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Flock Video 0045

The piece isn't really special because of...

Blogger Ananda
Date Posted January 19th, 2008
Description Once again I share my artwork and thoughts.
YouTube Tags rami photoshop Hymn of One similarity peace songs choices

Ananda Brooke Curtis
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Oneness is the forty-fifth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the fourth video of Season 2.


Ananda: Hello, and welcome back to my Youtube account. As usual, today I'm going to show you three pieces of artwork. The first piece I would like to show you is special not because of the piece itself...not because of any technique or anything, but rather because of the train of thought that it lead to. The revelations, if you will, that came to me while working on this piece. (Picture appears on screen) This started with a picture of a girl I know. I was just playing around with photoshop, with the brushes, and I started thinking about universal order and oneness. You know, when we begin, when we're a tiny embryo, we all look the same, from animals to humans. And, I realized it's the same with our song, our own internal beat. Everyone starts out with a universal melody, only we can shape our songs, adding and subtracting notes, changing keys, making our songs negative and positive. I think that if everyone were to realize how alike their songs are, learned to listen to the simularities and not the differences, they would learn to understand each other a lot more. (Cut back to Ananda sitting on her bed) And, we are out of time, I'll have to post the other piece of artwork in another video. I hope I've given you something to think about. Bye.

Text: Inspired? Check out and find your song!