Party of One

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Episode 385/2x129
Party of One

No, no, no! You're doing it all wrong: you're stretching a 16:9 image to fit a 4:3 area. Jeez.

Blogger Jennie
Date Posted December 31st, 2007
Forum 15535|3=lg15}}
Length 3:06
Description I left the Lullaby Project and don't know what to do next. I'll be in the chat room at Wednesday night at 7:00 pm PST. I hope you can join me and help me figure this out!
Location(s) Lullaby Project
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 bree daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Supervising Producer(s) Mary Feuer
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Jan Libby
Story Mary Feuer, Jan Libby, Jonathan Robert Kaplan, and Mesh Flinders
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Carl Craig Coyne
Sonia Raegan Payne
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Jonas Jackson Davis
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Party of One is the three-hundred eighty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred twenty-ninth video of season two.


Jennie: Hey, it's New Year's Eve and the Hymn of Oners are having a party. And by party I mean they're sitting around in a circle listening to imaginary music. (raises her arms like the Hymn of Oners do) (laughs) So, anyway, Carl found out that I posted that video online of him talking about the discrepancies in the numbers and asked me to bring him the tape. I said I would. And then I grabbed as much stuff as I could carry on my bike and got the heck out of there. I asked Sarah to come with me, but she said "no". I honestly don't think I can help her anymore. Most sociologists and anthropologists would argue that you can't define the term "cult". And I know that most sociologists would look at something like the Hymn of One and label it as an NRM rather than a cult. But, you know, I've been watching and rewatching the videos of Sarah and all you guys for like, hours and, I gotta say, I'm completely blown away.

(Cut to Bree in Bedside Manner.)

Daniel: There's no eternal song!

(Cut to Carl in Sing Until The End.)

Carl: Listen to your heart and sing.

(Cut to Carl and Sonia in Spreading the Song.)

Sonia: Have you even seen Bree since the Ceremony...

(Cut to Bree in lonelygirl15 Season Finale 10 of 12 – 5 pm.)

Sonia: (voiceover) ...because I haven't.

(Cut to Sonia from They Beat Her!!!.)

Daniel: They took her and tried to find where the baby is.

(Cut to Jonas in Connections.)

Jonas: The Hymn of One is a cult, which is a cover for the Order.

(Cut back to Jennie.)

Jennie: I don't believe that the Hymn of One is a new religious movement, but I also have a problem saying it's a cult. It's not a cult. The word cult actually comes from the Latin word cultus, which means "care" or "adoration". Like the people who worship the Virgin Mary. Or the people who worship the green people that live in the center of the earth. There are people who believe that there are green beings that live in the interior of our planet and guide us. And I would say that they are a cult. But what does the Hymn of One really worship? Who is their God? As near as I can tell, there's some sort of vague idea about the collective unconscious behind the whole eternal song thing. But what I see is a bunch of lost people clinging onto whatever connection they can grab. I'm not saying they know what's going on--all the bad stuff. Well, maybe not all of them. (mouths "Carl") The Hymn of One people are definitely being used by someone. Verdus, the Order? Either way, it's, it's just a nightmare. We need to get Sarah far away from these people so she can objectively see what's happening to her. She is not thinking for herself anymore. She's slowly becoming... well, remember Sarah?

(Cut to Sarah in Entertaining Myself.)

Sarah: These videos make me fall over. Sing the eternal annoying song.

(Cut back to Jennie.)

Jennie: She's slowly becoming... not Sarah. And Sarah not being Sarah--that really scares me. So, Jonas, Daniel--help me get Sarah back!



As promised, on January 2nd, 7 pm, Jennie joined chat. The transcript below is filtered to show only messages said by characters, as there were more than 150 people present and a full transcript would be thousands of lines long.
This filtering was done semi-automatically; no guarantees for completeness are given. A full chatlog can be read at Party of One/Full chatlog.

