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This is the entire chatlog from the chat promised in the description of Party of One, starting at the moment Jennie joins, ending when she leaves. Characters have been color-code with their respective LGPedia colors.

*	Traveler99 ( has joined #lg15chat
<OwenIsCool>	yeah Owen was Bree's turtle but I am NOT him
<tazman2087>	be patient
<BlogGirl14>	KELSEYYYY!!! heyy
<PowderPuff>	me neither
<rmecpirate07>	no, just regular super evil slusho
<julz_rulz>	lol
*	nyboy1125 is now known as EyEsOnLy1125
*	Traveler15 is now known as Blackcat
<PerkiePoo>	FeFe Dobson...weeeeeeeeeeeeee
<ribbonsncurls00>	lol owen
<virginian9000>	I am impersonating virginian9000
<arenwolf22>	WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
<FeathersOfBlue>	Hello, Hammy, BK, Brook. *goes quiet again*
*	newnicknamehere is now known as browcoat1701
<phisho>	you're not owen? lame, I'm leaving
<bornofstardust>	curtain is always a few minutes after start time ;)
*	Evergreen hands a downer to Aren
<HAMmy>	hey blue
*	HAMmy waves
<darkpoet>	I've been living a lie... :(
<kelseygirl15>	heya bloggirl (do I know you..?)
<BlogGirl14>	lol, ya
<OwenIsCool>	virg impersonator!
*	Traveler99 is now known as JennieTheBear
<Brooklynxman>	hey feathers
<causepmonkeysaid>	Jenny is human; she can be five minutes late. ;)
*	PowderPuff MOOP's in the corner
<BlogGirl14>	the video chat thing
<montelac>	Broken Kid...  there's STILL trouble on the board!
<Renegade15>	contact.
<tazman2087>	hey jennie
<psych0bunnie>	JENNY
<BriarRose>	Why are you liveing a lie Darkpoet?
<maddemp>	Hey Jennie
*	OwenIsCool kicks
<xaccordianguyx>	hey jennie!!
<cheddarcheese>	Jennie, what did Sarah say when u tried to convince her to leave?
<pmonks>	heyy jennie
<Pheon>	Hey, Jennie!
*	darkpoet wonders if the killer got to her by now
<GregGallows>	hey jennie!
<chippercat>	Jennie!
<Justin|here>	hi
<rmecpirate07>	JENNIE!!!
<kelseygirl15>	oh.
<psych0bunnie>	hi jenny
*	julz_rulz laughs at *moop*
<causepmonkeysaid>	Hello jenny :)
<phisho>	Yo
<Colwyn>	Welcome, Jennie.
<julz_rulz>	Hi Jennie!! :d
<Stuckey092>	Dont Do MOOPing Now!!
<HAMmy>	we dont know arenwolf22
<BlogGirl14>	hiii ^_^
<charlie_star>	Hi
*	charles087 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler27 is now known as Marcos
<arenwolf22>	WHERES JENNY
<RoyTheBoy>	not too long arenwolf22
<goofy>	hey Jennie1
<PerkiePoo>	lol
<JennieTheBear>	hi everyone
<littlesammy123>	hi jenny
<Justin|here>	hi jennie
jennaisawesome JennieTheBear JenniPowell 
<cheddarcheese>	HIII
<psych0bunnie>	:D
<bornofstardust>	Jennie is here!  Huzzah!
<Wind_walker>	hi
*	Traveler81 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<PLRB>	Hey
<rmecpirate07>	hola jen
<RoyTheBoy>	arenwolf22 please stop using all caps
<Deserk>	Hi
<liv>	Hey Jennie!
<HAMmy>	everybody, no caps please
<Stuckey092>	HEY
<BriarRose>	Hey!!
<browcoat1701>	hey jenny
<xaccordianguyx>	jennie, what are you going to do?
<JennieTheBear>	wow there's a lot of people in here!!
<Jo_16_2>	not the same person
<FeathersOfBlue>	Hello, Jenni.
<tazman2087>	jenie change your color
<SivartAlappes>	Jennie=JennieTheBear
<Justin|here>	huzzah.
*	Jo_16_2 facepalms
<phisho>	Quite a few, yes.
<Stuckey092>	sorry
<psych0bunnie>	no caps!!!!!!
<Poknish7>	hey jennie
<PowderPuff>	aaaagh jennie - moop
<darkpoet>	welcome jennie
<liv>	That's 'acause we love YOU :D
*	Jonpro4 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Pheon>	no kidding, Jennie
<arenwolf22>	jenny=hammy?
<pmonks>	welcome jennie!!!!!
<Evergreen>	yes, we know... and everyone wants to talk
<goofy>	we love u jennie
<Wind_walker>	yeah, we love our "celebrities"
*	yuukaku is cunfused
<Renegade15>	* [JennieTheBear] is identified to services
<chippercat>	Jennie...  how are you?
<|DjKira>	jennie, i hope you read fast, sorry in advance about the crazyness
<causepmonkeysaid>	It's been this full for hours. 0-0
<JennieTheBear>	thanks for the welcome
<phisho>	Yeah, you're unbelievably popular with us, Jennie.
*	Traveler57 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<a2ndbree>	jennie we were counting the minutes are you?:)
<HAMmy>	no
<Marcos>	Testing
<HAMmy>	i am not jennie
<psych0bunnie>	theres alot of talking, be warned jennie
<julz_rulz>	Jennie, can you change your font colour please??
<Thecooler22>	Hi jennie please write in color
<OwenIsCool>	Jenni is suze!
<arenwolf22>	jennie=jenniethebear?
<JennieTheBear>	you were? countring the minutes?
<Brooklynxman>	I am jennie....wait no Im not
<pmonks>	thanks for coming to talk to us jennie
<SivartAlappes>	Jennie, good luck on here... people type WAY fast
<liv>	aren, yes.
*	Traveler83 ( has joined #lg15chat
<OwenIsCool>	listen to HER
<rmecpirate07>	total minute counting
<BlogGirl14>	yup
<julz_rulz>	how are you, Jennie?
<arenwolf22>	ty
*	Traveler44 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<a2ndbree>	we were
<Broken_Kid>	yes, jenniethebear = Jennie
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*	TDZane ( hat #lg15chat verlassen
<bornofstardust>	Yes, seem more trustworthy to us than anybody else that our gang has met!
<PowderPuff>	im confused - moop
<PerkiePoo>	welcome to the freakzone Jennie!!!
<arenwolf22>	Hi Jenniei
<JennieTheBear>	i'm ok a little nervous
<xaccordianguyx>	jennie please change your color
<|DjKira>	jennie, have you heard from sarah since you left? does she know about carl?
<Poknish7>	were just really excited to talk to u
<cheddarcheese>	Jennie, what did Sarah say when u tried to get her out of there??
<ghostraider>	Will everyone let her talk?!!!
<a2ndbree>	jennie jennie!you have to contact jonas or daniel so they can help you save sarah!you have to!
<LyssaRose>	Holy people.
<JennieTheBear>	i've never done anything like this before
<phisho>	hmm, font color change, everyone
<PLRB>	JennieTheBear, I hope your speedreading skills are honed...
*	Jonpro has disconnected (Nick collision from services.)
<julz_rulz>	hey lyssa
<arenwolf22>	Where are Johas and Daniel??
-romanceismusic/#LG15chat-	Travelers: Please change your nickname using /nick newnicknamehere
<SivartAlappes>	you've never been in a chatroom?
<california_love>	everyone calm down!
*	charles08lg8 has disconnected (Connection timed out)
<Evergreen>	well, i hope you can keep up with the speed reading
*	Jonpro4 is now known as Jonpro
<arenwolf22>	brb
<psych0bunnie>	I Hope Alot Of Talking Dpesnt Make You Leave
<Stuckey092>	can you write in color?
<maddemp>	We are not allowed to have colors
<xaccordianguyx>	write in color
<LyssaRose>	Hi Julz.
<Nubtamer>	You can talk to complete strangers in a completely different country but you can't talk to us?
<Evergreen>	so where are you, Jennie?
<GregGallows>	Dont be nervous Jennie, it will be hard to keep up but we're excited to have you
<tazman2087>	everyone stfu and let jennie talk
<Nubtamer>	:)
*	Blackcat is now known as Blackcat025
<BriarRose>	Can we limmit talking to nessisary comments! Im confused!
<JazmynGrey>	You don't need to be nervous
<pmonks>	ijennie...  it is fun.  just hard to keep up  :)
<darkpoet>	so much for pg13
<julz_rulz>	lol
<arenwolf22>	where are daniel and johas?
<xaccordianguyx>	jennie, you HAVE to help sarah ... dont just leave her in mexico
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	Hey everybody jennie is  JennieTheBear
<PerkiePoo>	very hard to keep
*	Traveler05 ( has joined #lg15chat
<julz_rulz>	i agree with accordionguy
<goofy>	jennie pls change yr color so we can see easier
<a2ndbree>	jennie jennie!you have to contact jonas or daniel so they can help you save sarah!you have to!
<arenwolf22>	if you have to do it by force, please do so
<phisho>	Has anyone talked to Daniel or Jonas? Anyone know if they're going to be here tonight?
<PLRB>	JennieTheBear, do you have a safe place to stay?
<xaccordianguyx>	are you safe?
*	bornofstardust is worried about Lullaby Project relocating. How will you deal with this, Jennie?
<arenwolf22>	wheres DB?
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*	Traveler00 ( has joined #lg15chat
<browcoat1701>	i say smack sarah in the head with a stick and drag her outta there
<montelac>	Broken Kid, there's still desperate people on the board!
*	julz_rulz thinks Jennie should change her font colour
<MicFranXon>	!traveler
*	P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler. Please let us know who you are! Type "/nick newnicknamehere" (without the quotes " ) to change your name. --
*	Traveler62 ( has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	jennie??? whered u goooo
<a2ndbree>	plus you need a place to stay sweetie!
*	Traveler57 ( has joined #lg15chat
<arenwolf22>	jennie!
<JennieTheBear>	hold on a second, my internet connction is a bit sketchy
<OwenIsCool>	Jennie I think you should use pink
<goofy>	stay strong jennie
<OwenIsCool>	it's so your color
<tazman2087>	yes kidnap sarah caveman stlye
<maddemp>	We are not allowed to have colors
<arenwolf22>	ok
<Renegade15>	somebody just +m/+v this
<causepmonkeysaid>	I'd move fast if I were you, I think TAAG is getting ready to run again (stupid Emma D:)
<SivartAlappes>	EVERYONE!!!!! JEnnie came here tonight to get our advice.. I say we let her speak ans STOP bombarding her, eh?
<OwenIsCool>	I vote pink, who else is in?
*	RoyTheBoy gives voice-status to JennieTheBear
<rmecpirate07>	Bummer about the connection prob
<a2ndbree>	jennie wirless internet?
*	Traveler56 is now known as An
<goofy>	\pink!
<Jonpro>	i'm for pink!
<actressaur>	maddep-only CHARACTERs are allowed to have colors
<pmonks>	jennie.   eww...  mine is not the best either...
*	TDZane ( has joined #lg15chat
<PowderPuff>	pink
<liv>	I feel your pain, Jennie.
<Traveler41>	 /me EricaRocks
<Justin|here>	Just +m it.
*	arenwolf22 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
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<JennieTheBear>	ok i'm back. so i'm at a hotel
<BlogGirl14>	did you find a place to stay? ya internet connection can suck, i use ipod touch xD
<cheddarcheese>	ericaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Stuckey092>	jennie, are you ok by yourself? are you by yourself?!
*	xaccordianguyx says everyone should quiet down for a minute and let Jennie talk
<Wind_walker>	good move Jennie
<Evergreen>	Are you still in Mexico?
<Pheon>	still in mexico, Jennie??
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<rmecpirate07>	are you in the states?
<goofy>	r u ok?
<PerkiePoo>	luv ya tooo...thanks for tha tunes!!
<Shiori>	Guys, slow it down. Fast typing isn't going to help her internet speed
<EricaRocks>	Theeere we go
<pmonks>	how far away from the lullaby project are you???
*	robtomorrow ( has joined #lg15chat
<JennieTheBear>	i left the camp after carl you know found out i was taping him
<psych0bunnie>	I Hope its not a crummy hotel JennieTheBear
*	Traveler18 ( has joined #lg15chat
<BriarRose>	She probably isnt going to talk to us if we keep bombarding her with posts.
<goofy>	no caps
<tazman2087>	jennie i would get a gun asap
<julz_rulz>	Where are you staying, Jennie>>
<psych0bunnie>	no caps!!
<codeqazplm>	sorry
<phisho>	Guys, LET. JENNIE. TALK.
<JennieTheBear>	i would have never had the guts to stick it out if it hadn't been for everyone's support
<OwenIsCool>	ahhhh everything's a blur
<a2ndbree>	jennie that was a brave thing to do hun :)
<Thecooler22>	Jennie, can you hear me? Jennie can u see me? Jennie can u find me in the chat?????? could u please write in color?
<BlogGirl14>	good, I don't trust Carl a bot
<Broken_Kid>	no caps please
<tazman2087>	"jennie's got a gun"
*	Traveler62 is now known as BitterArithmatic
<OwenIsCool>	I can't read jennie!
<TLP_ATL>	Jennie, change your font color
<pmonks>	thanks  :)
<Evergreen>	We're here for you Jennie
<BlogGirl14>	bit*
<OwenIsCool>	where are you? where?
*	QtheC (n=QtheC@unaffiliated/qthec) has joined #lg15chat
<PLRB>	JennieTheBear, do you think the Lullaby Project will be after you at all?
*	Artcgrrl ( has joined #lg15chat
<Broken_Kid>	guys...ask her questions. :)
<california_love>	shhhh its impossible for her to talk with the constant posts.
<xaccordianguyx>	jennie, contact daniel and jonas and get them to help you get sarah
<JennieTheBear>	i really appreciate the notes people sent me on the forum
*	TDZane turns shameless plugmode off
<goofy>	you were in a tough spot
<SivartAlappes>	you guys expect her to tell her location?  Please!  They might be looking for her, man.
<Stuckey092>	are you by yourself?
<virginian9000>	I hope it helped you jennie
<PerkiePoo>	freakie times!!
<Poknish7>	hav u tried to talk to daniel or jonas?
<causepmonkeysaid>	I'd contact TAAG asap, one girl can't fight the HoO alone. ;)
<JennieTheBear>	Carl really freaked me out and i've been in hiding since
<cheddarcheese>	Did u make sure they didnt follow u?????????????/
<emmilyy>	Were you able to get some information before you left?
<Shiori>	Do you know why Sarah's acting freaky yet?
<bornofstardust>	I don't blame you, Jennie.
*	SonofaStitch_PJ has disconnected (Connection timed out)
<OwenIsCool>	what kind of laptop do you have?
*	a2ndbree is worries about jennie
<Evergreen>	We're concerned for your saftey! Would yu be willing to seek out DB and Jonas for support?
<liv>	Yeah, we don't call him Creepy Carl for nothing
<darkpoet>	Jennie.. do you think sarah will stay with the project for good
<BriarRose>	I used to like Carl. *shudder*
<|DjKira>	there is a reason we call him creepy carl
<Lala3434>	jennie, what city in mexico are you in?
<a2ndbree>	worried*
<JennieTheBear>	i don't know if anyone followed me, i hope not
<bornofstardust>	Yeah, what did you grab when you left?  Any useful info?
