My Very Good News

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Flock Video 0017
My Very Good News

Choose the right path; join the cult.

Blogger Betsy
Date Posted May 19th, 2007
Description I need to run but wanted to share my good news with you!
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Betz Betsy Rice
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My Very Good News is the seventeenth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


Betz: Well, I had a very eventful morning. I got out of bed and I went to the grocery store. No really, that is my, um, Saturday morning routine. Um, I like to get in and get out, you know, before it gets too crowded. That's usually what I do on Saturday mornings. But I thought I would make a quick vlog here, before I headed out. I'm about to meet my sister for lunch. There is this great place in town that has the best sandwiches. And really, the only reason I really like it so much is because they have the best raspberry tea. We're all very excited. My sister Sandra was accepted into this exclusive summer camp. The applicants must meet certain qualifications. This is just further proof that we've chosen the right path. Once, we were on the wrong path. My father was out of work. I couldn't get financial aid for college. And it seems like we were faced with one misfortune after another. We couldn't understand why life was so difficult for us, yet so easy for others. Then we were introduced to the Hymn of One. They arranged some vocational training for my father and helped him start his new career. I applied and received a Hymn of One scholarship. It almost seems as if whenever you're on the wrong path, and life throws up certain obstacles, you're on your own. But when you chose the right path, the path of the Hymn of One, your faith is your roadside assistance.