*	Traveler99 ( has joined #lg15chat
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<JennieTheBear>	hi everyone
<JennieTheBear>	wow there's a lot of people in here!!
<JennieTheBear>	thanks for the welcome
<JennieTheBear>	you were? countring the minutes?
<JennieTheBear>	i'm ok a little nervous
<JennieTheBear>	i've never done anything like this before
<JennieTheBear>	hold on a second, my internet connction is a bit sketchy
*	RoyTheBoy gives voice-status to JennieTheBear
<JennieTheBear>	ok i'm back. so i'm at a hotel
<JennieTheBear>	i left the camp after carl you know found out i was taping him
<JennieTheBear>	i would have never had the guts to stick it out if it hadn't been for everyone's support
<JennieTheBear>	i really appreciate the notes people sent me on the forum
<JennieTheBear>	Carl really freaked me out and i've been in hiding since
<JennieTheBear>	i don't know if anyone followed me, i hope not
<JennieTheBear>	i moved a couple times this week
<JennieTheBear>	and haven't been out at all, except to make that video
<JennieTheBear>	first, i want to apologize for not getting sarah out of there with me
<JennieTheBear>	i know everyone here is worried about her and so am i
<JennieTheBear>	that's where you come n
<JennieTheBear>	you all know these people better than me
<JennieTheBear>	how dangerous are they?
<JennieTheBear>	yikes, kill?
<JennieTheBear>	that's why i DON'T understand why Sarah would stay with them
<JennieTheBear>	what do you htink?
<JennieTheBear>	why would sarah stay with carl?
<JennieTheBear>	exactly - she needs to snap out of it but won't
<JennieTheBear>	i tried talking to her - they really don't leave her alone much
<JennieTheBear>	everyone keeps mentioning daniel and jonas - can i trust them?
<JennieTheBear>	they haven't exactly been the best of friends to Sarah
<JennieTheBear>	i don't think she's drugged, but there's a lot of medication around the camp soo...
<JennieTheBear>	tazman - don't worry i won't
<JennieTheBear>	Q, i gathered as much info as i could
<JennieTheBear>	it was difficult to grab everything because i left in such a hurry
<JennieTheBear>	a gun??
<JennieTheBear>	i need a plan, that's sort of why i'm here
<JennieTheBear>	i can't do this alone
<JennieTheBear>	i don't know if i can go back there by myself
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<JennieTheBear>	mercenaries? do they really know people like that?
*	JenniPowell gives voice-status to jonas_tko
*	RoyTheBoy gives voice-status to jonas_tko
<JennieTheBear>	hi, is that really jonas?
<jonas_tko>	hey everyone!
<jonas_tko>	wow, lot of you in here
<daniel_beast>	YO!
<JennieTheBear>	daniel, jonas how are ou guys?
<jonas_tko>	hey everyone
<daniel_beast>	Good! How is everyone?  Thanks for seting this up
<jonas_tko>	jennie, how are you?
<daniel_beast>	man psych0bunnie it isn't good
<JennieTheBear>	daniel, i saw your post on the forum. thank you or offering to help me
<JennieTheBear>	are you serious about that?
<daniel_beast>	you're welcome jennie
<daniel_beast>	i'm really worried about Sarah!
<jonas_tko>	are you ok?  we just got in here, what did i miss?
<JennieTheBear>	BrokenKid, are you sure?
<daniel_beast>	maybe, it's touc
<daniel_beast>	tough
<jonas_tko>	Jennie, did you get info from LP?
<JennieTheBear>	i'm worried to but after that last video of her i don't know how to get through to her
<daniel_beast>	I know, i've never seen sarah like that
<daniel_beast>	She's usually so independent but now she's brainwashed
<JennieTheBear>	so you both know her better than i do, what do you suggest?
<jonas_tko>	Jennie, are you in a safe place?
<jonas_tko>	do they know your location?
<daniel_beast>	Buy here black nail polish 
<JennieTheBear>	i'm safe for now, i just keep moving
<JennieTheBear>	jonas, how can i trust you? you left her in the desert
<jonas_tko>	i didn't mean to leave to her.  i was distracted and she took off on me.
<JennieTheBear>	that's true zoey
<jonas_tko>	thanks feathers, i appreciate that!
<jonas_tko>	i don't think sarah was being a bit$h, she was just mad at me and took off
