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LG15: The Show Is Yours
Created by Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried and Amanda Goodfried
The Last Cast of LG15: The Last
Outbreak Cast of LG15: Outbreak
Production Crew
Coordinators Amanda Goodfried
Miles Beckett
Greg Goodfried
LG15: The Show Is Yours Portal
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LG15: The Show Is Yours was the name of a contest held by EQAL for fans to submit pilots for a new series to be included in the LG15 canon. LG15: The Last was the winner of the first season and premiered on January 19th, 2009 and will conclude sometime in the Summer of 2010. LG15: Outbreak was the winner of the second season and ran from January 11th, 2010 to March 24th, 2010.

After the conclusion of LG15: The Resistance's first season, EQAL was unable to get the funding necessary to produce a follow-up season. They decided to take advantage of the creativity that had produced dozens of fan-series and videos among the LG15 community of fans, and allow viewers to create an eight-week webshow set in the lonelygirl15 universe.

During the first season, the winner was announced via live chat by Amanda Goodfried to be LG15: The Misfits. The producers later pulled out of the project after they discovered that they wouldn't be fully financially compensated for their work on the show, despite the contest rules stating that there would be no financial reward.

The Third Season of The Show Is Yours was announced, with guidlines expanded to include entries that fall outside of the LG15 mythology. However, it ultimately never materialized.

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