutko

World famous artist; Elder of the Order.


Portrayed by: Matthew Gammie

A man who will go to any lengths for power.

Patricia Nelson-cropped.jpg

Portrayed by: T'Nia Miller

A reporter turned FTO agent; Last person to see Kate alive.


Portrayed by: Mike GLC

Michelle Clore's bodyguard.

S2 Justin char-resized-sharpened.jpg

Portrayed by: Phil Whelans

Creator and developer of JustIncredible.TV.

S2 Meryl char.jpg

Portrayed by: Meryl Iona Edwards

A perpetually grumpy friend of the K-Team.


Portrayed by: Ronan Summers

The author of "Finding the One."

S2 Toe char.jpg

Portrayed by: Andy Donovan

Lee's loud-mouthed older brother.

Guest Characters

These guest characters usually appear in one or two videos and do not post blogs. Most of them only have minor significance to the plot.

Portrayed by: Margaret Hyams

Gavin's aunt who often lets her nephew stay at her place.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Law enforcement officers who may or may not be aware of the Order's activities.

Portrayed by: Stuart Yule

A policeman on the scene at Carnaby Street

Portrayed by: Himself

An actor who thinks Charlie is cute.

Portrayed by: Claudia Joseph

A woman who Kate runs into at the florist.

Portrayed by: Amy Barnes

An usher who stops Gavin from entering the cinema because of his camera.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Men assigned to watch and protect trait positive girls.

Portrayed by: Various Actresses

Girls that Gavin meets who are amused by his strange fetish.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Journalists who report on the happenings in London.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Professionals who get paid for the work they do.

Portrayed by: Greg Goodfried

One of Michelle Clore's bodyguards at Kate's art show.

Portrayed by: Thomas Henderson

A fan who plays a role in several videos.

Portrayed by: Jenna Altringham

A fan who plays a role in several videos.

Portrayed by: Themselves

A band that Kate and Charlie meet in Devon.

Portrayed by: Pete Gibbons

Charlie's team leader, who almost caught Charlie videoblogging at her office.

Portrayed by: Yusuf Pirhasan

Steve's loyal friend.

Portrayed by: Pauline Finbow

A neighbor of Charlie's who saw Dudley's body taken away.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Charlie's obnoxious co-workers.

Portrayed by: Jonathan Almond

The hairdresser at the Pantene Shoot.

Portrayed by: Curranne Labercane

The model at the Pantene Shoot.

Portrayed by: Caroline Virr

Drew's assistant.

Portrayed by: Elizabeth Day

A woman who helped Lee deliver his gnome.

Portrayed by: Gavin Rowe

Patricia's cameraman who goes everywhere with her to capture the action.

Portrayed by: Michael Sheldon

Charlie visits him looking for his daughter.

Portrayed by: Meryl Iona Edwards

The cleaning woman at Charlie's Office.

Portrayed by: Amanda Goodfried

Bree's old "helper"; showed up in London to help Michelle Clore find Kate.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Agressive members of the Order who protect the Elders.

Portrayed by: Lee Callagher

A cab driver who chats with Charlie on her way into London.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Employees of JustIncredible.TV.

Portrayed by: Daniel Parmar

A man hanging out near the crime scene who informs Julia of what happened.

Portrayed by: Suha Al-Khayyat

Sells Gavin a flower for Kate's Memorial.

Portrayed by: Themselves

Sang a tribute to Kate at her memorial service.

Portrayed by: Jimmy White

A waiter who gets into a fight with Steve and Tariq.

Portrayed by: Steven Cabral

Charlie's former temporary roommate.

Portrayed by: Justin Martin

A friend of Kyle's who bummed at Charlie's apartment.

Portrayed by: Nick Dutton

Founder of the FTO.

Portrayed by: Tito Fagbenle

Jeffrey's friend.

Portrayed by: Michelle Williamson

Sister-in-law of Dr. Griffin; mother to the founder of the FTO.

Portrayed by: Lisa Adlam

A Council in Leeds who asks to see JTV's permit.

Portrayed by: Richard Perry

Asks to see Charlie and Lee's I.D.

