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Who's That Guy? Helping Hand
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Portrayed by Mitchell Wright
List of Mitch's blogs
Videos with Mitch

Mitchell (also known commonly as Mitch) is a member of the LG15 community and a supporter of the Hymn of None. He first makes a video for the Hymn of None, and identifies a man following Sarah in the video Back Up or Back Off as the same guy who she encountered at the Park. He warns Sarah not to be so arrogant next time and not do stuff like that by herself. His discovery is later touched on by Daniel, who says that Sarah knew the guy was following her as she was working with him.

Sometime later, he contacts Crystal and warns her that she might be in danger from a group called the Hymn of One. She has no idea what he is talking about, and later writes him off as a weirdo. The following week, Mitch makes a video questioning her decision to stay with Will, and suggests that a way to cheer herself up would be to see a movie. Crystal agrees with his suggestion, but isn't too keen on seeing Avatar despite his rave review.

Mitch later appears in an LG15: Awakening video and wishes Crystal a happy birthday. He later resurfaces two months later in Paris, and assists Emma in taking down SHENtek's power grid. He wishes Will and Crystal luck on their mission, and heads back to the United States.

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