<jonas_tko>	sarah is a good friend and we need to help her!
<daniel_beast>	It's funny, we didn't trust Jonas at first either... but now he's my boy
<JennieTheBear>	ok then maybe we should meet and do soething together?
<jonas_tko>	jennie, listen to cheddarcheese.  we care deeply about sarah
<JennieTheBear>	lol Daniel
<jonas_tko>	thanks beast, i trust you with my life
<daniel_beast>	I DEFINITELY didn't trust him :)
<daniel_beast>	just kidding bro
<daniel_beast>	thanks man, me too
<JennieTheBear>	well you can trust me too!
<jonas_tko>	jennie, can we trust you?
<daniel_beast>	Frankly right now I don't trust any girls...
<JennieTheBear>	yes i just want what's best for sarah and to take down the lullaby project
<jonas_tko>	beast, i hear you on that one.  but sarah is like family
*	Traveler58 ( has joined #lg15chat
<jonas_tko>	we need to do something
<daniel_beast>	true jonas
<daniel_beast>	lol sivart
*	Traveler58 is now known as skyisempty
<daniel_beast>	thanks ghost
<jonas_tko>	jennie, we saw sarah's latest video and she seemed in pretty deep.  can we get her back?
<skyisempty>	what's going on here?
<skyisempty>	what's going on???
<daniel_beast>	skyisempty?????
<jonas_tko>	holy sh#t, is sarah in here?
<skyisempty>	why are you guys talking about me?
<daniel_beast>	sarah!?!?!
<jonas_tko>	sarah, is that you?
<skyisempty>	hi jonas, yes it's me
*	Cloud_ax gives voice-status to skyisempty
<jonas_tko>	sarah, you need to come back to us, we miss you and are concerned!!!
<skyisempty>	I'm fine. I only have a secnd, but I saw everyone here on chat
<daniel_beast>	sarah, listen i've been trying to get in touch... the hoo blocked me
<jonas_tko>	sarah, listen to virginian!!! get our of there and come back to us
<daniel_beast>	sarah, look you need to trust jennie
<skyisempty>	Jennie, why are you saying these things? I'm happy and I don't want to leave.
<jonas_tko>	sarah, how could you be happy with those nutjobs! 
<daniel_beast>	Happy!?!?!!
<jonas_tko>	you know what they are capable of
<JennieTheBear>	I'm worried about you
<daniel_beast>	funny tazman
<JennieTheBear>	Sarah, please listen to me I can still help you
<jonas_tko>	sara, listen to xaccord!  hoo is evil!
<skyisempty>	For the first time in my life i have meaning
<jonas_tko>	what kind of meaning? killing babies?
<daniel_beast>	Sarah, look I know you're looking for answers and that you want meaning or whatever but trust me the HOO is not the answer
<skyisempty>	a purpose and they like me. carl and claudia would never abandon me
<skyisempty>	you guys don't understand
<skyisempty>	where there was chaos there i now order
<daniel_beast>	sarah ????
<jonas_tko>	what don't we understand!  you are with the bad guys!
<skyisempty>	i'm helping people and making a difference
<daniel_beast>	come on, what happened to the "No Mrs. Cleaver" Sarah that I knew???
<jonas_tko>	sarah, please trust jennie!  she can help you and bring you home to us
<daniel_beast>	Sarah... they are USING you!
<JennieTheBear>	you can trust me!
<jonas_tko>	listen to all 147 people in here!!! they know what's up, you need to come home!
<JennieTheBear>	Sarah, remember those nights we'd stay up late talking about what nutjobs they are? Rememer?
<daniel_beast>	Chippercat is right
<skyisempty>	no jonas
<jonas_tko>	sarah, listen to jennie please!
<skyisempty>	where have you been? why didn't you try and contact me earlier?
<daniel_beast>	Sarah, please can't you just listen to me? Does that mean anything to you?
<skyisempty>	why should i listen to yu daniel?
<skyisempty>	why don't you go run off with your girlfriend
<daniel_beast>	Thans Sarah that's constructive
<skyisempty>	the Hymn of One i not screwing with my brain
<daniel_beast>	Don't you remember what it's like to ACTUALLY have fun?
<JennieTheBear>	sarah, can we meet? 
<jonas_tko>	sarah, come on!  how you could not realize that they are brainwashing you.
<daniel_beast>	I remember we had ice cream one time... and more :)
<JennieTheBear>	maybe in the village or something
