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The LG15: Outbreak Series Finale is a 12in12 event that took place on March 24th, 2010.

The Event

Videos started at 8AM PST and are listed below:

30. Takeoff
Will recaps, and he and Crystal go to the airport and fly out to meet an "old friend" who is willing to help them bring down SHENtek.
Spencer returns and goes over the plan. He advises Will and Crystal not to try and seek revenge for Mason's death.
Jordan and Jessica hack SHENtek's archives and find some interesting footage.
Mitch saving the world.jpg
Mitch helps Will and Crystal break into SHENtek.
Crystal and Will arrive in Paris and find a surprise from an unlikely friend.
Mason takes a respite from reality.
Lgpedia RESportal news textblog.gif
Emma comes out of hiding to make a shocking revelation.
Crystal and Will make their move on SHENtek.
Lgpedia RESportal news textblog.gif
Emma offers some assistance to those in need
Will searches for the missing data.
Lgpedia RESportal news textblog.gif
Emma shows an interesting side of herself.
Mason escapes, but discovers danger can lurk in the safest places.
Mason tells all - finally.
Will meets up with Crystal, to get the surprise of his life.
With the information safe, Will decides he's had enough.
42. ...
Mason makes a parting shot straight across Tachyon's bow.

Will's Voicemail

On March 23rd, Will updated his facebook profile to include his cellphone number (206-424-5131).


The Announcements

Hi everyone!

I want to start off by giving everyone a huge 'thank you' for following 'LG15: Outbreak' through it's 8 week run, and I hope you all enjoyed everything that we put together. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot from producing it.

As you can see from the final video of Week 8, Outbreak's main story has officially wrapped, and the conclusion to the season will be shown through an exciting and interactive 12in12 that will take place on March 24th.

To tide you over for the wait, these next two weeks will be filled with several new videos/photos and other items that showcase a lot of Behind-The-Scenes content from the creation of the second installment of TSIY. You'll get an inside peek at cast/crew interviews, commentary, bloopers, and several other goodies that explain week-by-week what happened behind the curtain of the show.

We'll kick off today with a few promotional photos for the show, and come back Wednesday for the first Behind-The-Scenes video.
This Wednesday, the second installment of LonelyGirl15's "The Show Is Yours" will come to a close. Over the course of twelve hours, "LG15: Outbreak" will end its run, and conclude in an exciting and interactive experience. Each hour, a new video will be released, bringing with it much-awaited answers, surprises, twists, and turns.

How will it all end? Log on to LG15.com on March 24th, and experience the 'Outbreak' finale for yourself!

(Then, stay tuned after the finale to get details on a final live wrap-up chat with the show's producers, take a chance to look behind the curtain at the creation of the series, and get a chance to ask your own questions to the creators of the show.)

Press Photos

To help generate publicity for the event, Tempest Pictures released promotional images and Behind the Scenes Photos on LG15.com.