Mmm Slurpee - NBR Investigates

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Episode 13/1x013
Mmm Slurpee - NBR Investigates

Oh, while we're here...

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted February 7th, 2007
Length 3:40
Description I went looking for Gemma and all I got was this slurpee.
Location(s) Lucy's apartment, the payphone, the alley, The British Consulate, 7-11
YouTube Tags nikkibowerreport nikki lonelygirl15 gemma slurpee england
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried and Alli Danziger
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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Mmm Slurpee - NBR Investigates is the thirteenth video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


(Nikki seems to be standing on sidewalk next to a busy street outside Lucy's apartment building)

Nikki: Hey, guys, Nikki B, here. The last time Gemma was seen was in a series of videos released by Tachyon and Brother revealing that she may, in fact, have some sort of involvement with the Order. It appears that Gemma may have been working against Bree's interests the whole time.

(Cut to avatar image recently seen on Gemma's YouTube profile page when Tachyon and Brother hacked her account and uploaded several warning videos.)

Nikki: So the Tachyon videos revealed that...

(Cut to shot of Gemma walking near a for sale sign in Los Angeles from Tachyon's video, Gemma? [Part I])

Nikki: Gemma was, in fact, in Los Angeles...

(Cut to shot of Gemma in front of hedge from her video, Scared To Go Home)

Nikki: ...and not in (English accent) London, England.

(Cut to shot of Gemma with dog from her first video, Nut Kills Man)

(Cut to shot of Gemma standing next to Lucy from Gemma? [Part II])

Nikki: The videos also showed Gemma with Lucy who,...

(Cut to shot of Lucy at wheel of standard Order town car from Gemma? [Part II] video)

Nikki: know, is Bree's Helper...

(Cut to shot of Lucy walking with Bree's Dad and Bree's mom outside their house in Bree's On The Run video)

Nikki: ...while she's prepared for the Ceremony.

(Camera pans the sidewalk leading up to Lucy's apartment building)

Nikki: They were at this apartment building,...

(Cut to a shot of Nikki at the front door of the building)

Nikki: ...and I staked out...

(Camera pans across a stairwell at the apartment building, one face of the building, and a gated exit from the garage)

Nikki: ...the building again, but this time there was no sign of Gemma or Lucy.

(Cut to a shot of Gemma on the payphone from Tachyon's Gemma? [Part III] video)

Nikki: So I also checked out the payphone where Gemma was filmed...

(Cut to camera panning payphone)

Nikki: ...saying, "Are you sure the 'D' in aphid is not an option?" Well, we all know the "D" stands for "destroy."

(Cut to screenshot of the words "oh dear")

(Cut to Nikki back on the sidewalk in front of Lucy's apartment building)

Nikki: So, I took all the fingerprints I found in the phone booth to the crime lab, but none of the fingerprints matched anyone in the system...

(Cut to scene at of a postal truck, with post office worker at back)

Nikki: except for this woman. I've been following her all day, but all she's been doing all day is delivering mail. Boring!

(Cut to Nikki back on the sidewalk in front of Lucy's apartment building)

Nikki: So, the final video we saw of Gemma suggests that she may have been killed.

(Nikki puts right index finger to side of head and makes sound of gunshot, collapses sideways slightly, waves hands in air)

Nikki: Pkkkk!

(Cut to shot of Gemma in alley, labeled "EXT - ALLEY TWO" from Gemma [Part V] video)

Nikki: So, we see what appears to be a gun aimed at Gemma while she walks through an alley.

(Cut to scene of alley seen in Gemma [Part V])

Nikki: Now, I went to this alley but there were no signs of a struggle there. (walking) Nope, no shell casings, no blood. However, there was this really interesting looking barbed wire fence. Now, I'm thinking maybe the Order operates from behind the fence.

(Cut to Nikki driving car)

Nikki: So, Gemma claimed to be Bree's friend from Nottingham, and Bree never disputed that. So, assuming Gemma really is Gemma, but lives in Southern California now, she'd have to be documented, have a visa, a work permit, or at least register with the British Consulate. And if Gemma did, in fact, die, the Embassy or the Consulate would have record of her death unless, of course, the Order controls them, too.

(Cut to Nikki standing outside British Consulate)

Nikki: So, here we are...

(Camera pans up building)

Nikki: at the British Consulate. I was trying to get inside to see if I could find out any insider scoop on Gemma,...

(Cut back to Nikki)

Nikki: but for some reason, they wouldn't let me up. But they did give me this application...

(Cut to close-up of application)

Nikki: ...if I do want to apply for a visa. Personal application, postal application, oh-la! For some reason they did not believe my British accent. (said in English accent) They told me to get out of here, I might get deported.

(Nikki glances toward her right and back)

Nikki: Huh?

(Cut to a squirrel walking into the foliage outside the Consulate)

Nikki: Oh, a squirrel, see? I swear, they're, he's listening, they're listening, to me.

(Cut to squirrel scampering across manhole cover, then across grassy area)

Nikki: Yeah, run away. Just get the info and run. Watcher squirrel.

(Cut to scene of white town car, parking at curb)

Nikki: It's kind of convenient how that town car just pulled up. Maybe they ran out of black ones so they have a white one.

(Cut to shot of Orange Slurpee)

Nikki: So, apparently orange is the symbol for evil, and those who drink Orange Slurpees...

(Cut to shot of Nikki holding what appears to be an Orange Slurpee)

Nikki: ...are signing their soul over... (pause) the Order.

(Cut to outside of 7-11 Building)

Nikki: So, let's go see if Gemma's been drinking Orange Slurpees here.

(Cut to Nikki at Slurpee machine, inside 7-11 store)

Nikki: There's no Orange Slurpee. The Order must've removed it. Gemma must've been here. Hmmm, well while we're here, I do like myself a Coke Slurpee every so often.

(Cut to shot of Nikki in car, apparently drinking her Coke Slurpee)

(Cut to screenshot of the words "see you next time!")