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This is a wiki article about the katemodern.tv Web site. To visit the Web site, see http://www.lg15.com/katemodern.
KateModern logo.
URL http://katemodern.tv
Affiliation KateModern
Type Series site
Launched July 22nd, 2007

www.KateModern.tv is the website which is home to the lonelygirl15 spin-off series KateModern and its blossoming community. Lonelygirl15 can be viewed on lonelygirl15.com, just as KateModern can be viewed on KateModern.tv.

Site features

  • The Videos — The newest video is displayed at KateModern.tv. Older videos are displayed in a column on the left. Fan responses are displayed in a column on the right.
  • Comment board — Below the videos is the comment board, where members can leave comments. This requires registration at the forums. Once that account is created, it can be used on both the comment boards and the forums.
  • Forum — The KateModern forum is generally considered the hub of all KM fans. The Lonelygirl15 forum is at a different URL.

Site design

The KateModern main page has a much darker and more intricate background that the Lonelygirl15 page. the logo is smaller and is placed in the upper left corner. The site, like Lonelygirl15.com, is not supported by banner ads. The embedded videos are also from Youtube.

As of July 2007, about 15,811 users were registered in the forums.

Site updates

Unlike lonelygirl15.com, which has been around since lonelygirl15 was born, and has had several site updates, KateModern.tv is newer, and has not had the chance to update the site.