Knock 'Em Down

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Episode 22/1x022
Knock 'Em Down

Adventure at the Bowling Alley . . .

Blogger Tachyon
Date Posted December 3rd, 2006
Length 1:50
Description "If you're lookin' for a fight, then the time is right."

My high score for the night? 112. I'm blaming it all on the rented shoes!

I'm not sure if he was one of theirs, but this one guy started trying to get a little too friendly for my comfort zone, so I had to get out of there.

All day I've been afraid that I might have forgotten something though. Can you or a friend check it out if you're in the area? Oh, and if you share my "outsider's perspective looking inward on things," the right combination is an absolute no-brainer. I'm confident that even you can figure it out! :)

PS. I've never actually heard someone use the phrase "shoot the ball." Believe me, throwing things and shooting things are MUCH different! LOL.

YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast tachyon car ditch tracking opaphid let's go bowling we're gonna score tonight zmed
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi
Director(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Camera Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Glenn Rubenstein
Story Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Music "Three Hundred" by The Stereo
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Knock 'Em Down is the twenty-second video in the OpAphid video series.


(This video begins by showing a large rock and bush outside the bowling alley.)

(People bowling and different shots from various places within the bowling alley.)

(Half of another girl's face.)

(Shots of the rock and bush again mixed with more clips of bowling along with some lockers.)

The drop