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This page lists all user generated, LG15 or KM-related series that are currently not covered on LGPedia.

This page only lists series. For notable singular videos (also not covered on LGPedia), click here.


Name Link Description
Brucker YouTube Channel Former LGPedia admin Brucker created a series of five videos responding to lonelygirl15 videos in February 2007, discussing practical matters of safety and common sense. Unfortunately, he abandoned the project after reportedly crashing his car making a fan video.
Bubbleteagirl YouTube Channel Revver Channel Forum Posts Bubbleteagirl is a YouTube/Revver user that often posts response video advice to lonelygirl15 characters. Her first video was a response to Swimming! posted on August 30, 2006. Her video Re: Grand Canyon received an award for Best Advice to a Character Video during's Community Appreciation Week in February 2008.
Fourthface YouTube Channel Fourthface posted six videos on YouTube between November and December of 2006. The videos are mostly comprised of text warning Bree that she is in danger from someone known as The Keeper.
GuillotineCalamity YouTube Channel Blogger GuillotineCalamity, also known as Sister, was a fan fiction character, seemingly connected to Tachyon. The series focused around members of a community run by her grandfather and spawned six seasons.
The Iris Network MySpace Page The Iris Network was a networking of fans, alleging to seek revenge upon the Order of Denderah. It was one of the first great collaborative efforts among numerous fans and featured video messages and puzzles.
Maccaboy17 Forum profile Maccaboy17 is a British fan who posted three videos on Revver about the Order, but had removed them all by February 2007.
Marbella YouTube Channel Revver Channel MySpace Page Starting in December 2006, Marbella has made a long series of Lonelygirl15 response videos (listed on her LGPedia userpage).
Mission Anchor Cove YouTube Channel Mission Anchor Cove was an Alternate Reality Game based on the LG15 Universe, and named after the original casting call for Lonelygirl15. The series posted four videos on YouTube from August to September 2007.
N3ural N3t YouTube Channel Revver Channel According to its YouTube description, "the Neural Net is a support network made up of individuals dedicated to providing research and support to those fighting against the Order. The data you gather will be compiled and distributed here." The series posted five videos on YouTube between February and June 2007.
OpScorn YouTube Channel OpScorn was an ARG based in the universe of TheLadyLazarus that posted seven videos to YouTube. Similar to the OpAphid videos, it featured numerous puzzles for viewers to solve.
ProjectStatic YouTube Channel ProjectStatic (aka "B", or Beatrice) was a fan fiction character connected to TheLadyLazarus ARG, and posted six videos in January 2007.
Lonelydude15 YouTube Channel Lonelydude15 was a loose parody of Lonelygirl15 (with the characters Brett, Danielle, and Jonise) that posted three videos on YouTube in July 2007.
Sarahsnotebook YouTube Channel Revver Channel Blogger Sarahsnotebook was a YouTube user who claimed to be a former Ceremony girl, now on run from the Order. Her account was eventually hacked and most videos were taken down.
StormFaction YouTube Channel Bebo Channel Blogger StormFaction, led by its declared leader Monark (later revealed as Jack Doherty from Drogheda), and including members Echelon and Switch, posted five videos between August and October 2007 and also maintained a blog. StormFaction appears to be a fierce anti-Order group based on Ireland.
TheLadyLazarus YouTube Channel LiveJournal Blog TheLadyLazarus a.k.a. Codename: Double L was a mysterious fan fiction character connected to the GuillotineCalamity ARG Arc on YouTube. The first video in the series from the character was posted December 31st, 2006, and the series concluded in September, 2007.