Lipgloss + Blush = POWER

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Flock Video 0009
Lipgloss + Blush = POWER

Twinklydiamonds Lipgloss.jpg
xoxo, Chandra

Blogger Chandra
Date Posted April 25th, 2007
Description Clearing a few things up.
YouTube Tags chandra makeup power lg15 lonelygirl15 bree daniel jonas new girl chosen flock

Music Girlz R Fun - KHARISMA [1]
Chandra Credit Withheld
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Lipgloss + Blush = POWER is the ninth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


Chandra: So, I know what you're thinking. I said I wasn't going to do a second video blog. And truth be told, I wasn't really planning on it. But then these girls, they keep making videos. And more girls keep popping up every day. So I thought it was my duty to come back and remind them that I am the one that will be picked. I mean I have the experience, I have the charm, I have the intellect, and I have the look. I mean, they're not going to pick some frumpy, gross girl to represent them. And that cuts out about half of you. Now onto the viewers. A few of you commented on how harsh and mean I am. And, I suppose I'm a bit forward with the things I have to say. But I'm just trying to protect those girls. Save them from disappointment. And as for the looking older comments, I get it. I mean, I wouldn't expect someone my age to be this put together either. But I just have a theory that a little lipgloss and a little blush will get you a whole lot of power.

(Musical montage of Chandra applying make up then dancing to the music.)

Text on Screen: Good Luck Girls. ('re gonna need it) xoxo, Chandra