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Perfect size for a stuffed turtle.

Fans have long speculated that the Order was so easily able to follow Bree and Daniel because they were using a tracking device. This speculation appears to have been confirmed by Tachyon's message to Daniel. TAAG later used these same tactics to turn the tables on the Order.

Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices

From Wikipedia: Vehicle Tracking Systems are electronic devices installed in vehicles to enable vehicle owners or third parties to track the location of a vehicle. Most modern vehicle tracking systems now use GPS modules to allow for easy and accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

Non-Vehicle Tracking Devices

Tiny GPS based tracking devices, devised for covert tracking, are now available on the mass market. Commercially marketed devices can be as small as a small pager, weigh as little as a third of a pound, and have a battery life of nearly a month. Such a device could be planted in a person's pocket or belongings and used to track the person precisely and remotely over the internet. See example.

Tracking Devices & Lonelygirl15

There have been three direct references to tracking devices so far in the official videos:

  1. Bree declares in Man In The Suit that she is sweeping the motel room for bugs. Tongue-in-cheek, she literally sweeps the room with a broom, but at the end states that, "The only bug I found...was a cockroach."
  2. Daniel explains his decision to abandon his car in Homeless, "So I got a bunch of messages from some people and... someone named Tachyon. She said that there was some sort of tracking device on my car. Well, I mean, how could they keep finding us? There had to be something on my car."
  3. In Bloodlines: Part 1, Jonas uses a tracking device on Lucy's car to locate her.

In the Car

In Homeless, Daniel says that he has received a message from Tachyon stating that the Order had been following them by means of a tracking device planted in his car. Based on this tip, Daniel abandons his car in the hopes that this will make it impossible for the Order to continue following them.

In the Stuffed Animals

Despite the events of Homeless, many fans speculate that there is a tracking device, but it is not in Daniel's car; it is in one of Bree's stuffed animals.

P. Monkey

Fans initially became suspicious of a tracking device in P. Monkey because of the video, Don't Trust The Authorities, in which Gemma states that P. Monkey would not be good at a swimming contest. She also says, "Oh, don't tell P. Monkey what I said about him, he looks like a fragile little geezer."

Believing that Gemma may be speaking in a sort of code to Bree, fans speculate that Gemma's phrase don't tell P. Monkey is a hint that a tracking device is planted in him. Fans also speculate that Gemma calls P. Monkey a fragile little geezer who wouldn't be good at swimming in order to draw attention to the fact that any tracking device inside the puppet would break if submerged in water.

While speculating about P. Monkey, viewers recalled that Bree's parents left her a note inside him (or her) before leaving with Lucy and the Deacon. With a newly distrustful eye, users theorized that the note in P. Monkey might have been inserted there by the Order along with said tracking device.


A cut large enough to insert a tracking device?

Owen refused to go swimming in Motel Pool, despite the fact that he is known to have "won the 1998 Turtle Olympics in Alaska, for cold water swimming." Fans speculate that this reference to Owen's water aversion may be foreshadowing of the fact that he is/will be the host of a tracking device, which would break if submerged in water.

Based on this line of speculation, fans jumped on the fact that Bree said in Ransacked! that the Order had tortured Owen. She placed a bandage on Owen's back (see image at right). It is not clear whether Owen's torture and first aid were simply intended by Bree as a joke. Fans suggest that, if the bandage is indeed repairing a cut in his fur, it may be that the Order inserted a tiny tracking device into Owen.

Tracking Devices & KateModern

The tracking device.

After escaping from the Watcher who was after them, Charlie, Tariq, and Steve stole his van to see if there were any clues regarding the whereabouts of Kate inside. They did find information, but also found a tracking device on the car.