<skyisempty>	yeah i remember
<jonas_tko>	remember bree in the cabin?  remember how messed up she was and how we tried so hard to deprogram her!  don't go to the dark side!
<daniel_beast>	look, all i'm saying is think about who the people are who really care about you
<daniel_beast>	me and jonas
<skyisempty>	she was with bad people. i'm with people who love and appreciate me. i have found my voice
<jonas_tko>	guys, what on earth can we do?  she seems totally lost!
<skyisempty>	i've made progress daniel. progress i could have never made with you
<daniel_beast>	Sarah please please please listen to us
<daniel_beast>	are you kidding me?
<skyisempty>	in fact, they are celebrating my evolution
<daniel_beast>	You left me!!!
<daniel_beast>	you broke my heart... but i'm hear fighting for you
<daniel_beast>	more regression
<skyisempty>	carl says that my song has arrived and he's making it official
<jonas_tko>	when are they celbrating your evolution?  what does that even mean?
<JennieTheBear>	don't listen to carl!
<JennieTheBear>	he's dangerous
<jonas_tko>	Jenny, what is she talking about?  how do they "celebrate her evolution?"
<skyisempty>	on Friday my lyrics will formalized and i will sing my song
<jonas_tko>	don't do it!!!  these people are psychos!
<daniel_beast>	Sarah DON'T DO IT!!!!
<skyisempty>	my time's up. bye
*	skyisempty has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<daniel_beast>	NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
<jonas_tko>	sarah, wait!!!!
<JennieTheBear>	Sarah???!!!!
<daniel_beast>	SARAH!
<jonas_tko>	shit, she's gone
<daniel_beast>	DAMMIT!!!!!
<JennieTheBear>	what happened? what was she talking about?
<jonas_tko>	ahhhh, i don't think we got through to her
<JennieTheBear>	did anyone read what she said? 
<jonas_tko>	jennie, i saw it.  she said something about friday night
<JennieTheBear>	it sounds like she's really believing this crap
<daniel_beast>	Jennie can you help Sarah?
<daniel_beast>	I'm worried about this thing on Friday...
<JennieTheBear>	Daniel, we need to help her!
<jonas_tko>	me too, it doesn't sound good
<daniel_beast>	I don't think she's going to listen to reason
<JennieTheBear>	some sort of celebration?
<daniel_beast>	I agree TDZane
<jonas_tko>	jennie, what is friday all about?  have you ever seen one of these "evolutions"???
<daniel_beast>	sufthetsu i hope not...
<JennieTheBear>	Hammy is right!
<daniel_beast>	Thanks julz, I'll try
<JennieTheBear>	the three of us need to get together. join forces i guess
<jonas_tko>	i agree, i think she still loves the beast.  we owe it to her to try and save her
<daniel_beast>	goo idea xaccordianguy
<jonas_tko>	jennie, will you help us?
<daniel_beast>	I think you're right jennie
<JennieTheBear>	she still loves him? hmmm
<jonas_tko>	i agree with erica, where is the camp?
<daniel_beast>	Where is it?
<JennieTheBear>	i can't tell you where it is publicly
<jonas_tko>	it's not the same as CAMP PLAY.  i was there, it was somewhere in mexico
<daniel_beast>	good idea immo1
<JennieTheBear>	let's take this conversation offline
<daniel_beast>	okay
<daniel_beast>	Thanks everyone!
<JennieTheBear>	how are we going to convince sarah to leave? 
<jonas_tko>	good idea jennie.  
<JennieTheBear>	what does everyone here think?
<daniel_beast>	Bye!
<daniel_beast>	Thanks!
<jonas_tko>	jennie, we'll talk about this offline!
<JennieTheBear>	kidnap her? 
<JennieTheBear>	okay i'll pm yu
<daniel_beast>	Thanks for your help everyone!!!!!
<jonas_tko>	everyone, thanks so much for your support.  we tried with sarah, but she seems in pretty deep.  but beast and i will come up with something to help her
<JennieTheBear>	thanks everyone for setting this up!
<jonas_tko>	jennie, we'll talk soon.
<jonas_tko>	everyone else, goodnight!
*	jonas_tko has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
*	daniel_beast has disconnected ("Java user signed off")
<JennieTheBear>	bye daniel and jonas
<JennieTheBear>	i'll try not kidnap her lol
*	JennieTheBear has disconnected ("Java user signed off")