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Bonjour Canada! Again, It's Erica.
Character information
Age 18
Place of Origin En CA.gif Canada
YouTube ericafromcanada
Portrayed by Erica Baker
List of Erica's blogs
Videos with Erica

Erica first appears in the video Bonjour Canada! where she introduces Digger, her pet cat, and talks about her best friend's sudden death. She doesn't believe her friend's parents that it wasn't an accident, and is determined to discover the truth, as she hasn't been able to move on with her life since.

Later, when Jayde asks for advice on her situation with Bray, Erica posts a video response saying that she expresses regret regarding her decision to break up with her boyfriend, and advises Jayde not to let Bray go. She says that "Love is once in a lifetime, take it from me!", and tells Jayde just to go up and kiss him.

A couple of weeks later, Erica appears in a video message left at the door of the Island Hideout. She tells them that she doesn't care about boys anymore, and that she found some "really disturbing footage" of Sibylla Weave torturing an elderly couple. She says that she is still looking for Grace, indicating that she believes she is still alive.

Weeks later, Erica posts a video explaining that she had deceived the group, though she doesn't specify in what way. She decides to come clean with her suspicions that Leigh is actually the mole in the group, and that she is not really trait positive. Also, to make it up to Bray for sending them the footage that tore the group apart and led to Toni's capture, she promised to provide them with a safe way to get to her that she heard Sibylla and Xavier talking about.

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