<pmonks>	jennie...  how far from the lullaby project are you.  are you far enough for safty??
<a2ndbree>	are you ok?
<PerkiePoo>	i would hideout too if i was you
*	Traveler32 ( has joined #lg15chat
<TLP_ATL>	Jennie, do you mind changing your font color so we can read your responses?  (That's a question, BK!)
<psych0bunnie>	JennieTheBear, have you made sure no one is following you?
<JennieTheBear>	i moved a couple times this week
<psych0bunnie>	Like guys in suit5s
<julz_rulz>	everyone shush, let her talk
<codeqazplm>	jennie you gotta help sarahhhhhhhhhhhh
<Evergreen>	Watch out for helicopters!
<tazman2087>	dont ask location ppl
<PerkiePoo>	oy!!
<Renegade15>	JennieTheBear, do you have any immediate plans of action?
<Wind_walker>	very good move Jennie
<BlogGirl14>	you just gotta hope
<PLRB>	JennieTheBear, do you plan to meet with Jonas and Daniel?
<Smog>	Jennie is it possible that maybe u know were they took Dr.Hart
<JennieTheBear>	and haven't been out at all, except to make that video
<jennaisawesome>	this is lame. goodbye
<rmecpirate07>	be careful, Jennie, HoO are really scary when they're mad
<elainab>	Jennie you need to kep an eye out for any Watchers
*	Traveler36 has disconnected (Connection timed out)
*	jennaisawesome has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<cheddarcheese>	whats the wallpaper look like???
<xaccordianguyx>	jennie, have you seen any helicopters?
<PowderPuff>	LAME
*	RoyTheBoy says: ---Jennie can not at this time change her font color--
*	Traveler69 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Wind_walker>	ok, that's good
<causepmonkeysaid>	Whatever you do, keep moving. Don't stay at the hotel overnight. The Order moves fast. :O
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<browcoat1701>	i'm sure know one folloed you jennie, but better to be safe then sorry
<JennieTheBear>	first, i want to apologize for not getting sarah out of there with me
<|DjKira>	what are your plans now jennie?
<xaccordianguyx>	its ok
<Stuckey092>	its cool
<JennieTheBear>	i know everyone here is worried about her and so am i
<liv>	JennietheBear, don't worry about it.
<actressaur>	s'ok jennie
<Evergreen>	She can be stubborn at times
<rmecpirate07>	it oky
<Wind_walker>	it's ok Jennie
<BlogGirl14>	it's not your fault
<JennieTheBear>	that's where you come n
<Smog>	Jennie is there any way that maybe u know where the order took Dr Hart?
<phisho>	Jennie, none of us could have gotten Sarah out, not even Taylor. don't blame yourself.
<tazman2087>	jenny i would cut your hair if i were you
<emmilyy>	no one really cares about sarah anymore
<FeathersOfBlue>	Its okay. You did your best
<Justin|here>	MY client is highlighting Jennie's text anyways.
<pmonks>	its ok.  hopefull jonas and daniel will help save her...
<a2ndbree>	jennie you can save saah i know it!
<montelac>	Jennie, can you say where the camp is, so Daniel and Jonas can find Sarah?
<OwenIsCool>	I need something tough I can take with me when I go to ethiopia with the Red Cross
<phisho>	...we come in?
<Stuckey092>	really?
<PLRB>	How so?
<JennieTheBear>	you all know these people better than me
<Evergreen>	What can we do to help??
<Wind_walker>	how do we help in this plan?
<Pheon>	she's still HoO gung-ho, is she?
<BriarRose>	Jenni- Sarah didnt want to. Not like you could get her out of there with her consent
<PerkiePoo>	you did what you could do at the time
<OwenIsCool>	do you recommend a DELL?
<Wind_walker>	oh yeah
<Stuckey092>	kinda
<JennieTheBear>	how dangerous are they?
<codeqazplm>	its ok jennie
<Justin|here>	Very.
<Renegade15>	very.
<Thecooler22>	Jennie not to worry u couldn't like make her go with u
<rmecpirate07>	very dangerous
<actressaur>	very
<Smog>	There really dangerous
<PLRB>	Very, Jennie, very.
<liv>	Extremely dangerous
<SivartAlappes>	pretty damn
<Stuckey092>	very!!!
<mixbyspyke>	they will kill u
<Wind_walker>	depends on how much of a threat you are
<BitterArithmatic>	extremely
<chippercat>	Very dangerous
<tazman2087>	they will kill you
<xaccordianguyx>	jennie, theyve KILLED people in the past
<phisho>	Dangerous enough to kill teenage girls.
<elainab>	Super Dangerous
<|DjKira>	jennie these people are VERY VERY dangerous
<Stuckey092>	watch out!!!
<OwenIsCool>	what should I do if I find them stealing babies?
<pmonks>	they are very dangerous.  be careful
<tazman2087>	get a gun
<Poknish7>	dangerous enough to kill several ppl
<liv>	Sarah's life is at stake.
<Smog>	they make doc ock look like a ant
<psych0bunnie>	JennieTheBear, what are you planning to do next? Do you want to contact Jonas and Daniel?
<BlogGirl14>	who, daniel sarah and jonas?
<JennieTheBear>	yikes, kill?
<Justin|here>	they have killed people
*	venvenae has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	surfthetsu ( has joined #lg15chat
<|DjKira>	they have been known to murder people
<ribbonsncurls00>	if you see them .... run
<MicFranXon>	EXTREMELY Dangerous
<Nubtamer>	HoO isn't dangerous...  Carl is dangerous...  The order is dangerous...
<Stuckey092>	cha
<PerkiePoo>	very very scary and dangerous
<BitterArithmatic>	Yep
<darkpoet>	kill!
<liv>	Yes.
<EricaRocks>	so fast
<Justin|here>	yes
<|DjKira>	please please be careful whatever you do
*	Salamander has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<Evergreen>	Jennie, you need to seek out ppl to help you
<SivartAlappes>	let's just say people died...
<yuukaku>	yeah, they kil
<goofy>	tthey are evil
<JennieTheBear>	that's why i DON'T understand why Sarah would stay with them
<bornofstardust>	well they killed Bree, eh?
<phisho>	Jennie, we understand if you want out of this now.
<Evergreen>	You can't do this alone!
<browcoat1701>	forget her consent. drag her out kicking and screaming if yopu have to. it's for her own ggood
<JennieTheBear>	what do you htink?
<cheddarcheese>	U needs to findJONAS and DANIEL
<BriarRose>	She found her song
<liv>	Jennie, she could be unercover.
<bornofstardust>	We don't eitheR!
<pmonks>	are you going to meet up with jonas and daniel??
<|DjKira>	i would suggest meeting up with daniel and jonas
<actressaur>	Us neither
<Smog>	There like the decepticons from transformers only 100 times worst
<xaccordianguyx>	maybe she's brainwashed?
<Stuckey092>	weel, the order kills
<EmiB>	she's brainwashed
<mixbyspyke>	shes brain washed
<MicFranXon>	me either JennieTheBear
<RoyTheBoy>	Maybe Sara is just lonely
<PLRB>	Nor do we, Jennie.
<rmecpirate07>	peyote?
<SivartAlappes>	HoO is not the order... just a section of it.
<Stuckey092>	not the hymn of one'
<surfthetsu>	Im with kira
<causepmonkeysaid>	Keep moving whatever you do. Moving target and all that. ;)
<darkpoet>	jennie, i say you are safe if you stick by jonas and daniel
<liv>	Or maybe they're spiking that tea.
*	pmonks is now known as pmonkeygetsfunky
<mixbyspyke>	they did it to bree too
<JennieTheBear>	why would sarah stay with carl?
<|DjKira>	they have dealt with these people enough to know a bit about what to do
<tazman2087>	sarah has succumbed to mob psychology
<bornofstardust>	Not exactly brainwashed, just not thinking straight
<xaccordianguyx>	cos sarah is brainwashed
<Pheon>	I think Sarah's desperate for some meaning, Jen, that's what I think.
<Smog>	Maybe she likes him?
<MicFranXon>	Sarah has seen what they can do, and what they are a cover for
<elainab>	I think Sarah finally feels like she belongs
*	julz_rulz thinks everyone should quieten down.... please :(
<littlesammy123>	sarah had been brainwashed
<maddemp>	we need o find a way to get sarah back
<Evergreen>	Thats what we need you for, Jennie....
<Pheon>	Poor thing
<codeqazplm>	the Order can brainwash people
<bornofstardust>	Jennie, DO you think they gave her peyote???
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  jennie shes confused, we need to figure out something to do to help her snap out of it
<FeathersOfBlue>	liv has a point there.. but. hmm
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	she is brainwashed like bree was
<PLRB>	She's lost and looking for answers.
<GregGallows>	I agree with Kira, Daniel and Jonas would kmow what to do
<Evergreen>	You can get to Sarah like no one else can
<a2ndbree>	jennie do you believe they brainwashed sarah and the others?
<QtheC>	JennieTheBear, do you think Sarah has been given drugs in her coffee or cereal?
<BlogGirl14>	i think since she feels empty from her family, that is the only way she can feel at peace
<codeqazplm>	didn't u see what happened to daniel when he got brainwashed
<JennieTheBear>	exactly - she needs to snap out of it but won't
<surfthetsu>	lol qthec
*	hopefulsemblance ( hat #lg15chat verlassen
<psych0bunnie>	oy too much talking
<emmilyy>	sarah is a lost cause now... best just try to keep emma and jennie safe
<mixbyspyke>	i got a plan
<JennieTheBear>	i tried talking to her - they really don't leave her alone much
<Smog>	Maybe u need to do what they did to bree and kidnap her
*	maddemp (n=maddemp@unaffiliated/maddemp) hat #lg15chat verlassen
<SivartAlappes>	Jennie.  Sarah isn't exactly madame self confidence.  She's got this huge front.  I think the fact that they accept her so much may have something to do with it.
<bornofstardust>	NO, Sarah is not a lost cause
<|DjKira>	jennie, there is a lot that has happened with sarah, after jonas and daniels treatment of her im not surprised she stayed beheind
<phisho>	Jennie, you have to understand, Sarah's had a tough life. She found her self-worth through guys, and now that she's finally out of that, she's finding her self worth in this NRM. We can't blame her, but she needs our understanding.
<MicFranXon>	she needs a good friendly slap in the face
<xaccordianguyx>	grab her, jennie
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<FeathersOfBlue>	Sarah is not a lost cause.
<xaccordianguyx>	find her alone
<EmiB>	maybe seeing taylor or daniel will snap her out?
<darkpoet>	Jennie, I think you of all people can snap her out of it..
<browcoat1701>	i'm staying with my smack her with  stick suggestion
<BriarRose>	We cant just kidnap her like we did Bree- you saw how Bree reacted!
<xaccordianguyx>	and grab her
<PLRB>	Jennie, some of us believe Sarah is being drugged.
<julz_rulz>	Who is it that said they can highlight Jennie's text?? How is it done???
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	are yo going to ger help from jonas or daniel
<tazman2087>	Get a gun then they will leave her alone
*	Stuckey092 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<EricaRocks>	I don't think Jonas and Daniel know what to do, but they sure wouldn't mind the help
<SivartAlappes>	You've studdied cults.. you know the types they prey upon.
<Lala3434>	we need to know where you are, so we can help
*	Traveler51 ( has joined #lg15chat
<mixbyspyke>	you guys need to call in some old friends
<rmecpirate07>	Sarah's important to them for now, they won't let her go easy
<Smog>	But Bree snaped out of it
<JennieTheBear>	everyone keeps mentioning daniel and jonas - can i trust them?
<|DjKira>	its been a while since anyone gave her the power to be usefull... she the type of person who needs to feel valued
*	Traveler56 ( has joined #lg15chat
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	bye jennie
<Justin|here>	yes
<phisho>	don't ask for locations, guys.
<PLRB>	Yes.
<EyEsOnLy1125>	she finaly has people to just be there for her with her parents seperated and the guy she like being an ass to her
<Wind_walker>	yes jennie
<EmiB>	yes!
<Evergreen>	yes!
<darkpoet>	duh
<cheddarcheese>	YES u can
<rmecpirate07>	yes
<Poknish7>	YES PLZ
<Traveler52>	YES
<Smog>	Yeah u can trust them
<Traveler>	of course
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	my time on the computer is up!!!
<psych0bunnie>	You Should've Reminded Sarah About What They Have Done To Her In The Past.
<ribbonsncurls00>	yes you can definietly trust daniel and jonas
<codeqazplm>	you can trust daniel and jonas
<JennieTheBear>	they haven't exactly been the best of friends to Sarah
<actressaur>	Yes you can trust Daniel and Jonas
*	xaccordianguyx says daniel and jonas can DEFINATELY be trusted
<mixbyspyke>	yes you can trust them with your life
<Wind_walker>	they do some stupid stuff, but they are trustworthy
<tazman2087>	Lala no we dont ask local for safety
<elainab>	Daniel and Jonas are the only peoploe you can trust now!
<montelac>	Jennie, can you give the location of the camp where Sarah is?
<phisho>	yes, you can definitely trust them. well, daniel, yes. Jonas might get you killed on accident.
<surfthetsu>	yes
<Nubtamer>	Can they trust you?
<pmonkeygetsfunky>	somebody tell me what happens later
<a2ndbree>	you can trust them you did see the videos right?
<browcoat1701>	ABSOLUTLY
*	pmonkeygetsfunky has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<EricaRocks>	Jennie, look for Spencer
<cheddarcheese>	theyve been through the most crap they can help u
<BlogGirl14>	what'd Sarah say about them?
<Evergreen>	Sarah hasn't xactly returned the gavor
<codeqazplm>	sarah has been mean to them too so its all good :-P
<Evergreen>	favor*
<SivartAlappes>	oh yeah.  Daniel and Jonas are the good guys.  They lost someone dear to them to these people./
*	charles8 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Smog>	She complets Daniel tho. Lol
*	Traveler54 ( has joined #lg15chat
<PLRB>	They're not perfect, but they're trustworthy.
*	Traveler52 is now known as arcticgal
<charlie_star>	Do you think they could have drugged SarAh?
<drunkenmaster>	l
<MicFranXon>	yeah, can they trust you?
<OwenIsCool>	Jennie, look for Kate!
<surfthetsu>	I think getting Taylor to snap Sarah out of it could help
<bornofstardust>	Jennie, how about emailing them?  Would that be secure?
*	drunkenmaster has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<ribbonsncurls00>	yeah what did sarah tell you
<Evergreen>	No ONE can do it alone!
<OwenIsCool>	she has powers!
<BriarRose>	I think they did. Drug her, I meen.
<liv>	Please trust them.
<littlesammy123>	ur better of trusting daniel and jonas then anyone else
<JennieTheBear>	i don't think she's drugged, but there's a lot of medication around the camp soo...
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	Hey everybody, we request that all of you slow down just a tad so that questions will have a chance to be asked and answered
<tazman2087>	Jennie Never answer any Locale questions
<arcticgal>	that's your answer then
<|DjKira>	daniel is our oldest friend jennie, he is trustworthy if anyone is
<Nubtamer>	If we've learned ANYTHING from Gemma...  it's not to trust ANYONE...
<TDZane>	DANIEL and JONAS are your best option they have a few years experience with them they will know what to do
<|DjKira>	we all put our faith in them
*	phisho asks what kind of medication
<BriarRose>	What about the peote?
