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Yeah... We Can Change the World
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Age Unknown
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
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Chandra is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Chandra thinks getting picked to do the Ceremony is like winning a spot on the cheerleading squad. Let's say she already has a super sweet Ceremony party planned.

Plot background

Chandra is conceited and believes that the spot for the Ceremony is obviously hers because she is better than all the other girls. She is incredibly spoiled, and is getting any car she wants from her father as a bonus for doing the Ceremony. She is more than qualified, having had a helper for five years.

She decides to sponsor Alondra into the religion, finding her "an interesting girl" (As well as Seizing an opportunity to gloat on how she's been to the Celebrity Centre.) The Two later decide to form a clique, using "the IT Girl Challenge." Though many girls are chosen, She and Alondra put the bulk of their "clique responsibilities" on Liandra.

In late August, her youtube account was swiped clean. Days later her Revver and Myspace accounts also were wiped clean or deleted.

In the Flock 5on5 Season Finale, It is revealed that Chandra has, in fact, been chosen to do the ceremony. She completed the ceremony, and almost died, until the mysterious ShepherdX apparently saved her at the last second.


  • Chandra appears to be older than in her teens. When commented on this, she brushed it off on her being "well put together at a young age."


Chandra is the Hindi myth name of a lunar or fertility god, meaning "moon."

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