Portrayed by: Megan Carver

A producer at BBC Radio 1

Portrayed by: Himself

A host at BBC Radio 1

Portrayed by: Themselves

Lee's favorite band whom he stalks.

Portrayed by: Himself

A host at BBC Radio 1

Portrayed by: DJ Dre

A DJ at BBC Radio 1

Portrayed by: Yusuf Pirhasan

Delivers a package to Gavin that he had sent out.

Portrayed by: Matt Rivers

Kate's stalker ex-boyfriend.

Portrayed by: Emily Tierney

Sophie's housemate.

Portrayed by: Shuo Zhang

A member of the Hymn of One from China.

Portrayed by: Louis Figgis

A former HoO member who acts as muscle for The Celestial Network.

Portrayed by: Jackson Davis

A member of an Anti-Order group in America.

Portrayed by: Cathy Hayes

A secretary for Lord Carruthers.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Often hinder the efforts of the K-Team.

Portrayed by: Katie Everard

A guest at Jonas's "Welcome To London" party.

Portrayed by: Various Actors

Members of the Hymn of One seeking ascension in the Order.

Portrayed by: Crystal Young

A formerly trait-positive girl in America.

Portrayed by: Melanie Merkosky

From the Anti-Order movement in America.

Portrayed by: Yousef Abu-Taleb

From the Anti-Order movement in America; Hostile towards Steve.

Portrayed by: Jos Viramontes

A Californian politician with dreams of the big time.

Portrayed by: Alli Danziger

A reporter who aids TAAG.

Portrayed by: Ed Galvez

A speaker at Salinas's fundraiser

Portrayed by: Daniel Weiss

A Salinas supporter.

Portrayed by: Kira Lobenstein

A fan who appeared at Salinas's fundraiser.

Portrayed by: Herself

A host at BBC Radio 1

Portrayed by: Michael Underwood

A man whom Julia meets at her hen night.

Portrayed by: Unknown

A stripper who Charlie hired for Julia's hen night.

Portrayed by: Delanie Ashley

A Deacon who bonds Rupert and Julia.

Portrayed by: Paul Rhodes

Julia's father who is uncomfortable with the Hymn of One.

Portrayed by: Himself

A journalist whom Gavin harasses.

Portrayed by: Herself

President of Bebo.

Portrayed by: Hannah Templeton Cox

A woman who joins The Celestial Network.

Charlie's boss

Portrayed by: Alexander Brown

Charlie's new boss.

Portrayed by: Unknown

A man who sells ice cream to the K-Team.

Portrayed by: Himself

A film director who mourns Michelle Clore

Portrayed by: Elisabeth Pinto

An art critic who mourns Michelle Clore

Portrayed by: Himself

A member of UK Art who mourns Michelle Clore

Portrayed by: The McKenzie Family

A family who is attacked by Terrence at the park.


Portrayed by: Noel Clark

An Order agent who posed as a patient at St. Grinstead.

Hazel Strathcarron

Portrayed by: Unknown

Kate's mother.

Unseen Characters

These are people who have been referenced, but not seen, in the KateModern videos.


A girl in America who was killed by the Order.

Tariq's parents

One lives in India, and the other's death took a toll on Tariq.

Charlie's sister, who she doesn't get to see very often.


Charlie's daughter, now living with Rose.

Gavin's sister

She lives in London, and Tariq breaks into her house to find Gavin.


Scientist in America that sends Charlie the trait negative serum.

Charlie's mom

Charlie calls her before receiving the serum from Spencer.

A trait positive girl who dies before Charlie can find her.

Lee's parents

Bothersome and nagging to their son.

Lauren's sister

A genetically-altered trait positive girl who was kidnapped.

Lord Carruthers

An Elder, who killed Bree in America.


A member of TAAG who is away from the group.


A computer hacker and off-duty member of TAAG; Sarah's sister.


Sarah's boyfriend and a former member of the Hymn of One.

Lauren's boyfriend

Lauren's allegedly imaginary boyfriend

The Van Helden baby

The unborn baby Julia is pregnant with.