<ribbonsncurls00>	what did she say about jonas and daniel?
<|DjKira>	you should too
<QtheC>	JennieTheBear - evidence about lullaby project is important - have you tried gathering names in the village of the women treated?
<JennieTheBear>	tazman - don't worry i won't
<actressaur>	Jennie, what medication is around the camp
*	ShoobasKing ( has joined #lg15chat
<goofy>	sarah was emotionally vulnerable. She felt abandoned
<actressaur>	?
<PerkiePoo>	be careful then
<JenniPowell>	what kind of medicatio is around the camp...and why?
<Lala3434>	then we need to know where the LP camp is
<JennieTheBear>	Q, i gathered as much info as i could
<psych0bunnie>	like what
*	fatestepsin ( has joined #lg15chat
<BlogGirl14>	is any of it....idk epogen?
<bornofstardust>	can you tell us what kind of info?
<darkpoet>	Sarah has been through a lot... She finally found some where she wont have to worry about those things.. i dont think it was drugs
<JennieTheBear>	it was difficult to grab everything because i left in such a hurry
<cheddarcheese>	make a video requesting J and Ds help
<tazman2087>	and jennie, get a gun, or atleast some sort of weapon, you will eventually have to defend yourself
<mixbyspyke>	post it
<Smog>	Jennie. You need to do what Daniel, and Joans did to Bree. Kidnap her and make her snap out of it, make her remember that there is no song
<surfthetsu>	so what did you get specifically?
<JennieTheBear>	a gun??
<psych0bunnie>	what kind of evidence did u get
<virginian9000>	Jennie, when you get a chance, please pot that in the forums
<BroderickG>	what did you get?
<a2ndbree>	jennie what is your plan?what are you gonna do next?i mean you must have one
<actressaur>	Yes, get a weapon
<BitterArithmatic>	Jennie, since you studied cults have you ever heard of the BITE system by Steven Hassan
<codeqazplm>	jennie, i think you need to get to jonas and daniel and then worry about sarah later
<bornofstardust>	Email Jonas and Daniel so that they know where you are!
*	phisho warns NO GUNS
*	Traveler86 ( has joined #lg15chat
<liv>	Smog, but that didn't work.
<PerkiePoo>	or a taser ;)
<ShoobasKing>	Jennie, how did you get the password to the Lonelygirl15 account?
*	xaccordianguyx : you have to get in contact with daniel and jonas; they will help you get sarah and get you both out of there safely
<virginian9000>	We need to see the stuff you got
<ghostraider>	Jennie, Can you sent out some type of message to jonas and daniel?
<JennieTheBear>	i need a plan, that's sort of why i'm here
<Shiori>	Guns are usually a bad idea, pay no attention, Jennie
<Smog>	liv yah it did bree just left...
<Jo_16_2>	through sarah, doh
<JennieTheBear>	i can't do this alone
<mixbyspyke>	you need to arm urself its the serious
<rmecpirate07>	It didn't exactly work with bree though, the whole kidnapping bt
<RoyTheBoy>	A gun is useless without the knowledge of how to use it
<actressaur>	ah
<TDZane>	we all know how kidnaping bree turned out >.>
<ThaBeave>	Call John Rambo!
*	Traveler72 has disconnected (Connection timed out)
<surfthetsu>	plan plan plan....
<immo1>	Jennie have you observed anyone at camp using the Verdus website???
<BlogGirl14>	we're here for you
<Nubtamer>	exactly
JennieTheBear JenniPowell 
<PLRB>	Find a safe place to upload, and show us what you've got.
<ribbonsncurls00>	go to LA and find daniel and jonas
*	xaccordianguyx : just get in contact with Daniel and Jonas
<codeqazplm>	go with DANIEL and JONAS
<mixbyspyke>	thats why u need there help
<goofy>	I'm sure DB and J can help
<JennieTheBear>	i don't know if i can go back there by myself
<TDZane>	i dont think locking up is the best way
<surfthetsu>	hmmm go meet with Daniel and J
<tazman2087>	point and click whats to kow
*	Traveler70 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	Traveler32 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<Thecooler22>	Jennie do u think sarah is in a case of group Hypnosis?
<Nubtamer>	gun's only as good as the one shooting it
<chippercat>	Contact Jonas and Daniel...  please!!
<kristine233>	I bet Daniel would be willing to come help retrieve Sarah if he knew where she was
*	xaccordianguyx : they can be trusted
<Wind_walker>	Jennie, one man/woman missions aren't exactly the best idea
<Evergreen>	Daniel should come wodn to Mexico to help you
<darkpoet>	ok, firs step of plan, team up with jonas and daniel
*	Traveler21 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler14 ( has joined #lg15chat
<mixbyspyke>	get them down there ang get sarah back
<psych0bunnie>	You should try writing on Jonas's forum part
<Poknish7>	get daniel and jonas, jonas has a gun bombard the camp with them and get sarah and get evidence
<julz_rulz>	JENNIETHEBEAR please can you change your font COLOR
<elainab>	No Dont go back by yourself!
<PerkiePoo>	your not alone....we will help you through this **huggzz**
<TDZane>	Right now Daniel and Jonas are the best people totalk to
*	Traveler43 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
*	Jonpro1 ( has joined #lg15chat
<psych0bunnie>	leave them messeges seee if they respond
<Thecooler22>	go with Daniel and Jonas
*	phisho : don't go back there
*	bornofstardust is wondering HOW you will find the camp again! They will probably relocate, right???
*	Traveler21 is now known as jonas_tko
<MicFranXon>	!traveler
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<Evergreen>	Jonas can stay with Emma.... reach out to Danile!
*	Traveler14 is now known as daniel_beast
*	Jonpro has disconnected (Nick collision from services.)
<psych0bunnie>	onh the forum
*	xaccordianguyx : dont do anything until you get in contact with Daniel and Jonas
<tazman2087>	jennie, at least get a heart attack (its a special kind of knife)
*	Jonpro1 is now known as Jonpro
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<browcoat1701>	don't go back. they don'ttrust you and bad bad things will happen if you do
<cheddarcheese>	OMG hes here
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<GregGallows>	Jona and Daniel!
<HAMmy>	if you guys want a question in you can pm me
<Smog>	Jennie, your best bet is prehaps to work with Daniel and Jonas and then prehaps work on takeing the order down part by part.
<psych0bunnie>	write to jonas and daniel on the forum
<GregGallows>	*Jonas
<a2ndbree>	jennie you really should contact the guys  mean they are your only choice won't be safe otherwise.i think everyone agrees with me.
<cheddarcheese>	!!
<GregGallows>	welcome!
<actressaur>	Tell Jonas where you are
<goofy>	please help Jennie you guys
<bornofstardust>	JONAS!
<Cloud_ax>	Hi Jonas and Danel
<QtheC>	JennieTheBear: Here's a plan ... get Jonas and tell him to hire some mercenaries, then set up an ambush for Carl & co. in the village where the lulluaby project is visiting women - try to grab what they are injecting, and maybe grab Carl at the same time - then go Bree on him with ropes and cacti.
<PLRB>	Welcome, Jonas and Daniel
<Renegade15>	+m please
<cheddarcheese>	Joans and Daniel help jennie!!!!
<surfthetsu>	hi guys
<codeqazplm>	where did jennie
<liv>	Contact Daniel. He's already made an effort to contact you in one of his videos.
*	JenniPowell gives voice-status to daniel_beast
<BriarRose>	Dont Disclose Your Location!!!!
<psych0bunnie>	Privte messege jonas on the forum
<yuukaku>	hi jonas and daniel<#
<ribbonsncurls00>	daniel really wants to talk to sarah anyway... he would go back to the Lullaby project with you im sure
*	phisho is wondering who jonas and daneil are in this chat
<Shiori>	Did Jennie leave? I don't see her name anymore
<JennieTheBear>	mercenaries? do they really know people like that?
*	SonofaStitch_PJ ( has joined #lg15chat
*	charles08 has disconnected (Success)
daniel_beast darkpoet dolphincity47446 
*	JenniPowell gives voice-status to jonas_tko
*	RoyTheBoy gives voice-status to jonas_tko
<Traveler>	as anyone ever thought of slowing down so that Jennie could actually read what everyone's writing and answer?
<JennieTheBear>	hi, is that really jonas?
<TDZane>	*JONAS and DANIEL are your best options they will be able to help you*
<Thecooler22>	Hi Daniel
<Shiori>	Oh, there it is
<julz_rulz>	Hello Jonas and Daniel!!!!
<robtomorrow>	Daniel and Jonas what a suprise you joined us
<Thecooler22>	Hey Jonas
<jonas_tko>	hey everyone!
<elainab>	Yay DB and J is here
<goofy>	hi Jonas and DB
<Renegade15>	daniel_beast is not identified to services
<QtheC>	Well, Jonas has money.  Someone must know some mercenaries for hire.
<liv>	....
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Yo Jonad and Daniel!
<cheddarcheese>	heyyyy
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	hey everybody, please slow down a bit!!!
<virginian9000>	Hi Jonas
<Poknish7>	daniel and jonas wat do u guys think about bambarding the lullaby project and getting saraj
<Colwyn>	Howdy, Jonas and Daniel.
<Smog>	Hey Jonas.
<OwenIsCool>	Daniel!  Where are Pmonkey and OWEN?
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Jonas*
<liv>	It's JOnas and Daniel.
<actressaur>	hey Jonas and Daniel
<darkpoet>	im sure they will be confused on trust as well
<jonas_tko>	wow, lot of you in here
<xaccordianguyx>	hey j and d
<causepmonkeysaid>	Hi Jonas/Daniel. =)
<PerkiePoo>	hey boys!!!
<EricaRocks>	Hi Jonas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<SivartAlappes>	And here comes the calvalry
<|DjKira>	hey jonas
<Marbella>	J&D I'm glad you're here to help Jennie
<liv>	Hi Jonas :D :D
<Wind_walker>	TRIPLE THREAT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<surfthetsu>	!traveler
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<Broken_Kid>	guys, ti's them
<JenniPowell>	!traveler
<phisho>	wow, this is too much to keep up with
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<silverblue>	why don't you guys moderate for a few minutes so we can get the story?
<HAMmy>	Traveler86 no caps please!
<a2ndbree>	jonas daniel can you say you trust jennie?
<|DjKira>	nice to see you again
<OwenIsCool>	and Thor and The Other Monkey???
<BlogGirl14>	heyy Jonas and Daniel ^_^
<FeathersOfBlue>	Hello Jonas. Hello Daniel.
<Nubtamer>	We need to like... globally mute everyone lol
<SivartAlappes>	*waits for all the girls to hit on Jonas*
<silverblue>	*mute, i mean
<liv>	Well, my night has certainly be made.
*	milo_went ( has joined #lg15chat
<goofy>	Everyone let Jennie talk to DB and Jonas
<surfthetsu>	lol
<Marbella>	please try to slow comments down :)
<PerkiePoo>	we are soo lucky to be chattin with all of ya
*	Traveler96 is now known as simz
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*	bornofstardust Seriously...HOW are you guys going to find the camp again? won't they just relocate???
<liv>	I can't hit on Jonas to his face...
<daniel_beast>	YO!
<Lala3434>	every let the guys talk to jennie
<Renegade15>	+m
<cheddarcheese>	YOOOO
<Justin|here>	yo!
<BlogGirl14>	heyy]
*	PerkiePoo had a cheesie moment
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<mixbyspyke>	danel the man
<psych0bunnie>	Daniel Beast!!!
<JennieTheBear>	daniel, jonas how are ou guys?
<jonas_tko>	hey everyone
<ghostraider>	daniel welcome
<causepmonkeysaid>	Everyone shut it! :P
<Jonpro>	hi jonas
<MicFranXon>	hey guys
<liv>	Hi Jonas...:D
<BriarRose>	I dont want to add to the mad posting- but what is Jonases nickname?
<darkpoet>	jonas, daniel, she CAN be trusted. let her know you can too! :D
<JazmynGrey>	Before this turns into an all star flirt athon can we please concentrate on the issue at hand?
*	xaccordianguyx : jennie, please trust daniel and jonas
*	codeqazplm has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<daniel_beast>	Good! How is everyone?  Thanks for seting this up
<rmecpirate07>	Hey guys
<Brooklynxman>	wait
<psych0bunnie>	hows the lady trouble DB?
<Brooklynxman>	JONAS
<tazman2087>	hell yeah jonas tell jennie she needs a gun
*	julz_rulz asks Jennie, Jonas and Daniel to make their font colored so we can see it
<TDZane>	*Please slow the comments down its getting hard to follow thankyou*
<Brooklynxman>	and daniel
<liv>	No prob, Mr. Beast.
*	phisho says to briar rose "jonas_tko"
<Brooklynxman>	wait
<Smog>	Jennie dosnt need a gun.
<Nubtamer>	I don't know...  Having Sarah in the Hymn of One could prove beneficial... depending on where her loyalty lies.
<jonas_tko>	jennie, how are you?
<Brooklynxman>	the real jonas
<BriarRose>	Thanks!
<JenniPowell>	codeqazpln: please stop using all caps
<Brooklynxman>	and real daniel
<|DjKira>	beast!
<daniel_beast>	man psych0bunnie it isn't good
<Brooklynxman>	sweet
<tiffers>	yes brook
<browcoat1701>	i think daniel and jonas are the only oines you can trust jennie
<a2ndbree>	jonas how are you?how is emma?is she mad at you?
<JennieTheBear>	daniel, i saw your post on the forum. thank you or offering to help me
<SivartAlappes>	How goes it, Beast?  Jonas?
<Marbella>	let's let Jenny talk with Jonas and Daniel.
<|DjKira>	having sarah brainwashed is not a good thing
<JennieTheBear>	are you serious about that?
-romanceismusic/#LG15chat-	Please keep out of character and unrelated messages in #outofgame. Please only ask and make relevent and thought out questions, and comments
*	yuukaku agrees with kira
<daniel_beast>	you're welcome jennie
<Evergreen>	Daniel you need to go to Mexico and help Jennie! It's not good that she's alone
<Smog>	Daniel you and Jonas have to team with Jenny and do what you guys did with Bree when she was being brainwashed.
<Broken_Kid>	Daniel is the one to go to Jennie. You can trust him...
<BriarRose>	Can Jonas and Daniel change color please? I cant find them!
*	phisho suggests that we save the lady problems for another time and focus on saving Sarah
<daniel_beast>	i'm really worried about Sarah!
<cheddarcheese>	You should rescue sarah together
<BlogGirl14>	guys guys! lets not trash sarah she's just confused
<BriarRose>	I think we all are
*	Traveler284 ( has joined #lg15chat
<surfthetsu>	we have to save her
<|DjKira>	we all are daniel
*	xaccordianguyx : quiet f0r a minute; let them talk!
<psych0bunnie>	Maybe It'll get better DB
<jonas_tko>	are you ok?  we just got in here, what did i miss?
<KingDusk>	OMG, so sorry... I was working on something, hey everyone.
<yuukaku>	we all anr dan
<Broken_Kid>	*guys stop asking them to change font color...its not working...sorry*
<surfthetsu>	or shell become too HoOey
<mixbyspyke>	all three of u need to work together
<virginian9000>	Jennie, were you ever able to figure out what the "D" in the patient number stands for?
