My Secret

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Flock Video 0033
My Secret

My Secret Alondra.jpg
Celebrity Centre, here I come!

Blogger Alondra
Date Posted August 21st, 2007
Description I've been keeping a secret... :)
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Alondra Credit Withheld
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My Secret is the thirty-third video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


(Alondra is putting clothes into a suitcase)

Alondra: I've been keeping a secret. Finn actually contacted me, and he's gonna produce my CD. I'm flying down to record then flying back at weekends. But now I'm moving down there for good. Finn's been taking me to all these awesome parties and trendy hotspots. He's introduced me to all the players. It's been a whirlwind. They wanted me to do something, like a publicity stunt. They said it would make me a household name and launch my career. Thing is, it sounded kinda dangerous. They said I'd be protected, and if something did go wrong I'd have the best doctors. But that scared me so, I told them no. I mean we're practically done with the CD anyway and it's good. As long as we make sure it's got airplay it'll blow up on it's own. Still pressuring me now. Okay clique, Celebrity Centre, here I come.


Video Comments

Liandra said:
Wow! How did you keep this secret from us for so long?? That's so exciting! Oh btw, I'm almost finished with today's tasks...
Cynthia said:
Celebrity Center? More like Autotune Center...