LG15: The Rising Pilot Presentation - The Call of the Phoenix

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TSIY Pilot 20
LG15: The Rising Pilot Presentation - The Call of the Phoenix

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The Call of Joaquin Phoenix?

Blogger LG15: The Rising
Date Posted October 6th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Description In the city of Kelowna, British Columbia, lives Ben McCallum. His life is peaceful, more or less. Naturally, that can't last, and he soon finds himself tied up in kidnappings, a cult, murder and a sinister mastermind. Not one to sit by and do nothing, Ben and his friends form a group known as the Phoenix Society to combat the threat of the Order, or the Hymn of One, as well as a mysterious assassin who seems bent on keeping him from learning the truth. With the local media watching and the police marking him as a suspect in the murders, it's a race against time to make sure
Location(s) Kelowna, British Columbia
YouTube Tags lg15 the show is yours last resistance opaphid n1ckola bree lonelygirl15 eqal katemodern
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Peter Dawson
Music Ten.2.Nine, Josh Furey
Ben McCallum Peter Dawson
Joshua Reinhart Nick Heuser
Melanie Byrne Marissa Holmberg
Jenn McCallum Kristin Marie
Osiris Matthew Gregory
David O'Brien Michael Swaim
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LG15: The Rising Pilot Presentation - The Call of the Phoenix is the second pilot submission for EQAL's second LG15: The Show Is Yours contest, and the twentieth submission overall. The title of the proposed series is LG15: The Rising. It was created by the same group who produced Brian Mythic for the first contest.


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