<liv>	Aw. My internet's weird now :(
<julz_rulz>	T_T Please, Please Jonas, Daniel and Jennie, make your text/font colored!! we cant see it :(
<|DjKira>	if we dont get her our of there soon something horrible is going to happen
<PerkiePoo>	awww
<JennieTheBear>	BrokenKid, are you sure?
*	Traveler72 ( has joined #lg15chat
<tazman2087>	jonas, db, tell jennie she needs to get a weapon
<daniel_beast>	maybe, it's touc
<BriarRose>	Yah, the D was wierd
<daniel_beast>	tough
<TDZane>	Jannie said she frabed a bunch of info on the LP
<darkpoet>	you gus cant be mad at sarah though... you guys understand why she is so locked up in that world right now
<QtheC>	I'm more worried about the villagers than I am about Sarah right now.
<TDZane>	*grabbed
<|DjKira>	i dont want what happened to bree to happen to sarah
*	liv has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<Pheon>	If Daniel and Jonas helped out Jennie, would you be willing to back and try an rescue Sarah??
*	EricaRocks wishes everyone knew the font color is not working so they can't change
*	Traveler37 ( has joined #lg15chat
<yuukaku>	lol
<surfthetsu>	!traveler
<jonas_tko>	Jennie, did you get info from LP?
*	P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler. Please let us know who you are! Type "/nick newnicknamehere" (without the quotes " ) to change your name. --
<JennieTheBear>	i'm worried to but after that last video of her i don't know how to get through to her
*	Traveler79 ( has joined #lg15chat
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<cheddarcheese>	You 3 should rescue SARAH
<julz_rulz>	ah ok Erica, soz :P
*	bornofstardust Is still really worried about the LP relocating
<psych0bunnie>	why dont u guys go back to that old bunker you guys were in
<Thecooler22>	sure u r worried daniel ur her boyfriend/uncle/lawyer/fether
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	Hey everybody, if you don't slow down, we will have to mute the room to get everybody to quiet please, slow it down
*	Traveler37 is now known as liv
*	phisho suggests that the characters type like he is so that we can have different font colors
*	xaccordianguyx : jennie, be CAREFUL! dont go back to the lullaby project
*	bornofstardust Oh hush, BK is fine
<Smog>	Dosnt she remember when the order actually tryed to kill her by chance
<tazman2087>	bk is the man
<OwenIsCool>	I'll save Sarah!
<rmecpirate07>	I say find Taylor
<a2ndbree>	daniel are you really that worried?cause we are all worried sick :(
<darkpoet>	daniel and jonas can most likely get through to her. but first, go get her.
<surfthetsu>	Im with pirate
<daniel_beast>	I know, i've never seen sarah like that
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  so right now you need a plan on getting sarah out right?
<surfthetsu>	Taylor will help sarah
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	 Jennie, I don't think you should leave as soon as possible
<OwenIsCool>	but first I'll need some funding!
*	fatestepsin has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<liv>	It's definitely not the Sarah I like.
*	Traveler87 ( has joined #lg15chat
<SivartAlappes>	Guys... if Sarah WANTS to be there... maybe that's where she needs to be... for now.  Just a thought.  If you pull her away, she may rebel... like... Bree... did...
<goofy>	first, get Jennie in a safe place!
<BriarRose>	She is acting weird, I think its the Peote
*	ChanServ sets mode -c #LG15chat
*	Traveler11 ( has joined #lg15chat
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<daniel_beast>	She's usually so independent but now she's brainwashed
<OwenIsCool>	Jonas, lemme get you my Western Union acct number
<JennieTheBear>	so you both know her better than i do, what do you suggest?
<julz_rulz>	Sarah is freaking us all out!!
<surfthetsu>	yay
<PLRB>	Jonas, Daniel, have you heard from Taylor?
<phisho>	there ya go!
<surfthetsu>	colors
<littlesammy123>	sarah is turining into carl junior
<BriarRose>	Colors!
<jonas_tko>	Jennie, are you in a safe place?
<Smog>	Yah I miss the emo sarah 
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	I don't think you'll be able to save Sarah alone, go to California meet up with Jonas and Daniel 
<tazman2087>	hell yeah
<Pheon>	Taylor should be out of school right now (winter break) -- maybe she can help?
<Cloud_ax>	only characters get colors guys
<ghostraider>	Get taylor to hack in the LP to get a location on them.
<jonas_tko>	do they know your location?
<OwenIsCool>	*sigh* we voted pink
<BriarRose>	Dont tell!!
<Brooklynxman>	SURF
<daniel_beast>	Buy here black nail polish 
<mixbyspyke>	she may have been fallowed
<Marbella>	no colors unless you are a character
<tazman2087>	danielbeast you need to get sarah
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	you'll be able to regroup and concentrate on Sarah
<Brooklynxman>	LITTLESAMMY
<surfthetsu>	Hi brook
<cheddarcheese>	LOL
<Traveler56>	I suggest Jonas seriously apologize to Sarah.
<JennieTheBear>	i'm safe for now, i just keep moving
<GregGallows>	Smog, please turn your colors off
<a2ndbree>	daniel did you see the posts on db chat that people left pointing out where sarah might be?
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	reminder: don't use colors unless you are a character
<PerkiePoo>	yay...thankyou!!!
<Poknish7>	lol db
<EricaRocks>	lol daniel
<goofy>	pink!!!
<Nubtamer>	Define "Brainwashed"
<liv>	Traveler56, i'm sure Jonas is sorry enough.
<browcoat1701>	i like DB's idea
<tazman2087>	move at night Jennie
<SivartAlappes>	HA!  Beast, not really time to joke like that
<Smog>	Sorry Greg
<cheddarcheese>	Jennie, make certain no ones following you
<rmecpirate07>	Never stay in place too long, until you with D & J, Jennie
<JennieTheBear>	jonas, how can i trust you? you left her in the desert
<browcoat1701>	black nail polish is always the answer for emo kids
<darkpoet>	you guys really need to work together
<surfthetsu>	that is true
<|DjKira>	i suggest daniel that you and jonas find a way to include sarah
<Evergreen>	Jennie, how can we help?
<cheddarcheese>	Thenn team up w D and J
<Nubtamer>	OWNED good point
<KingDusk>	She's right...
<goofy>	jennie should meet up w/ the boys
<KingDusk>	><
*	Traveler56 is now known as shawnslovingwife
<yuukaku>	ouch
<BriarRose>	Jenni has a piont
<julz_rulz>	He made a mistake, Jennie
<jimdogg>	She has a point there.
<tazman2087>	jonas is the man thats howu can trust him
<MicFranXon>	yeah but then she left him
<bornofstardust>	Jennie, Jonas is occasionally dumb, but not untrustworthy.
<GregGallows>	it's ok smog, live and learn ;)
<EricaRocks>	Good point Jennie
<Shiori>	Jonas was just hot-headed, not a bad person
<causepmonkeysaid>	Jenni is right, you know. :P
<surfthetsu>	D and J are underground they cant do much
<|DjKira>	the reason she is so suseptable to the order right now is because its where she feels valued most
<EricaRocks>	but look at the stress level!
<Traveler>	touche
<robtomorrow>	How do you know if your a character or not?
<ribbonsncurls00>	did you watch the video of that... sarah was being ridiculous
<shawnslovingwife>	Thank you for mentioning that, Jennie!~
<BlogGirl14>	need some ice for that burn jkjk
<SivartAlappes>	Jennie.. what woudl YOU have done if you were in Jonas' situation?!
<Smog>	He left her there cause he was worried about emma
<actressaur>	Jennie don't leave! you won't be able to find Sarah!
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  you can trust jonas and daniel
<PLRB>	Jonas, Daniel, your best bet is Taylor. If anyone can get through to Sarah, it's her.
<Nubtamer>	And your rebuttle sir?!?
<EricaRocks>	Look at the rest of the videos!!!
<|DjKira>	if you can change that you will get her back
<Zoey>	Jonas may have left Sarah, but he also came back for her.
<Thecooler22>	He went Back doesn't that count for somethingç
*	xaccordianguyx : jonas just got hotheaded, thats all Jenniw
<Poknish7>	jonas is misguided
<liv>	Jonas may have left her in the desert...but I'm sure he regrets it.
<jonas_tko>	i didn't mean to leave to her.  i was distracted and she took off on me.
<a2ndbree>	jonas always means well that is true
<FeathersOfBlue>	Everyone makes mistakes, Jennie. 
*	Traveler11 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<JennieTheBear>	that's true zoey
<BriarRose>	We went through the 'Can we trust Jonas' stage Jenni, I think you can
<Pheon>	Jonas, are you willing to help Sarah now?
<elainab>	bornofstardust makes a very good point lol
<tazman2087>	and sara was being kind of a bia
<jonas_tko>	thanks feathers, i appreciate that!
*	Traveler74 ( has joined #lg15chat
<MicFranXon>	yeah JennieTheBear, jonas_tko can be a bit emotional sometimes
<FeathersOfBlue>	Anytime, Jonas
<Evergreen>	Daniel and Jonas are underground too.... you all need to stick together
<bornofstardust>	thanks elainb ;)
*	Traveler87 is now known as september2star
<surfthetsu>	hehe Mike
<jonas_tko>	i don't think sarah was being a bit$h, she was just mad at me and took off
<|DjKira>	if anyone can get to sarah its daniel, she has always vauled daniels opinion
*	xaccordianguyx : Jennie, PLEASE trust D and J, they can help you!
<jonas_tko>	sarah is a good friend and we need to help her!
<cheddarcheese>	Jonas and Daniel have been thru alot. u can trust them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<phisho>	we can all be emotional though, right?
<BlogGirl14>	Jonas and Daniel are good guys, they would NEVER do anything bad
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  i think the next step is that the 3 of you should get together
<Nubtamer>	Hey Jonas...  How's Emma taking the death of Dr. H?
<MicFranXon>	it was all miscommunicated
<daniel_beast>	It's funny, we didn't trust Jonas at first either... but now he's my boy
<julz_rulz>	lol
<EmiB>	hahaha
<BriarRose>	LOL
<MicFranXon>	true daniel
<california_love>	hahah
<september2star>	lol
<tazman2087>	you guys need to make use of some of those tunnels under the mexican boarder
<PLRB>	True
<Smog>	You guys also need to work on finding Dr Hart
<Marbella>	i feel the same way
<JennieTheBear>	ok then maybe we should meet and do soething together?
<EricaRocks>	It was a bad moment! Don't base judgement on one thing!
*	xaccordianguyx : your BOY?
<jonas_tko>	jennie, listen to cheddarcheese.  we care deeply about sarah
<Poknish7>	home scilets
*	julz_rulz says : true ove :]
<goofy>	she felt abandoned, that made her emotionally vulnerable, but Sarah's been in a bad place for months
<actressaur>	tazman- LOL
<JennieTheBear>	lol Daniel
<surfthetsu>	Yes MEET together
<cheddarcheese>	lol thx
*	trainer101 ( has joined #lg15chat
<MicFranXon>	I remembe Daniel walking off at one point ;)
<jonas_tko>	thanks beast, i trust you with my life
<daniel_beast>	I DEFINITELY didn't trust him :)
<emmilyy>	i sense a big "storm the lullaby project" event coming up :D
<liv>	I'd vote yes to trusting Jonas. He's done other things that are far more honorable than leaving Sarah in the desert.
<Traveler54>	jennie, jonas would never do anthing to intentially harm sarah, who would have ever thought she'd began to think like this
<BlogGirl14>	XD
<a2ndbree>	daniel did you see the maps that ppl posted?they can be really help you man...don't ignore the forum!
<daniel_beast>	just kidding bro
<surfthetsu>	you guys have to STICK TOGETHER
<BlogGirl14>	NICEEE
<Cloud_ax>	Traveler86 - stop using caps please
<FeathersOfBlue>	She is not a lost cause. Someone needs to get in there, and get her out.
<julz_rulz>	xD
*	SonofaStitch_PJ never trusted Gemma*
<september2star>	hey, if you come through AZ, you can stay with me. By dog will protect you all!
<daniel_beast>	thanks man, me too
<JennieTheBear>	well you can trust me too!
<jonas_tko>	jennie, can we trust you?
<HAMmy>	jonas_tko  daniel_beast  JennieTheBear  all three of you should meet up
<cheddarcheese>	i have been referenced =]
<Evergreen>	Daniel.... can you go down ot Mexico?
<|DjKira>	you cant rescue sarah
*	liv has disconnected (Client Quit)
<shawnslovingwife>	Jennie, you should trust D & J, but Jonas should still apologize.  Daniel too.  Sarah needs to be able to trust people outside the HoO
<darkpoet>	you guys have stuck together from the beginning, and it took you this far... maybe you all should start sticking together again
<Marbella>	september star stop using colors please
<daniel_beast>	Frankly right now I don't trust any girls...
<|DjKira>	that type of approach is not going to work
<|DjKira>	not with sarah
<JenniPowell>	september: turn off colors please
<EmiB>	lol
<JennieTheBear>	yes i just want what's best for sarah and to take down the lullaby project
<california_love>	hahah
*	bornofstardust trusts Jennie more than any new person you guys have met. Oh hush DB.
<surfthetsu>	aww poor daniel
<Thecooler22>	lol daniel
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	reminder: color is only for characters
<Poknish7>	dont u trust emma?
*	Brooklynxman (n=Tachyon@unaffiliated/brooknyse) hat #lg15chat verlassen
<EricaRocks>	lucky cheese
<mixbyspyke>	were is the proof she can be trusted
*	Traveler07 ( has joined #lg15chat
<MicFranXon>	hahah can't blame ya daniel_beast
<jonas_tko>	beast, i hear you on that one.  but sarah is like family
<jimdogg>	Haha DB I don't blame you man.
*	Jonpro0 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Traveler58 ( has joined #lg15chat
<ribbonsncurls00>	aww saniel.... don't lumnp us all in because one messed up....
<suze900>	You guys need to take OwenIsCool with you, she speaks Spanish!
<FeathersOfBlue>	No one can blame you, Daniel.
<jonas_tko>	we need to do something
<Traveler86>	NO THANK YOU
<Evergreen>	we're not all bad DB
<september2star>	sorry, didn't know I clicked something
<SivartAlappes>	I wouldn't either, Beast.  Girls are evil... but... in some cases they're kinda ok.
<PLRB>	Seriously, Jonas and Daniel, contact Taylor. She's the one you need right now.
<Cloud_ax>	i totally know that feeling Danel
<Smog>	I agree with you beast they cause nothing but trouble now adays
<BitterArithmatic>	I think your best bet is to use a diffrent person... someone verdas/HoO doesn't know, but who can take care of themselves, to get to the Project and sort of... steal Sarah bac,.... just an idea of course
<daniel_beast>	true jonas
<immo1>	trust has to be earned unfortunately
<ghostraider>	trsut her daniel she the only one close to her
<julz_rulz>	you all have to save sarah
<|DjKira>	you guys have to apeal to her, ask her for her help, find something only she can help you with and call on her
<daniel_beast>	lol sivart
*	Traveler58 is now known as skyisempty
<surfthetsu>	PLRB im right with you
<GregGallows>	yes!@
<cheddarcheese>	Safely find aa way to meet up
<JazmynGrey>	This goes a little bit beyond your recent issues though, Daniel.
<surfthetsu>	get TAYLOR
<Broken_Kid>	who else does sarah have looking out for her?
*	Jonpro has disconnected (Nick collision from services.)
