My True Freedom

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Flock Video 0047
My True Freedom

I hate Xs!!!

Blogger Ananda
Date Posted January 26th, 2008
Description Another installment of art. In this one, I talk about why the letter X seems to show up in a lot of my art, and freedom...true freedom. Virginian9000, hope you like the song! ;D
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Ananda Brooke Curtis
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My True Freedom is the forty-seventh video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the first video of Season 2.


Ananda: Hello everyone, and welcome back to my Youtube account. I'm so glad you could join me. Today I'm going to show you a piece that was inspired by a passage in my favorite book. The book and the passage will be discussed in another segment of this little art show. But the piece that I would like to show you is actually sort of an extension of the passage in the book. The passage in the book describes a place full of peace and light and freedom. And I was thinking... a lot of times the world isn't that way. We all know that the world is full of confusion and questions and a lot of people are lonely and confused. (Cut to picture) As you can see, this piece of art is set in a classroom. The classroom represents life. On the chalkboard, there are a myriad of Xs and questions. Questions that we feel we must find answers to. Questions that make our life confusing, and doubts, they can lead us farther away from our eternal hymn. Someone has taken a saw, and cut a circle, the symbol of eternity, right through the middle of those confusing questions and doubts. Through the hole, you can see the beautiful landscape, a peaceful picture of what can be achieved when we learn to listen to uor song and leave our doubts behind. (Cut back to Ananda) Oftentimes, when a number or quantity is unknown, people will just put an X in, I suppose that's why the letter seems to resonate with me. Because in my day I've had quite a few doubts. Doubts that have been answered by my mentors and by my religion. I've found my answers, and it's a wonderful feeling to feel free. Free from the questions that plague everyone else. Free from the confusion. Just free. Thank you once again for joining me, and I hope you'll come back. Bye.

Text: Do You Have Questions? Find Freedom At: