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* Or maybe Lucy saw Nikki B. and made the drink for her.
* This still doesn't answer if Gemma is dead or not.

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NBR Episode NBR14
Look Who I Found!!! NBR Investigates

I'm on a mission.

Blogger Nikki Bower
Date Posted February 16th, 2007
URL YouTube.com
Description I was out investigating and ran into this bad ass chick. I hope the Order doesn't see this.
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport nikki lonelygirl15 lg15 bree jonas danielbeast martini lucy
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Look Who I Found!!! NBR Investigates is the fourteenth video in the Nikki Bower video series. It was posted as a response to Daniel's video, Watch This!.


(Camera follows Lucy entering her apartment)

Nikki: Look around. I've got ya Lucy, I've got ya. Mmhmm (gasps) Don't mess with my friends.

(Camera on Nikki wearing a black outfit and sunglasses)

Nikki: Hey guys, Nikki B. here. I'm sleuthing - again. What you just saw was Lucy walking into her apartment building. That's right, we're here at Lucy's apartment building. Now let me tell ya how we got to this place. So I woke up this morning, I put on some black clothes, some sunglasses because I wanted to disguise myself as someone of The Order. Because I went into that office video that was in the ransom video. You guys gave me great tips so I decided to head down there and check it out. But when I got there, it was completly vacant. Locked doors, not a car, not a person, nothing in sight. So, I was kinda bummed. And I decided I needed a little pick-me-up, so I went to the mall! Now that just might have been the best stroke of luck all day. Because at Bloomingdale's, at the Bloomey's sale, I ran into Lucy

(Camera now at Bloomindale's watching Lucy purchase some clothing.)

Nikki: Well, she didn't see me. Not that she would recognize me but I saw her - shopping. For dresses. So I decided to follow her. Put my little getup on and I followed her.

(Back to Nikki standing in front of Lucy's building.)

Nikki: And here we are at Lucy's apartment building. Now if that's not investigative work, I dunno what is. Let's go see what we can find.

(Nikki knocks on Lucy's front door)

Nikki: Hello? Houskeeping.

(She looks at camera)

Nikki: Sometimes it works.

(She tries the door but it's locked.)

Nikki: Let's go. I'm on a mission.

(She looks in a gated area.)

Nikki: Hello?

(Nikki's voice gets faint.)

Nikki: Echo... echo...

(Nikki stands in front of a ramp.)

Nikki: I think I may have found a way to get in. So, ya got it. You're a witness. Camera. I'm breaking and entering.

(Nikki walks to a small ledge.)

Nikki: This ledge is pretty small. I mean, I'm not uh, Superwoman here but I think it.. careful with that... I just might...

(Nikki climbs onto the ledge)

Nikki: And I'm in. It really... really wasn't that hard.

(Nikki is now in an alleyway of some sort outside of Lucy's building.)

Nikki: We're in! Let's go find Lucy's apartment.

(Musical montage of Nikki searching for Lucy's apartment.)

(Nikki stands outside Lucy's window and points.)

Nikki: I think this is Lucy's apartment. Gotta get up there.

(She attempts to climb. Her camera man has reached the ledge before her. She looks up at him.)

Nikki: Can you help me up now too. Good Lord. Gimme your hand.. gimme your hand.

(Nikki climbs into Lucy's patio.)

Nikki: (whispering) Shh. I made it up here. That's right - I got muscle. Okay, I think we're in Lucy's... that's Lucy's living room. I think she's home. So I'm gonna hide behind this chair and we're gonna see what we can capture. Hopefully she won't see us.

(Camera now on Lucy, who is inside her apartment.)

Nikki: That is Lucy. That is Lucy. Oh god. Mary-Claire - hmm, she needs some beauty secrets. But that glasses and the ja... she's still all incognito even in her own place. Those glasses - maybe she's like Stevie Wonder

(Lucy gets up and walks to her kitchen)

Nikki: Oh oh. She's up. She's up.. she's up.. what's she doing? Don't look this way. Those... martini glasses? Okay, Lucy, it's like 11:30 in the morning, but whatever floats your boat... oh there's two. (whispers) There's two glasses. Cocktail umbrellas? (Nikki laughs) Nice finishing touch Lucy. Wow, looks like she's uh... (squeals)

(Camera quickly cuts away from Lucy and back onto Nikki's face.)

Nikki: So it looks like Lucy has made two Martinis. So that clearly means that someone else is here or someone else is coming over. I think it's time for Nikki B. to make her escape.

(Nikki looks over Lucy's balcony.)

Nikki: I gotta get down.