<GregGallows>	you all have to save Sarah
<JenniPowell>	traveler: this is your last warning: no more caps
*	Jonpro0 is now known as Jonpro
<rmecpirate07>	I Still say get Taylor and go kidnap Sarah
*	Traveler18 has disconnected (Connection timed out)
<HAMmy>	jonas_tko:  daniel_beast  JennieTheBear  you three need to find eachother
<Broken_Kid>	she needs you guys.
*	Artcgrrl has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<surfthetsu>	TAYLOR, Bk
<daniel_beast>	thanks ghost
<phisho>	...skyisempty?
<QtheC>	it's too bad that JennieTheBear is outed already with the hymn of one - she could have used her womanly wiles to dupe Carl
<browcoat1701>	aww sarah's your labster
*	bornofstardust GUYS! Seriously!!! How will you find her now that Jennie has left the Lullaby Project????
*	xaccordianguyx : its hard to know who to trust in a situation like this Jennie, but you CAN trust these two ... Sarah is family to them
<arcticgal>	sarah?
*	ThaBeave puts C4 on the table and walks away
<tazman2087>	Jonas, u need to call DOG the bounty hunter for this one
<goofy>	Taylor could help
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	I agree
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Get Taylor
<jonas_tko>	jennie, we saw sarah's latest video and she seemed in pretty deep.  can we get her back?
<skyisempty>	what's going on here?
<ghostraider>	any time man
*	julz_rulz thinks you should contact Spencer and Taylor.... ambush!!!!
<Colwyn>	The three of you need to meet somewhere. Jennie, has the Lullabye Project camp stayed within a certain region when they've relocated?
<yuukaku>	you know the reason shes staying is because they're showing her love and affection, i think, if you get her back, you guys need to show her a little more.
<Nubtamer>	Hey Jonas...  How's Emma taking the death of Dr. Hart?
<darkpoet>	yes!
*	Traveler41 ( has joined #lg15chat
<mixbyspyke>	detox her
<skyisempty>	what's going on???
<daniel_beast>	skyisempty?????
<TDZane>	perhaps you should meet up there might be some infomation in the stuff jennie said she grabbed that can help you get sarah
<bornofstardust>	Oh, she's get-back-able.
<PLRB>	Sarah!
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Sarah
<Thecooler22>	GUYs hav u tell taylor about all this?
*	xaccordianguyx : SARAH?
<suze900>	Sarah?!
<psych0bunnie>	omg sarah
<EricaRocks>	Get Taylor to post a plea to sarah
<HAMmy>	COLORS OFF PLEASE unless you are IC
<tazman2087>	wtf
<Marbella>	skyisempty please stop using colors
<Pheon>	Sarah??
<rmecpirate07>	Sarah?!?!?!
<MicFranXon>	daniel_beast and jonas_tko: Guys, you need an aeriel view of the place to find them, the mountains and hills are too hard to see through without it.
<tazman2087>	zomg
*	Traveler80 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Broken_Kid hat Traveler86 aus #lg15chat gekickt (Broken_Kid)
*	actressaur J & D need to go to mexico to find Jennie, not vice versa
<bornofstardust>	Breee was.  I mean she sacrificed herself, but she wasn'
<Colwyn>	Sarah. Welcome.
<causepmonkeysaid>	Just forget about Sarah for now! Focus on getting jenn safe.
<jonas_tko>	holy sh#t, is sarah in here?
<BlogGirl14>	Sarah just is confused, she needs time to think, but FARR AWAY from the lullaby project
<bornofstardust>	't brainwashed anymore.
<FeathersOfBlue>	Hello Sarah
<tazman2087>	holy ishcakes
<Traveler07>	*blink*
<bornofstardust>	WHAT
<skyisempty>	why are you guys talking about me?
<yuukaku>	s.a.r.a.h.?
<california_love>	omg
<daniel_beast>	sarah!?!?!
<darkpoet>	jonas, remember when you got through to bree? Sarah is not THAT lost, you can do it!
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Sarah what are what are you doing on? 
<BriarRose>	Sarah! *hugs*
<charlie_star>	  Hi Sarah
<emmilyy>	dude, use google earth! you could totally see them on that.
<QtheC>	jonas_tko, I think you could make use of your wealth to hire some help - avoid letting the Order out-gun or out-maneuver you again
*	Artcgrrl ( has joined #lg15chat
<mixbyspyke>	sarah u need to wake up
<cheddarcheese>	Sarah u need to leav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<causepmonkeysaid>	Omg!
<Justin|here>	omg
<jonas_tko>	sarah, is that you?
<tazman2087>	of course
<PLRB>	We're worried, Sarah.
<Marbella>	skyisempty please stop using colors
<rmecpirate07>	omg sarah!!!
<a2ndbree>	jonas is dr hart ok?have you heard from him?
<julz_rulz>	SARAH!!!!!
<goofy>	hi Sarah!
<virginian9000>	Is that sarah?
<jimdogg>	The plot thickens...
<psych0bunnie>	sarah wats going on with you
<skyisempty>	hi jonas, yes it's me
<actressaur>	Sarah!
<Thecooler22>	Sarah OMG
<surfthetsu>	sarah = skyisempty?
<Shiori>	Sarah, are you okay?
<bornofstardust>	Sarah!  Honey!  Get out of there!
<suze900>	marbs, i think that's sarah
*	xaccordianguyx : SARAH, wake up! you can trust the HoO!
<EricaRocks>	.me hugs Sarah\
<psych0bunnie>	why are u all HoO
<littlesammy123>	Sarah are u ok ?
<causepmonkeysaid>	Sarah. Run. Now.
<Broken_Kid>	skyisempty is Sarah...our sarah
<Nubtamer>	OH SHI--
<ghostraider>	Sarah are you okay
*	Traveler28 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Cloud_ax gives voice-status to skyisempty
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Sarah, please
<Thecooler22>	How r u?
<Evergreen>	are you sure its Sarah???
<MicFranXon>	they need a LIVE view
<browcoat1701>	we're consernined sarah
<cheddarcheese>	sarah meet w jennie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<tazman2087>	prove it sarah
<PerkiePoo>	O.O
<yuukaku>	you need to go home
<MicFranXon>	not photos
<JenniPowell>	skyisempty: turn off colors
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	you really can't trust these people
<BriarRose>	Dont harp her!
<Marbella>	sorry sarah!!
*	xaccordianguyx : *cant
<jonas_tko>	sarah, you need to come back to us, we miss you and are concerned!!!
<BlogGirl14>	SARAH!?!?!?!?!?
<MicFranXon>	taken months ago
<Evergreen>	Could it be an imposter using her name?
<JenniPowell>	wait, what?
*	a2ndbree greets sarah
*	EricaRocks hugs sarah
<emmilyy>	lol@ at everyone telling sarah not to use colors
<virginian9000>	Sarah, get out of there!
<rmecpirate07>	sarah: get away from Carl!
<skyisempty>	I'm fine. I only have a secnd, but I saw everyone here on chat
<Marbella>	welcome sarah
<daniel_beast>	sarah, listen i've been trying to get in touch... the hoo blocked me
*	xaccordianguyx hugs sarah
<Nubtamer>	She's not going to listen...
*	julz_rulz : sarah you need to leave that camp, you know more than anyone that the HoO is dangerous
*	Traveler65 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<Lala3434>	sarah emma needs you
<jonas_tko>	sarah, listen to virginian!!! get our of there and come back to us
<emmilyy>	they kill babies!
<Broken_Kid>	Sarah, you need to leave...go with Jennie
<goofy>	let Sarah be
<|DjKira>	sarah we need you to help us
*	Traveler56 ( has joined #lg15chat
<littlesammy123>	get out of there sarah!!!!!!!
<PerkiePoo>	lol
<daniel_beast>	sarah, look you need to trust jennie
<cheddarcheese>	you need to team up pls!!!!! they need u!!!!!!!!!!
<skyisempty>	Jennie, why are you saying these things? I'm happy and I don't want to leave.
*	xaccordianguyx : sarah, please just come back!
<surfthetsu>	Sarah, the HoO is evil!
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	JONAS: Can you get Emma on? Maybe Sarah will listin to someone that's been with the Hymn of One before?
<PLRB>	Sarah, you know the Hymn. You know the Order. Why do you trust these people?
<HAMmy>	skyisempty:  we are all here because we care about you and we love you, and we WANT you back
*	bornofstardust Sarah, even if your song is real, the HoO are still a front for the Order, and the Order is still evil!!!!!!!
<psych0bunnie>	sarah why do u need to stay there
<Traveler07>	Crap.
<surfthetsu>	remember all the videos!
<Evergreen>	You can be happy at home, too, Sarah!
<|DjKira>	sarah you are needed elsewhere
<ghostraider>	Jenn can you talk to her?
<Smog>	Sarah dont u remember when the order tryed to kill you
<jonas_tko>	sarah, how could you be happy with those nutjobs! 
<a2ndbree>	sarah we are all wirried sick !!please go back to your friends who love you!
<EricaRocks>	Can't you be happy with your family?!
<EmiB>	Don't ignore Jennie's proof
<daniel_beast>	Happy!?!?!!
<tazman2087>	Sarah is high on peyote
<TDZane>	indeed its getting too dangerous at the camp you will be safer with Jonas and Daniel
<goofy>	Don't harrass Sarah!
<psych0bunnie>	u can always listen to your eternal song by your4self
<jonas_tko>	you know what they are capable of
<JennieTheBear>	I'm worried about you
<causepmonkeysaid>	The HoO conned you into thinking you're happy. Have you forgotten what they did to Bree?
<tazman2087>	she doesnt know what she is saying
<daniel_beast>	funny tazman
<littlesammy123>	no ur brainwahsed 
<|DjKira>	your friends need you. 
<Nubtamer>	Sara you don't have to be THERE to hear your eternal song...
<immo1>	maybe Sarah is UNDERCOVER
<psych0bunnie>	u dont need to stay!!!
*	xaccordianguyx : sarah, the order aka the hymn of one KILL people, like Bree for instance!
<GregGallows>	Accordian and Born of dust, please do not use /me to type what you want to say.
<BlogGirl14>	Sarah, you can be happy and make your own relaxation songs and stuff
<emmilyy>	sarah, you can sing your song anywhere... do it someplace they won't kill you.
<Nubtamer>	sarah*
<suze900>	sarah, have you forgotten what they did to bree?
<Thecooler22>	SARAH go to the People who Love u Ur friends Ur SisTer
<yuukaku>	those people dont really love you sarah, they're jst using you!
<actressaur>	Sarah, you're with a baby-murdering cult
<simz>	hearing the song has nothing to do with staying there, if you really believe that bring it home with you
<SivartAlappes>	Sarah, may I ask you a serious question about your choice to stay?
<Evergreen>	You don't need a dessert to be happy... friends. family!
<darkpoet>	sarah! You are not HAPPY. You are using this weird religion as an escape from the real world...
<Shiori>	Sarah, do you need to stay in Mexico to be in the HoO?
<xaccordianguyx>	sorry
<JennieTheBear>	Sarah, please listen to me I can still help you
<FeathersOfBlue>	Guys eas up on Sarah. 
<BriarRose>	Dont Harp Her!
<Traveler07>	Do you REMEMBER what these people did to Bree?!
<september2star>	SARAH you can find enlightenment with a different religion... like Buddhism
<jonas_tko>	sara, listen to xaccord!  hoo is evil!
<virginian9000>	Sarah! we are worried about you. At least come back now. You can always go back!!!
<QtheC>	skyisempty, don't drink the hymn of one coffee - it's drugged with that peyote you were talking about!
<rmecpirate07>	Sarah, think! They aren't good people!
<phisho>	Correction: a baby murdering NRM
<Pheon>	Sarah, you can enjoy your eternal song at home, please!!
<psych0bunnie>	Whats The point in staying sarah
<surfthetsu>	Wait let's use Sarah as A DOUBLE AGENT
<Smog>	Sarah there is no song its all a lie remember what they did to Bree
<skyisempty>	For the first time in my life i have meaning
<EricaRocks>	If your song is real, Come Home! It will still be real!
*	bornofstardust Sarah, honey, Jennie has figured out that the Lullaby Project is causing women to MISCARRY!!!
<psych0bunnie>	u remember what they did
<cheddarcheese>	They have KILLED before!! theyll do it again!!!! u need to leav
<surfthetsu>	a spy
<RoyTheBoy>	It might be smarter to ask Sara to help you Jennie, as in asking her to help you get to Cali
<Nubtamer>	At least gtfaway from Creepy Carl
<PerkiePoo>	Sarah....its not about being happiness....its about you being controlled and brainwashed..true happiness is only and idea
*	julz_rulz : The Hymn Of One steal babies
<jonas_tko>	what kind of meaning? killing babies?
*	bornofstardust OK! Get meaning somewhere else!!!!!
<PLRB>	It's a false meaning, Sarah!
<daniel_beast>	Sarah, look I know you're looking for answers and that you want meaning or whatever but trust me the HOO is not the answer
<Poknish7>	sarah do u want it to be like wat they had to do to jules
<Traveler72>	Maybe people should just respect Sarah's wishes, she is an adult
<Cloud_ax>	Sarah, its all a lie
<|DjKira>	sarah you have learned what you need to from them, you can have meaning anywhere, its up you to decide your life
*	Jo_16_2 to kill young girls and drink their blood?
<MicFranXon>	skyisempty: you of ALL people know what the HoO is capable of!
<RoyTheBoy>	as your friend, maybe you're willing to help Jennie, sarah
<psych0bunnie>	they tried to kill u!
<rmecpirate07>	Ur life had meaning before, fightin HoO
<skyisempty>	a purpose and they like me. carl and claudia would never abandon me
<actressaur>	Murdering babies is not meaning in life
*	coofie ( has joined #lg15chat
<psych0bunnie>	ur sister!
<Marbella>	Sarah there are other ways to find meaning in your life
<Evergreen>	Remember Emma used to be one of those babies! Help her!
<emmilyy>	you can have meaning without associating yourselves with a cult -_-
<goofy>	don't harras Sarah
<FeathersOfBlue>	Sarah, you had meaning when you were with Jonas and Daniel. You had a purpose.
*	phisho assures Sarah that we have always loved her and would never abandon her
<|DjKira>	but decide it on your own, dont let them feed it to you
<bornofstardust>	Carl is creepy!!!
<coofie>	hotness
<tazman2087>	carl is probalby a rapist!
<ghostraider>	Sarah I Don't mean to bring this up, But you saw what happened to Bree before she was killed.
<JenniPowell>	you trust Carl now?
<california_love>	jonas and daniel would never abandon you either!!
<kristine233>	Theonly reason they are helping these pregnant women is to 'harvest' the babies later.. what purpose is that?
<mixbyspyke>	but they would kill u
<skyisempty>	you guys don't understand
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Carl is super creepy!
<Smog>	Look at what they did in the past what about what they did to Sonia
<virginian9000>	Please don't do this to us Sara! We will feel betrayed if  you stay there!!
<suze900>	we miss you, sarah :(
<Wind_walker>	Sarah, I'm not sure if you'll actually see this, but you don't need the HoO to have meaning
<Thecooler22>	We would Never abandon u Sarah
<HAMmy>	emmilyy:  please get rid of the bold
<xaccordianguyx>	sarah, you KNOW the hymn of one is evil
<Nubtamer>	You're right... we don't
<skyisempty>	where there was chaos there i now order
*	julz_rulz : are you sure about that Sarah??
