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Hi I'm Li! I Know What I Did Last Summer
Character information
Age Unknown
Date of Birth ("Cancer")
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
MySpace lostliandra
YouTube lostgrl17
Revver lostgrl
Portrayed by Unknown
List of Liandra's blogs

Liandra "Li" is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Liandra is generally lost about where she fits in but is committed to her faith and uses it as her anchor to keep from drifting away.


Defending Her Faith

Liandra grew up in a very religious environment, with parents who focused her attention on the Hymn of One and its teachings at a young age.

Li defends the Hymn of One against Bree's accusations.

When Li was young, she befriended a girl her own age who lived nearby, and the two began to play together every afternoon. However, once her parents found out that she wasn't of the same religion, they forbade the two of them from playing together, and Liandra grew up home-schooled and isolated from the outside world.

Liandra began to spend a lot of time online in order to pass the time, and came across Bree's videos that claimed that the Hymn of One were evil and a front for the Order. Li decides to show the world what the Hymn of One is really like, and show that what Bree is dealing with are simply "right-wing fanaticals". She balks at Bree's claim that the Hymn of One isn't a legitimate religion, and points out that the Hymn of One does provide people with a higher purpose and meaning, despite her claims to the contrary. She doesn't understand why everyone is out to get something that has brought so many good things into people's lives.

Searching For Friendships

Aside from her defense of the Hymn of One, she mentions that her doctor has been prescribing her iron pills for her anemia, and explains that her primary motivation for vlogging is to connect with other people. She mentions repeatedly that she wants to make a difference in the world, but in unsure on how to do so. She says that she "feel[s] that with my religion. [That she] can truly go beyond myself and do something for a greater good."

Li urges others to search for their eternal songs.

She later posts a video promoting the Hymn of One in a similar style to that of their advertisements. She expresses her joy that she has met with a positive response by those she has reached out to via YouTube and MySpace, and she advises everyone to listen to their eternal songs and the songs of others. She also says to "Listen not only with your ears. Listen with your intuition, your knowledge, your compassion, your experience, and your culture."

Liandra reaches out to a girl named Alondra who has expressed interest in joining the Hymn of One, and offers to sponsor her into the religion. However, Alondra ignored her comments, and was later sponsored into the religion by a girl named Chandra. Liandra is happy that Alondra has found a sponsor, but if baffled by Alondra and Chandra's inability to return her messages. When Chandra and Alondra decide to start a clique, Liandra is the first to respond to the video, and gushes on how she will be a loyal and trustworthy friend to both of them. To Alondra's astonishment, Liandra gets almost every answer right, and she is allowed to join the clique.

Reflecting on Her Song

However, the girls take advantage of her, and make her perform a list of chores for them every day, including sending out their Hymn of One seminar invitations. Liandra is upset that she's spending all her time indoors working instead of being outside and listening to her song.

Li reads the results of her latest bloodwork.

After Alondra is hospitalized, Liandra realizes that Alondra brought her sorrow onto herself, and that she shouldn't be associating with people who taunt and belittle others. Liandra leaves the clique in favor of her eternal song, giving her regards to Alondra. Liandra turns her attention to a mysterious individual going by ShepherdX that friended her on MySpace, and she realizes that one of his symbols, the Shen Ring, represents protection from an all-surrounding chaos. Liandra also reveals that she has received the results of her latest blood work, and that the test revealed her to be trait positive or negative, but she doesn't specify which one she is, only asking which result was good.

Liandra took a break from vlogging so that she could think things through and figure them out. She realizes that her song is everywhere, and that she is in tune with it no matter where she is. She begins posting comments again, and offers sympathy to Cynthia over her predicament with Alessandra. Through comments, she also reveals that she has cut off all contact with Alondra and Chandra, and has no idea where they are or if they are okay. Instead of dwelling on them, she began volunteering at the Hymn of One Youth Center. She helped plan the celebration of the Vernal Equinox, and is helping to plan the next event as well. She was contacted by Lacy, the director of the East Coast division of the Hymn of One Youth Center, and set up a meeting with Liandra. Liandra has no idea what the meeting is about, but tries not to get her hopes up. Details regarding the meeting remain unknown.


Liandra is a respelling of Leandra, which is a feminine form of Leander.<ref></ref> Leander comes from the Greek Λεανδρος (Leandros) which means "lion of a man" from Greek λεων (leon) "lion" and ανδρος (andros) "of a man". In Greek legend Leander was the lover of Hero. Every night he swam across the Hellespont to meet her, but on one occasion he was drowned when a storm arose. When Hero saw his dead body she threw herself into the waters and perished.<ref></ref>



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