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All pages on this encyclopedia are written from an all-knowing point of view. If you have not seen all episodes of a series yet, and don't want to see SPOILERS, do not read further.
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Welcome to LGPedia!

The goal of the LGPedia is to compile the most accurate and thorough knowledge base of everything in the LG15 Universe. It is a community-editable wiki and will contain both official information and photos released by the LG15 team and other material created and edited by the community. At times, we may need to lock pages and/or make “official” edits in order to correct mis-information or protect the privacy of members of the various productions. We’ll work with the community to keep the LGPedia branding consistent with the LG15 Universe and various productions. This may mean providing official photos for actors and crew, official logos, and other elements that will improve the information offered in the LGPedia. Although we’re big fans of every great web series out there, because the LGPedia is dedicated to the LG15 Universe, it should only include information about shows in the LG15 Universe or featured on For instance, “Harper’s Globe” will have it’s own wiki on where you can compile information relevant to the Harper’s Island/Globe Universe. If unrelated shows are included in the LGPedia, it should only be as a reference or link to the appropriate external website (e.g. to reference other productions LG15 cast/crew are a part of). Thanks for working with us to make the LGPedia the best resource for members of the LG15 community around the world.

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Who is Sibylla Weave? That is the question on hundreds of minds as the series finale of LG15: The Last draws near. Is she Chas, the abrasive yet caring heroine? Is she Jayde, the girl who desperately betrayed her friends? Is she Erica, the mysterious ally from up north? Or is Sibylla someone else entirely? To find out more, visit Sibylla Weave's page on the LGPedia.