<EricaRocks>	Sarah you can be HAPPY at Home if your song is Real!!!
<browcoat1701>	carl abonded bree, sarah.
<TDZane>	Sarah you have seen what the Hymn of One has done first hand you should know better than to trust them no matter what it will be safer with Jonas and Daniel
<simz>	do you not remember everything they've put you through?
<daniel_beast>	sarah ????
<phisho>	So explain it to us!
<immo1>	remember what they did yo Sonia?!
<Lala3434>	jonas found something then and we have new evidence now. get out of there
<chippercat>	Sarah.....  no........  they are not good people
<littlesammy123>	sarah remember these ppl are nutjobs
*	bornofstardust WHAT????
<jonas_tko>	what don't we understand!  you are with the bad guys!
<julz_rulz>	O.O BRAINWASHED
<SivartAlappes>	SARAH... I have a question.  It's simple, but perhaps you could answer it.  Are you staying at the project because of the people there befriending you... or because you bnelieve in the project?
<Pheon>	Sarah, we've been with you from the beginning!!
<Traveler07>	How ironic is that statement
<BriarRose>	Its not the HoO Sarah wants, its her song. And she has that. HoO is okay to let go. The front is okay to let go. Let her keep the religion.
<|DjKira>	carl and claudia would abandon you at the first sign of trouble if its what the order wanted
<Broken_Kid>	Sarah, you can sing your song with Jonas and Daniel
<suze900>	do you need some goldfish, sarah? :)
<bornofstardust>	ORDER?!?!?!
<R_Zion>	wow, sounds like the Borg
<yuukaku>	they'd never abandon you, what if you started asking some questions, i bet the'd abandon you then!!!
<JenniPowell>	where does Carl think Bree is?
<PLRB>	Sarah, think! You KNOW what these people do!
<phisho>	where there was chaos there is no order? what the heck is that, Sarah?
<EricaRocks>	order
<arcticgal>	Sarah, has Carl told you what happened to Bree?
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Sarah: I understand but you're not going to find love in something that doesn't exist!
<shawnslovingwife>	Daniel and Jonas for God's sake apologize and tell her you love her!!!
<EricaRocks>	order is evil
<Nubtamer>	Heheheheh... you sound like Carl
<PerkiePoo>	Daniel & Jonas would never abandon you either
<skyisempty>	i'm helping people and making a difference
<Traveler>	Has anyone actually though about listening to Sarah before giving their two cents?
<Marbella>	sarah i understand that your song is powerful but don't let it blind you from the truth
<bornofstardust>	SARAH!  The Order kills!
<phisho>	That's not YOU!
<daniel_beast>	come on, what happened to the "No Mrs. Cleaver" Sarah that I knew???
<jonas_tko>	sarah, please trust jennie!  she can help you and bring you home to us
<JazmynGrey>	Sarah, we believe your song is true, but you can still experience the peace and joy of the song, away from the danger and the death that is associated with The Lullaby Project.
<darkpoet>	sarah.... face REALITY! Come back to the REAL world...
<bornofstardust>	NO!  You are making them miscarry!!!!!!!!!
<rmecpirate07>	Sarah, com back to us, Carl is bad, you know that
<surfthetsu>	HOW are you helping them
<ReputationForte>	helping by killing?
<browcoat1701>	ok now she's talking like a cultest
*	julz_rulz : sarah, you are just betraying your friends
<|DjKira>	sarah remember what they did to bree, that was carl, he abaondoned her too
<ApotheosisAZ>	Jonas is the creepy one who used the internet to prey on Bree and then abandon Sarah
<cheddarcheese>	U have dealt with them b4... u kno how dangerous they r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<daniel_beast>	Sarah... they are USING you!
<xaccordianguyx>	Sarah, please just hear us out!
<virginian9000>	Sara, have you relocated??
<elainab>	yeah you have order alright THe Order!
<phisho>	you can help people and make a difference with the resistance!
<Nubtamer>	oh come on...  They're just mexicans...
<JennieTheBear>	you can trust me!
<chippercat>	you are killing babies Sarah
<tazman2087>	u wanna make a difference join the peace corps
<a2ndbree>	ok sarah this is like bree happening all over again :( you remember right?i mean i know it hurts but the truth hurts sometimes honey
<phisho>	We're saving lives too!
<goofy>	Sarah, no one wants to keep ypu from helping people
<PLRB>	You're killing innocents, Sarah. Is that the Meaning you want?
<FeathersOfBlue>	Chaos always follows order, its a never ending cycle. Your momentary peace wont last for long, Sarah.
<GregGallows>	Bornofdust, Juls, Accordian the /me command is only for actions and not for having your questions stand out. please refrain from using them for this like everyone else.
*	Traveler36 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	Wind_walker wants to beat Sarah with the crazy stick until she's back to normal
<psych0bunnie>	take off the bold accordianguy
<jonas_tko>	listen to all 147 people in here!!! they know what's up, you need to come home!
<california_love>	Sarah, let Jennie help you!
<BriarRose>	*sighs* Dont Harp Her!!
<JennieTheBear>	Sarah, remember those nights we'd stay up late talking about what nutjobs they are? Rememer?
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	guys, slow it down please. We will have to mute the room if this continues
*	maddemp (n=maddemp@unaffiliated/maddemp) has joined #lg15chat
<Traveler07>	Very true.
<virginian9000>	Sarah, did the lullaby project relocate?
<TDZane>	Sarah theres a difference between heling people for a just cause and a false cause
<september2star>	sarah----------- there is order in religions that do not have elders
<|DjKira>	he hasnt even asked about her, you were there, you saw her get killed, he knows and he does nothing, if that isnt abandonment its just as terrible
<Smog>	Sarah there is no song
<EricaRocks>	It's not like you can't go Back if you need
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Sarah there are 146 people in here telling you NOT to trust them
<Pheon>	you were helping others when you fought the Order, dear!
<daniel_beast>	Chippercat is right
<EricaRocks>	Come HOME
<skyisempty>	no jonas
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	We Can't ALL be wrong
<actressaur>	You're creating genetic mutant                                                                                                                       children
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	wow
<surfthetsu>	hey mad
<kristine233>	Sara, you saved a baby from HoO before, now you are helping them get more...  Your priorities are all whacked
<rmecpirate07>	HoO are using you, Sarah, they don't care about you at all
<QtheC>	skyisempty, if you really are Sarah, I think they may be giving you drugs in the food
<goofy>	Being confrontational with Sarah is not constructive
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	the number just shot up
<jonas_tko>	sarah, listen to jennie please!
<darkpoet>	sarah! You are not HAPPY. You are using this weird religion as an escape from the real world...
<TLP_ATL>	Where the hell is TAYLOR??
*	a2ndbree has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<skyisempty>	where have you been? why didn't you try and contact me earlier?
<littlesammy123>	silly sarah ur helping these women produce more trait positive babiees so the order can kill and use hem :(
<BitterArithmatic>	Sarah have we really lost you? Don't be so... naive. You're happy, true, but soon you'll find yourself as the pawn you never wanted to be.
<Traveler54>	sarah, its ok to have a new way of thinking on life if you choose, but do you really want to blood of other girls on your hands, you need to leave the HoO
<surfthetsu>	yes lets get TAYLOR
<mixbyspyke>	sarah u always said u wanted some one to care for u like they did for bree now u have it the care about u u need to listen to them 
*	phisho is now known as virgil
<california_love>	agreed, taylor needs to be here.
<cheddarcheese>	They will probly kill you if u dont get away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<emmilyy>	sarah, the order has not changed. they manipulated bree like they are manipulating you. listen to reason, please.
<xaccordianguyx>	sarah! what did the hymn of one do to bree? KILL her!
<BlogGirl14>	Sarah, there are lots of things you can do to help people, you can do a food drive, help in need or for instance, help yourself and get outta there
<Shiori>	Virgil?!
*	Broken_Kid hat virgil aus #lg15chat gekickt (Broken_Kid)
<daniel_beast>	Sarah, please can't you just listen to me? Does that mean anything to you?
<PLRB>	Is this the kind of Sarah Taylor would agree with?
<julz_rulz>	Sarah they've been tryng to contact you
<Marbella>	bitterarithmatic no bold please
<yuukaku>	he did try! he tried like crazy!! dont you see the videos?!??
<tazman2087>	no peyote has to be waht is making her act like this
<JenniPowell>	emmilyy: stop using bold
<GregGallows>	BlogGirl, please turn your colors off
<jimdogg>	Sarah I think they did try to contact you, but they weren't able to.
<Smog>	Tell her Beast
<skyisempty>	why should i listen to yu daniel?
<Pheon>	cause he cares
<julz_rulz>	hes your frinds
<EricaRocks>	virgil?!?!
<Traveler07>	Sarah, these people have  been with you thick and thin...
<bornofstardust>	He loves you.
<surfthetsu>	he loves you
<Evergreen>	bc he loves you
<TLP_ATL>	Sarah would listen to Taylor. Daniel, Jonas...calle her NOW
<KingDusk>	I have a question.... Where the hell is Sonia?! Honestly! 
<tazman2087>	cause he love u
<psych0bunnie>	daniel loves u
<goofy>	Peyote doesn't do that!!!!!
<maddemp>	only characters are to have colors
<Smog>	Beacus you complete him Sarah
<BriarRose>	Friends are friends. Her song is real. Why cant you have bolth Sarah?
<Nubtamer>	Who else can you listen to?
<ReputationForte>	because hes your friend?
<darkpoet>	only reall happines is worth it... are you really happy there? ith out jen.... dan... jonas... Em?
<littlesammy123>	listen to them cuz they care
<mixbyspyke>	because look at all he has been threw with u 
*	Traveler60 ( has joined #lg15chat
<ghostraider>	Daniel Cares about you
<Tirren>	Come on Sarah. Go back to Jonas and Daniel. The Hymn of one is just screwing with your brain.
<skyisempty>	why don't you go run off with your girlfriend
<xaccordianguyx>	you can trust daniel sarah, he's your friend and isnt lying to you like carl and chris!
<causepmonkeysaid>	The HoO sucked the blood out of a young girl. Your friend, for god's sake! They are a /cult/!
<yuukaku>	becaus ehe loves you!
<psych0bunnie>	You know he loves u sarah
<Shiori>	Sarah, we care about you. You can listen to your song with friends
<cheddarcheese>	Daniel cares about you.
*	Jo_16_2 daniel <3's sarah
<mixbyspyke>	and he cares for u
<Traveler07>	Ouch.
<julz_rulz>	everyone SHUSH! give them a chance to talk
<surfthetsu>	DANIEL LOVES YOU
<Traveler>	Daniel and Jonas, have you guys listened to Sarah before jumping all over her about coming back? I mean, I'm not taking her side, but it does a world of good to actually l-i-s-t-e-n
<BitterArithmatic>	Daniel's on the rebound
<Lala3434>	he loves you as we all do sarah
<daniel_beast>	Thans Sarah that's constructive
<Justin|here>	ow
<Pheon>	she's a dirty chear!
<Thecooler22>	He cares jonas Cares Taylor Cares We Care
<Nubtamer>	WHERE would you be WITHOUT them!?!?
*	Jo_16_2 he has no girlfriend
<goofy>	Sarah., she chaeted on him
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	because he's your friend.
<browcoat1701>	you said once that you loved him once. sarah
<Colwyn>	Sarah, you may think you're helping others. If you don't believe these guys, take a look at what Jennie has uncovered and you'll understand why she got out of there.
<skyisempty>	the Hymn of One i not screwing with my brain
<Wind_walker>	Oh Dear God Sarah, get off the paranoia train and open you eyes!!!!
<tazman2087>	mallory is a crazy person shes out
<xaccordianguyx>	wow sarah that was uncalled for
<virginian9000>	Sara, you are just being mean!
<littlesammy123>	hmm
<EricaRocks>	Sarah COME HOME and hear your song HERE
<simz>	sarah that was a stupid, immature comment
<rmecpirate07>	Sarah: that's really messed up
<julz_rulz>	yes they are
<shawnslovingwife>	Well, Daniel, you earned it!
<Tirren>	It is
<darkpoet>	only real happines is worth it... are you really happy there? With out jen.... dan... jonas... Em?
*	Traveler36 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Smog>	Yeah they are
<simz>	and if that's what keeping you there, you're being selfish
<daniel_beast>	Don't you remember what it's like to ACTUALLY have fun?
<Traveler07>	He did not :(
<kristine233>	Did you see Daniel's video where he tried to find you Sarah?
<virginian9000>	Sara, your defense is to stike out! We hate that! Be nice!
<Smog>	did u forget what they did to Sonia!
<littlesammy123>	yes they are sarah
*	allibean has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<rmecpirate07>	you know Daniel cares about you, we all do in fact
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Sarah, is this what that's all about?
<Nubtamer>	F. U. N.
<BriarRose>	Dont do thins to her!
<TDZane>	How do you know they artnt screwing with your brain?
<Pheon>	the fun YOU like
<JennieTheBear>	sarah, can we meet? 
<Poknish7>	sarah wat would taylor think about this
-romanceismusic/#LG15chat-	If You are not an official character, you need to turn off colors, bold, underlining and etc, or you will be kicked without warning.
<Traveler28>	Sarah, have you been paying attention to anything thats been going on lately?
<Traveler07>	Sarah, did you see the video where Daniel was trying to contact you?!
<jonas_tko>	sarah, come on!  how you could not realize that they are brainwashing you.
<ReputationForte>	yes they are, compare yourself before to now, which one is more screwed up?
*	Traveler22 ( has joined #lg15chat
*	HAMmy sets mode +m #LG15chat
<GregGallows>	Accorsianguy, please refrain from usiong underlined text. Just type it out like everyone else dude.
<daniel_beast>	I remember we had ice cream one time... and more :)
*	tiffers has disconnected (Client Quit)
<JennieTheBear>	maybe in the village or something
<skyisempty>	yeah i remember
*	LyssaRose has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Broken_Kid>	Ok guys...we muted it for a second. It got too crazy.
*	simz has disconnected (Client Quit)
<jonas_tko>	remember bree in the cabin?  remember how messed up she was and how we tried so hard to deprogram her!  don't go to the dark side!
*	Traveler70 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Broken_Kid>	please calm down...
<daniel_beast>	look, all i'm saying is think about who the people are who really care about you
*	Traveler93 ( has joined #lg15chat
<daniel_beast>	me and jonas
<skyisempty>	she was with bad people. i'm with people who love and appreciate me. i have found my voice
<HAMmy>	hey everybody, the room is now muted, we are asking all of you to please slow down  if it continues we will have to mute again
<jonas_tko>	guys, what on earth can we do?  she seems totally lost!
<skyisempty>	i've made progress daniel. progress i could have never made with you
<Renegade15>	then what happened to sonia, if they're all so nice?
*	#LG15chat :Cannot send to channel
<daniel_beast>	Sarah please please please listen to us
*	Traveler67 ( has joined #lg15chat
<daniel_beast>	are you kidding me?
*	HAMmy sets mode -m #LG15chat
<xaccordianguyx>	SARAH! the hymn of one is using you!
<skyisempty>	in fact, they are celebrating my evolution
*	Traveler22 is now known as phisho
<julz_rulz>	thanks BK :]
<Renegade15>	then what happened to sonia, if they're all so nice?
