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NileiNDeNile Video 001
The Choice is Yours

Nndn the choice is yours.jpg
There's a rat...

Blogger NileiNDeNile
Date Posted July 3rd, 2008
URL Youtube
Description here's a rat...

if i love You (thickness means worlds inhabited by roamingly stern bright faeries

if you love me) distance is mind carefully luminous with innumerable gnomes Of complete dream

if we love each (shyly) other, what clouds do or Silently Flowers resembles beauty less than our breathing

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The Choice is Yours is the first video in the NileiNDeNile video series.


(a rat in a cage can clearly be seen in inverted colors)

Text: looking in the mirror is the first step

(the rat climbs down to the lower level of it's cage and the camera follows)

Text: the second is accepting what you see.

(A hand comes and grabs at the rat, fades to black)

Text: you're closer than you think.


The description text (aside from the phrase "here's a rat") is the poem "If i Love you" by EE Cummings.