Nikki Bower Report

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Nikki Bower Report
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Parent series lonelygirl15
Created by Amanda Goodfried & Alli Danziger
Nikki Bower Alli Danziger
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
Gemma Jackie Jandrell
Swallow Kate Christensen
Kira Kira Lobenstein
Production Crew
Producer Amanda Goodfried
Director Amanda Goodfried
Camera Operator Amanda Goodfried
Writers Amanda Goodfried
Alli Danziger
Editor Amanda Goodfried

Nikki Bower Report was a lonelygirl15 mini-series that ran from November 1st, 2006 until February 4th, 2008. The main character, Nikki Bower, investigated all things LG15 and helped TAAG fight the Order. Canon lonelygirl15 characters Lucy and Gemma also appeared in Nikki Bower Report. Also, Nikki Bower appeared in several canon lonelygirl15 videos, helping out TAAG occasionally.

Cast of characters

  • Alli Danziger as Nikki Bower, an investigative reporter with a sense of humor and a massive crush on Jonas who is hot on the trail of BDJ. Initially, she investigates from afar, but later acts as a direct ally to the TAAG.
  • Amanda Goodfried as Lucy L., a high-ranking member of the Order who is often followed by Nikki B. without her knowledge. On one such occasion, Nikki climbed onto Lucy's balcony and filmed her preparing a meeting with an associate.
  • Jackie Jandrell as Gemma, a former friend of Bree who was working undercover for OpAphid, and sparked an investigation by Nikki B. Nikki filmed her returning to her apartment alongside Lucy, and later searches the site where she was killed.
  • Kate Christensen as Swallow, an ally of Deep Throat's who gives Nikki a clue to Bree's location during the Season One Finale. She went to retrieve the clue instead of Daniel after he became trapped in a warehouse by Bree's Watcher.
  • Kira Lobenstein as Kira, a member of the community who helps Nikki brainstorm during her investigation of Julia Anderson. However, many of the questions seem irrelevant to the topic at hand. She is later seen at a rally for Salinas.
  • Mrs. Bower, Nikki's mother and camerawoman who accompanies her offscreen in her pursuit of TAAG. After they are unintentionally stranded in Mexico while following a lead, she becomes sidelined by Tijuana's club scene.

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