<surfthetsu>	Daniel loves you sarah! And Jonas is like, one of you're best friends
<TDZane>	naw devoiced?
<daniel_beast>	You left me!!!
<Traveler07>	Sarah, she was with the same people!
<BrandiLynn>	Sarah you're with the same people Bree was
<cheddarcheese>	They are going to screw you over!!!!!! Theyve done it before theyll do it again!!!!!
<goofy>	why we try to LISTEN to Sarah
<Shiori>	Sarah, can you listen to your song with Emma, then?
<bornofstardust>	Sarah, do you or do you not accept the fact that the HoO are a front for the Order?
<KingDusk>	MAKE her rewatch the vids with crazy bree.
<jimdogg>	Sarah.  Sometimes when things seem too good to be true, they probably are.  Families fight and have arguements and such.  Jonas and Daniel care about you and you know that.
<daniel_beast>	you broke my heart... but i'm hear fighting for you
<julz_rulz>	Your evolution???
<phisho>	so much for slowing it down
<BlogGirl14>	EVOLUTION!?!?!?!?
<BlogGirl14>	omg
<BriarRose>	We care. You can have your song, and your friends. We all miss you. We all love you. I dont mind a song-Sarah. Just as long as its a Sarah.
<tazman2087>	the hymn of one is the Lullaby project
<julz_rulz>	:'(
<Nubtamer>	Oh... my god...  Just get her out of there...
<psych0bunnie>	you hated bree, stop making excuses for your foolishness!!!
<september2star>	sarah----------- I know you need something in your life. But you need to see the bigger picture involved with the HoO. You may not need/want Jonas and Daniel, but remember there are others here that can help. Others that allow you to be yourself with out controlling you
<yuukaku>	O.O
<daniel_beast>	more regression
<xaccordianguyx>	sarah, daniel cares about you!
<surfthetsu>	Daniel STILL loves you
<skyisempty>	carl says that my song has arrived and he's making it official
<Thecooler22>	Really A Ceremony To celebrate COOL Sarah Come on
*	phisho asks Sarah to explain her evolution
<Nubtamer>	just get her he hell out of there...
-romanceismusic/#LG15chat-	Chat was temporarily put on mute. It is back in action, but please, only serious, relevent comments and questions. Take all other chatter to #outofgame
<elainab>	This is sad!
<jonas_tko>	when are they celbrating your evolution?  what does that even mean?
<Poknish7>	sarah r u sure ur no trait posistive?
<california_love>	Sarah, you are with the same people who hurt who hurt Bree! You could be next!
<ReputationForte>	Sarah, please just go back?
<JenniPowell>	making it official?
<causepmonkeysaid>	Evolution into cult induced psychosis obviously...
<virginian9000>	Sarah, don't do this to us!
<goofy>	is it a Beatles cover?
<Jonpro>	what does that mean sarah?
<JenniPowell>	what on earth does that mean?
<mixbyspyke>	there going to kill her
<PerkiePoo>	We are all here fighting for your true freedom!!
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<Lala3434>	carl probably tpld bree that
<JennieTheBear>	don't listen to carl!
<darkpoet>	you cant trust CARL Jennie tell her!~
<JennieTheBear>	he's dangerous
*	Traveler34 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<cheddarcheese>	Dont do any ceremonies!!!!! Have you forgotten about bree???????????????????/
<BriarRose>	Thats bad. A cerimony? I dont like this Sarah...
<phisho>	NRM, people. NOT cult
*	Traveler80 is now known as wookie
<Broken_Kid>	Jennie's right. You can't trust Carl
<surfthetsu>	Sarah you're going to DIE if you stay there
<Traveler74>	Carl is a douche
<EricaRocks>	IF it is real, you can be happy at Home
<xaccordianguyx>	sarah, carl is a CREEP! chris threatened you in a video, remember?
<Pheon>	please don't listen to Carl -- remember Sonia!
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Carl let those people HURT Sonia
<jonas_tko>	Jenny, what is she talking about?  how do they "celebrate her evolution?"
<actressaur>	you're doing a CEREMONY?
*	Traveler07 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	Traveler34 is now known as Imbealkariel
<Traveler28>	I remember when Sarah didnt even like carl
<bornofstardust>	Sarah, what does that even mean?
<JenniPowell>	did you see what Carl said to Jennie?
<goofy>	he is a douche
<FeathersOfBlue>	Sarah, you have to listen. Please listen. We have never did anything to lead you astray. We always stood by you. Jonas and Daniel have always stood by you. Please, trust us.
<browcoat1701>	oh and if carl says something it MUST be true
*	Traveler87 ( has joined #lg15chat
<immo1>	I hope they don't have a "ceremony" to celebrate your evolution!!!
<bornofstardust>	Sarah, have you FORGOTTEN everything???
<littlesammy123>	it probably means  their going ot find a way to kill u :P
<jimdogg>	Who the heck has trusted Carl? lol
<Imbealkariel>	ow i'm so latee
<skyisempty>	on Friday my lyrics will formalized and i will sing my song
<shawnslovingwife>	Alright, Sarah, you have every right to be pissed at the boys, but don't go joining in any celbration the HOO has...that's not good.
<actressaur>	ah
<Traveler87>	Crap.
<surfthetsu>	OH NOT
<california_love>	ew.
<elainab>	Jennie! Tell her what you found out about the lullaby project!
<littlesammy123>	huh?
<julz_rulz>	sarah, please. no
<virginian9000>	Oh noes
<BriarRose>	*smile*
<emmilyy>	why would you turn away from people who have always cared for you? and turn to people who have only liked you when its convenient? they are bad people. bad people with good hair.
<Broken_Kid>	What's Friday?
<ReputationForte>	and then what? be killed?
<Shiori>	That sounds ominous...
<charlie_star>	oh no
<PerkiePoo>	oh no!!
<RoyTheBoy>	What does that mean in English, Sara?
<EricaRocks>	You said Carl was CReepy
<JenniPowell>	Friday?
<Nubtamer>	WE'VE BEEN HERE ALL ALONG...  How can you abandon us for Carl and a bunch of strangers?!  Give us the benefit of the doubt for crying out loud.....
<jonas_tko>	don't do it!!!  these people are psychos!
<HAMmy>	skyisempty:  sarah no please don't 
<daniel_beast>	Sarah DON'T DO IT!!!!
<skyisempty>	my time's up. bye
<xaccordianguyx>	sarah, there is no song!
<surfthetsu>	ceremony much
<BlogGirl14>	Sarah, your name starts with a "S" not "C" you'll never fit in
<GregGallows>	oh no!
<MicFranXon>	oh no
*	Traveler20 (n=traveler@ has joined #lg15chat
<wookie>	its always on a friday
*	skyisempty has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<BriarRose>	Why is that bad???
<xaccordianguyx>	no dont go!
<julz_rulz>	SARAH
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	SARAH! 
<daniel_beast>	NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
<surfthetsu>	AHHHH
<Traveler87>	....
<HAMmy>	no
<chippercat>	Sarah!!!  Think about it all...  about Bree
<Shiori>	O_O
<jonas_tko>	sarah, wait!!!!
<JennieTheBear>	Sarah???!!!!
*	phisho is getting in his car right now and driving from GA to Mexico
<MicFranXon>	SARAH!!
<daniel_beast>	SARAH!
<goofy>	bye Sarah, take care and be careful
<QtheC>	skyisempty, if you are right, maybe it's worth taking a break, just to see if you are drugged
*	Traveler20 is now known as juuleeya
<Jo_16_2>	oh dear.
<maddemp>	noooooooo!!!
<EricaRocks>	bye sarah :(
<cheddarcheese>	Shes gone
<julz_rulz>	crap
<jonas_tko>	shit, she's gone
<Wind_walker>	DAMN!
<PerkiePoo>	................crap
<causepmonkeysaid>	Go and get her! Now!
<PLRB>	Sarah, think of Taylor! What about Taylor?
*	Traveler10 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Poknish7>	noooo
<daniel_beast>	DAMMIT!!!!!
<xaccordianguyx>	omg
<Imbealkariel>	oh no Sarah
*	Joe436 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<Evergreen>	you guys gt to get down there!
<Nubtamer>	Lulz owned
<causepmonkeysaid>	Or before Friday at least!
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Guys
<xaccordianguyx>	F*CK!
<JennieTheBear>	what happened? what was she talking about?
<becka_connects>	no Sarah
<littlesammy123>	hmmmmm 
<jonas_tko>	ahhhh, i don't think we got through to her
<yuukaku>	you guys ned to get down there by friday!
<surfthetsu>	SO WHAT NOW?
<Poknish7>	shes gone
<SivartAlappes>	5 minutes on the computer... you guys know their rules
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	you should GET Taylor 
<Jonpro>	guys, this is not good
<milo_went>	leave SARAH ALONE!!!! she's a HUMAN BEING!
*	Kara1234567 ( has joined #lg15chat
<mixbyspyke>	kidnap her
<PerkiePoo>	we tried
*	sammisocute5 ( has joined #lg15chat
<darkpoet>	no
<BitterArithmatic>	You have to get her before friday
<bornofstardust>	She has LOST IT!
<darkpoet>	we didnt
<JennieTheBear>	did anyone read what she said? 
<Jonpro>	lol milowent
<Shiori>	Jennie, you're the closest. You're going to have to do something
<surfthetsu>	JTB have you seen the ceremony
<GregGallows>	you all have to rescue her!
<JenniPowell>	Jennie: you know where she have to go get her
<julz_rulz>	ambush the camp on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<actressaur>	milo-LOL
<RoyTheBoy>	she's finalizing her song
<surfthetsu>	with bree?
<cheddarcheese>	Shes stubborn.. u have to talk her out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Traveler72>	Jennie can't you go back to the camp?
<littlesammy123>	u guyz need to find her soon
<goofy>	she's going for it on Friday
<emmilyy>	set the camp on fire :D
<Poknish7>	no
<tazman2087>	milo went is a traitor
*	Wind_walker has a copy
<jonas_tko>	jennie, i saw it.  she said something about friday night
<darkpoet>	you guys... it will still be easier in person
<JenniPowell>	they are going to "make her official" on Friday
<RoyTheBoy>	What does that mean? Are they going to inject her?
<EricaRocks>	Meet with Jennie and Track the camp
<BriarRose>	Shes going to do a thing to foramlise her song. Lyrics
<Nubtamer>	She's probably going through initiation...
<bornofstardust>	Jennie I agree, you need to go back.
<virginian9000>	go, get her, go go go g
<HAMmy>	ceremony friday everybody
<Pheon>	guys get down there and save her!  Get Taylor as well if you to.
<maddemp>	[21:34]	<skyisempty>	on Friday my lyrics will formalized and i will sing my song
*	sammisocute5 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<darkpoet>	yes!
<phisho>	Jennie, what does evolution mean?
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Jennie: you should get Daniel and Jonas to meet you there
<darkpoet>	taylor!
<PerkiePoo>	get her out of there....
*	sammisocute9 ( has joined #lg15chat
<maddemp>	thats what she said
<surfthetsu>	TAYLOR is needed
<immo1>	ask Sonia about the evolutution celebration!!!!
<BlogGirl14>	just like bree =[ Friday in that secret message
<littlesammy123>	thats tommorow nite 
<Thecooler22>	singing her eternal song at friday
<actressaur>	So you have two days
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	and all three of you kidnap her
<julz_rulz>	Daniel, go romanticise her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Traveler87>	Roy, I don't think so...they might just make her an official HoO-er
<ThaBeave>	Get Virgil to help, he's a crack shot
<JennieTheBear>	it sounds like she's really believing this crap
<ThaBeave>	<.<
<ThaBeave>	>.>
<daniel_beast>	Jennie can you help Sarah?
<PLRB>	Jonas, Daniel, and Jennie: You need to contact Taylor. I have a feeling she's what Sarah needs.
<julz_rulz>	Bring her back
<montelac>	Jennie, do you know where Srah is?
<phisho>	You're the only one who's been around these people
<coofie>	so much for chat rules
<causepmonkeysaid>	She said her "lyrics" will be formed on Friday night and she will sing her 'song".
<bornofstardust>	Besides, you need to go back so that you don't lose the location!
<mixbyspyke>	fri night there going to kill her
<EricaRocks>	Get to the camp!
<goofy>	where's spencer when we need him?
*	Traveler67 has disconnected (Client Quit)
<jimdogg>	I would advise all three of you, Jennie Daniel Jonas, to get together asap and talk about it in person.
<Traveler72>	Jennie you should at least be there on Friday to make sure she is ok
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Get Taylor!
<daniel_beast>	I'm worried about this thing on Friday...
<RoyTheBoy>	Yeah, maybe her sister can help
<tazman2087>	get your asses to mexico
<bornofstardust>	Camp! Go! Now! ;)
<JennieTheBear>	Daniel, we need to help her!
<SivartAlappes>	Taylor won't be able to get through either... remember how that went down last time?
<FeathersOfBlue>	She can't do it by herself, guys. 
<Evergreen>	Sarah needs an intervention... NOW!
<september2star>	jennie- you need to give Daniel and Joans your locations! let them come with you to get Sarah
<Lala3434>	get down there now
<jonas_tko>	me too, it doesn't sound good
<daniel_beast>	I don't think she's going to listen to reason
<TDZane>	she sounds as deep as bree was :(
<JennieTheBear>	some sort of celebration?
<immo1>	ask Sonia---she's your HOO expert!
<Shiori>	Daniel, get a ticket and get down there
<MicFranXon>	[22:34] <skyisempty> on Friday my lyrics will formalized and i will sing my song
<emmilyy>	*action music starts playing
<surfthetsu>	It sounds like A CEREMONY
<Evergreen>	Someone needs to help Jennie help Sarah!!!
<daniel_beast>	I agree TDZane
<Traveler87>	Mr. Beast and Jonas, you and Jennie need to meet up and get her!
<darkpoet>	jennie cant do it on her own you guys
<actressaur>	Jennie- Tell them where you are in PM
<littlesammy123>	uh oh
<BriarRose>	Why is this bad?
<MicFranXon>	that isnot good
<EricaRocks>	But it's a bad thing
<JazmynGrey>	I don't think that Taylor will reach her at this point.  I think this is a replacement for her family, or what she was lacking in her family.
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  daniel_beast  jonas_tko  you 3 need to get together!! by friday!! friday is the ceremonyyyyyy
<R_Zion>	More like an initiation
<chippercat>	Daniel...  go to Jenny...  help Sarah!!!
<yuukaku>	i belive in you guys i have to go.
<MicFranXon>	about the song
<jonas_tko>	jennie, what is friday all about?  have you ever seen one of these "evolutions"???
<ReputationForte>	jennie, you should just walk into camp on friday and try to mess up her 'ceremony'
<Imbealkariel>	maybe Sarah's mom could mget through her
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	Just...FORCE her
<causepmonkeysaid>	Jenn, you need to get to TAAG by tomorrow and lead them to the LP.
*	Traveler01 ( has joined #lg15chat
<daniel_beast>	sufthetsu i hope not...
<tazman2087>	get some ether and kidnap he ass
<julz_rulz>	Daniel, you need to make her come to her senses..... i think that only you can do that. only you can get through to her. i think she still loves tou
<PerkiePoo>	evolution celebration...grrr
<xaccordianguyx>	jonas, daniel, kidnap her and deprogram her
<JennieTheBear>	Hammy is right!
<surfthetsu>	me neither
<milo_went>	WWHD. what would hyemew do?
<bornofstardust>	JENNIE: Tell them where you are.  J&D: Go down to meet her and everybody go to the camp.
<Nubtamer>	Yo Daniel...  Look out for Watchers before you go filming THIS ceremony lol
<Thecooler22>	MAY be SARAH is In a State of group Hynosis it Happends ive seeing it
<mixbyspyke>	ceremony celebration same diffrence<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*	yuukaku has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<xaccordianguyx>	sorry for the underline!
<cheddarcheese>	Help her... dont let her do the ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Traveler284>	maybe emma can help her and sarah sis connect
<SonofaStitch_PJ>	throw her in a wagon or something
<emmilyy>	rally up TAAG!
<daniel_beast>	Thanks julz, I'll try
<EricaRocks>	Get together!
<Traveler72>	I don't think they would kill her...
<TLP_ATL>	Daniel, you've known for WEEKS where they were, why haven't you all gone down there?
<goofy>	they may...
<Jo_16_2>	get me some pills while you're there :o
<emmilyy>	I think they would -_-
<JennieTheBear>	the three of us need to get together. join forces i guess
<Traveler87>	She's not Trait+ I don't think she would...
<jonas_tko>	i agree, i think she still loves the beast.  we owe it to her to try and save her
<HAMmy>	yes JennieTheBear  daniel_beast  jonas_tko go meet up! 3 heads work better than one
<daniel_beast>	goo idea xaccordianguy
<MicFranXon> know..I think this is all about you in her head..if you can convince her that you want to get back together with her...
<cheddarcheese>	yes u do
*	Traveler56 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<SivartAlappes>	DO NOT KIDNAP HER... I mean, how well did that go over with Julz?  With Bree?
<Traveler87>	YES!
<tazman2087>	go to a autopart stora and buy some ether and kidnap sarah
<bornofstardust>	Yes, Daniel, love may save her.
<jonas_tko>	jennie, will you help us?
<daniel_beast>	I think you're right jennie
<EricaRocks>	Please, Jennie, at least let us know where the camp it
<Traveler10>	get sarah now dammit!!
<|DjKira>	you guys did this to yourselves. we warned you a thousand times and you left her there
<Pheon>	you guess?  you know!  Save her!!
<JennieTheBear>	she still loves him? hmmm
<september2star>	jennie- give them your location
<arcticgal>	what do you need us to do?
<Marbella>	no colors please travenler
<HAMmy>	traveler10 please get rid of the color 
<jonas_tko>	i agree with erica, where is the camp?
<Marbella>	traveler
<|DjKira>	as dangerous as you know the order is and you still underestimate them every time
<MicFranXon>	she SO loves him!
<GregGallows>	thats exactly what you should do Jennie! but can you do that before Sarah finalizes her song on Friday?
<surfthetsu>	The only thing that can bring her back is DANIEL's LOVE
<Traveler72>	Do any of you 3 think SARAH would go quietly...?
*	RoyTheBoy hat Traveler10 aus #lg15chat gekickt (RoyTheBoy)
<daniel_beast>	Where is it?
*	Traveler87 is now known as liv
<chippercat>	Yes...  you need to work together!!
<PLRB>	daniel_beast, you're a computer-literate guy. Set up a meeting spot for you, Jonas, and Jennie.
<TDZane>	i suggest you meet with jennie first any infomation she might of collected might help you get to sarah
<bornofstardust>	Jennie, you NEED to go back to the camp before they change locations!!!!!!!
*	Traveler has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	causepmonkeysaid has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<darkpoet>	you guys... work together! Im off! bye Jennie, Daniel, and Jonas, Greg. :D
<Thecooler22>	Beast how do u feel about Sarah right now?
<BlogGirl14>	CAMP PLAY???????????
*	Traveler28 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<JennieTheBear>	i can't tell you where it is publicly
<littlesammy123>	get to the camp soon 
<tazman2087>	PM db and jonas your locale
<julz_rulz>	Shes totally still in love with him.... COME ON!!! its obvious.
<Imbealkariel>	jennie, has Sarah talked about Daniel?
*	darkpoet has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<emmilyy>	the only reason she's staying down there is because she is jealous of mal. make it a point she's not in your life anymore, and she'll return!
<BriarRose>	No duh
<Traveler01>	I personally think that you should do what you did with Bree when you tried to de-program her.  She isn't THAT fargone as Bree was. 
<mixbyspyke>	dont forget the camera when u raid the camp lol
<bornofstardust>	Well do it in PM
*	Traveler ( has joined #lg15chat
<Marbella>	please no bold
<EricaRocks>	Of course Jennie
<EricaRocks>	PM
<TDZane>	be prepared before you enter this time
<cheddarcheese>	Email them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<immo1>	use Google Earth(TM)
*	Traveler77 ( has joined #lg15chat
<jonas_tko>	it's not the same as CAMP PLAY.  i was there, it was somewhere in mexico
<surfthetsu>	or PING
<SivartAlappes>	Good thinking, Jennie... never know who might be in here
<Poknish7>	jonas remember to bring alot of guns when u go
<TLP_ATL>	Daniel, you already know the genral area...we all told you AGES ago when you asked us to help
<Jo_16_2>	jenniethebear, get me some pills while you're at the cam
<ghostraider>	Send them a messege to intercpt where the camp is.
<maddemp>	travelers , no colors or bold
<daniel_beast>	good idea immo1
<JennieTheBear>	let's take this conversation offline
<Jo_16_2>	* camp
-HAMmy/#LG15chat-	reminder: please get rid of your colors unless you are a character...last warnings guys
<GregGallows>	Traveler01 please turn off your colors
*	Traveler75 ( has joined #lg15chat
<daniel_beast>	okay
<cheddarcheese>	Or talk in person
<phisho>	...yeah...
<Pheon>	good luck guys
<ThaBeave>	If you were there then you know where it is exactly...
<JenniPowell>	please talk you guys
<xaccordianguyx>	good luck
<Traveler72>	What are you guys going to do if you meet but though....she isn't going to be kidnapped or anything
*	BitterArithmatic has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<PLRB>	Bye guys
<goofy>	good luck!!!!!
<liv>	Good luck, all 3 of you.
<Marbella>	good luck!
<Evergreen>	SOMEONE needs to stay with Emma!
<tazman2087>	make a vid asap
<cheddarcheese>	Byee
<JenniPowell>	it will make us all feel so much better
<julz_rulz>	GOOD LUCK everyone :)
<daniel_beast>	Thanks everyone!
<bornofstardust>	Good luck and godspeed
<PerkiePoo>	goodluck u 3!!!!
<littlesammy123>	hope u can save sarah 
<PLRB>	Best of luck
<charlie_star>	good luck you three!
<JennieTheBear>	how are we going to convince sarah to leave? 
<jonas_tko>	good idea jennie.  
<EricaRocks>	Bye guys
<surfthetsu>	make sure you do this BEFORE FRIDAY
<actressaur>	good luck!
<Imbealkariel>	god luck
<R_Zion>	Via con Dios
<Broken_Kid>	make sure you let us know what you decide!
<Lala3434>	be safe
<Thecooler22>	Bye Dudes
<Traveler74>	You guys be prepared to take her against her will.
<Wind_walker>	good luck and god speed
<EricaRocks>	be SAFE
<EmiB>	good luck!
<TDZane>	yeh it be better if you met and good luck
<Cloud_ax>	good luck guys
<elainab>	Good Luck Guys!
<JennieTheBear>	what does everyone here think?
<JenniPowell>	and let us know how we can help
*	ApotheosisAZ has disconnected ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
<goofy>	Ciao baby!
<littlesammy123>	good luck :)
<Poknish7>	dont take emma with u guys
<bornofstardust>	You may have to do it by force, Jennie
<Nubtamer>	Force
<Colwyn>	Good luck to the three of you.
<browcoat1701>	good luck. bring her back to us
<daniel_beast>	Bye!
<EricaRocks>	I love you al
<daniel_beast>	Thanks!
<surfthetsu>	meet
<PLRB>	Try Taylor.
<Marbella>	i'm so glad you're all working together.. bye!
<Poknish7>	it might be a trap
<xaccordianguyx>	bye!
<EricaRocks>	*all
<Jo_16_2>	kidnap her!
<cheddarcheese>	Jennie,  meet with J and D
<surfthetsu>	Taylor
<julz_rulz>	byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<KingDusk>	Ciao, bellos, bella
<ghostraider>	May God be with you
<SivartAlappes>	Who will look after Emma?  YOu can't take her with you.. they'll try to get her from you!
<mixbyspyke>	do it tonight
<psych0bunnie>	just kidnap her
<BlogGirl14>	lure her with cookies =D
<phisho>	I think I'm coming with you. That's what I think. See you in Mexico.
<jonas_tko>	jennie, we'll talk about this offline!
<JennieTheBear>	kidnap her? 
<littlesammy123>	bye
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  get together with jonas and daniel
<Imbealkariel>	try taylor or her mother
<PerkiePoo>	drag her out...kicking and screaming if you have to
<september2star>	have sarah come back to the states and see other religions
<Traveler>	i think you guys need to find the right thing to prove to sarah that the camp is evil
<tazman2087>	yes
<emmilyy>	yesssss, return of taag!
<surfthetsu>	There is power in numbers
<JenniPowell>	you can't kipnap her
<TLP_ATL>	Jennie, they need to go to TEXAS and picke up Sarah's sister, Taylor.
<Jo_16_2>	sure
<Traveler72>	I don't think you can convince her...unless you give her that info you got Jennie
<Pheon>	get Taylor -- she has a sisterly voice of reason
<julz_rulz>	kidnap!!!! yay
<mixbyspyke>	yes
<JennieTheBear>	okay i'll pm yu
<bornofstardust>	It may be the only way
<montelac>	Go get srah, Jennie!
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  no dont kidnap her
<Nubtamer>	It's the only way
<xaccordianguyx>	KIDNAP HER!
*	MicFranXon hat emmilyy aus #LG15chat gekickt (MicFranXon)
<Jo_16_2>	best option right now
<bornofstardust>	TRY to do it with reason
<PerkiePoo>	ya...kidnap her!!!
<tazman2087>	kidnap her
*	Traveler96 ( has joined #lg15chat
<daniel_beast>	Thanks for your help everyone!!!!!
<JenniPowell>	this is all about free will, remember?
<Shiori>	Yes, kidnap
<EricaRocks>	Jennie they want to talk offline
<QtheC>	JennieTheBear jonas_tko daniel_beast - use some of Jonas' megabucks and hire some pros with guns to help you
<bornofstardust>	Or with love form Daniel
<Traveler>	you guys need to prove to her that this camp isnt good
<Poknish7>	they might try to kidnap emma
*	Traveler43 has disconnected (Connection timed out)
<Nubtamer>	The only way...
<immo1>	I say talk to Sonia--she should know something
<BlogGirl14>	byeeeeeeeee
<Shiori>	Intervention!
<Jonpro>	np db
<PLRB>	Of course
<HAMmy>	bye daniel_beast 
<FeathersOfBlue>	Good luck you guys. Please take care!
<tazman2087>	get some eter
<Evergreen>	byeeeeeee
<coofie>	guns, rope and socks for her mouf
*	Jo_16_2 you dont have much time to talk to her there
<cheddarcheese>	ur welcome
<jonas_tko>	everyone, thanks so much for your support.  we tried with sarah, but she seems in pretty deep.  but beast and i will come up with something to help her
<psych0bunnie>	bye DB
*	goofy ( hat #lg15chat verlassen
<coofie>	lemme know if you need help
<chippercat>	I think if she sees and talks to Daniel she'll snap out of it
<Shiori>	Bye, guys!
<littlesammy123>	good luck
<JenniPowell>	if you kidnap her, you're as bad as them
*	Traveler99 ( has joined #lg15chat
<Jonpro>	gl jonas
<JennieTheBear>	thanks everyone for setting this up!
<julz_rulz>	no probs guys, you know we love you all ;) :d
<Traveler74>	Yes. Bree was lost. They'll have to take her by force.
<jonas_tko>	jennie, we'll talk soon.
<Nubtamer>	mhm cya
<cheddarcheese>	YW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<PLRB>	Any time!
<liv>	No problem!
<Traveler72>	DONT KIDNAP HER
<surfthetsu>	get Taylor
<charlie_star>	Fingers are crossed for you
<montelac>	Good luck, Jonas!
<jonas_tko>	everyone else, goodnight!
<liv>	Good luck, you three!
<GregGallows>	Thank you all! Save sarah asap!
<JenniPowell>	thanks for coming Jennie
<Traveler01>	Force. 
<surfthetsu>	shell help
<PerkiePoo>	your welcome **huggzz**
<actressaur>	oh yeah call TAYLOR
<FeathersOfBlue>	Bye you guys!
<coofie>	and tay
<bornofstardust>	Goodnight! :)
<liv>	Sleep well, jonas ;)
<phisho>	Sweet dreams.
<MicFranXon>	Kidnap her
<september2star>	night
<JenniPowell>	remember, you guys have until Friday
<california_love>	good night all!
*	Traveler2 ( has joined #lg15chat
<EricaRocks>	Meep, Jonas!
<jimdogg>	Jennie, Keep DB and Jonas out of trouble lol
*	jonas_tko has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	daniel_beast has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<charlie_star>	Night
<cheddarcheese>	bye
<tazman2087>	oodluck
<littlesammy123>	nite
<HAMmy>	you guys be safe now!!!
<rmecpirate07>	get TAYLOR
<actressaur>	night
<Lala3434>	DB plant a big kiss on her
<chippercat>	g'night
*	Traveler has disconnected (Client Quit)
*	Poknish7 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<TDZane>	goodnight and good luck
<liv>	Oh my god, that made my night. 
<JennieTheBear>	bye daniel and jonas
<julz_rulz>	Get Taylor to hlp!!!!
<TLP_ATL>	Daniel, you're an idiot. We've been telling you where they are forever now. 
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  dont kidnap her!!
<SivartAlappes>	WAIT, JONAS!!!!!!! PM me.. I know a litle something about brainwashing.. hypnotizing.. that type of thing
<Nubtamer>	too late
<Pheon>	I don't care what you guys do,just get Sarah back
<Broken_Kid>	good luck, Jennie!
*	RoyTheBoy hat Traveler01 aus #lg15chat gekickt (RoyTheBoy)
<Nubtamer>	lol
<|DjKira>	dont kidnap her
<JenniPowell>	yes, please don't kidnap her
<|DjKira>	that is a bad plan
<montelac>	Good luck, Jennie!
<Broken_Kid>	we have faith in you.
<JennieTheBear>	i'll try not kidnap her lol
<tazman2087>	good luck jennie
*	Traveler60 has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<cheddarcheese>	good luck jen
<FeathersOfBlue>	lol Jennie
<|DjKira>	you have to change her way of thinking
<JenniPowell>	I think she just needs to see her friends
<Nubtamer>	It's the only way srsly
<mixbyspyke>	do it if u have too
<liv>	That's a good idea, Jennie. 
*	california_love has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<HAMmy>	JennieTheBear:  try showing her the old videos
<Thecooler22>	LOL jennie
<september2star>	jennie- you need to show her other ways to find enlightenment
<Nubtamer>	we all know Sara's stubborn.
<|DjKira>	thats the only thing that will work
*	JennieTheBear has disconnected ("Java user signed off")