Precious Blood: 6PM

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Episode 224/2x069
Precious Blood: 6PM

Enochian - Bree Avery - Enochian

Blogger Charlie
Date Posted April 5th, 2008
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Length 7:13
Description ...
Location(s) The Precious Blood bunker
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Charlie
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
On-Set Producer Louis Figgis
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Luke Hyams and Lawrence Tallis
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) John Palmer
Gavin Ralf Little
Charlie Tara Rushton
Lauren Emma Pollard
Steve Giles Alderson
Kate's Watcher Pete Gibbons
Michelle Clore Valerie Cutko
Clore's Shadow Mike GLC
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Precious Blood: 6PM is the two-hundred twenty-fourth webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the sixty-ninth video of season two.


(Charlie exits the bunker through the pipe, approaching Gavin on his laptop.)

Gavin: He's not coming is he?

Charlie: No.

Gavin: (Closes his laptop.) Okay, come on. Let's get the fuck out of here. (Stands up.)

Charlie: We can't leave without Lauren and Steve!

Gavin: What? You just said you didn't even know if they were still here!

Charlie: Yeah, but I can't be sure.

Gavin: Be sure of what? That we get ourselves killed by a drugged up maniac? Come on!

Charlie: No, you can go if I want, but I'm staying!

(Gasping and running footsteps are heard inside the pipe.)

Charlie: Oh my god! Oh my god!

(Steve emerges from the pipe, followed by Lauren.)

Gavin: J-J- Steve!

Charlie: Oh, are you okay?

Steve: Yeah, we're fine; we're fine!

Gavin: What, is he after you?

Steve: Yeah. Yeah, it looks that way.

Gavin: Well, let's not wait around for him to come and finish the job off. Let's go, come on! (Gavin grabs Steve's arm and they begin leaving.)

Steve: No!

(They stop and look at Steve.)

Gavin: What do you mean, "no"?

Steve: This ends now! Lauren's safe, okay? I'm going to make sure that Terrence pays!

Gavin: Well when did you turn into Steven Seagal?

(Steve backs into the pipe.)

Charlie: No, Steve, this is crazy! Steve, just come out of th- Steve!

Gavin: Oh, just leave him.

Charlie: Steve!

Gavin: If he wants to go, that's fine. (Turning to Lauren.) Are you okay?

(Charlie walks past Gavin into the pipe.)

Lauren: I didn't think we'd get out!

Gavin: Charlie! (Charlie pans back to Gavin and Lauren.) Charlie, what are you doing?

Charlie: Look, he saved Lauren. I can't leave without him.

Gavin: If Steve wants to go and get himself killed, that's his business. You owe him nothing! come on!

Charlie: No. Please just look after Lauren; make sure she's safe.

Gavin: Charlie, it's suicide!

Charlie: I'm sorry! (Runs into the bunker.)

Gavin: Charlie! Charlie!

(Cut to Charlie using the night vision on the camera as she descends the stairs.)

Charlie: (Whispering.) Steve! Steve? (Charlie looks around nervously in the dark. The sound of water dripping can be heard.) Steve! Steve! Shit, what am I doing? Steve? (Charlie peers around a corner at the bottom of the stairwell.) Steve? (A Shadow is seen wandering the corridor and Charlie jumps back.) Oh my god! He was not supposed to be here!

(Charlie nervously ventures down the hallway. Cut to Charlie wandering down another corridor. Michelle Clore's voice can be heard. Michelle Clore's voice is eminating from a video of her speaking in Enochian.)

Charlie: (Whispering.) What the hell is that?

(Charlie zooms in on the television playing the video. The words "Bree Avery" and "California" can be heard in her speech. Charlie watches some of the video and takes the DVD. Cut to Charlie wandering down another hallway. She zooms in on a window, in which Kate's watcher is seen looking around.)

Charlie: Oh, god, this is not good.

(Charlie turns and goes back through the door she came in. Charlie wanders to a stairwell. As she is about to enter another door, she looks down to the bottom and sees Steve.)

Charlie: (Whispering.) Steve! (Steve looks around, confused.) Steve! (Steve looks up.) Up here!

Steve: (Whispering.) Charlie?

(Charlie races down the stairs while Steve races up to meet each other.)

Charlie: (Whispering.) Steve!

Steve: (Whispering.) Charlie!

Charlie: Steve, we've got to get out!

Steve: No! Like I said, this ends now.

Charlie: Look, I understand how you feel, but the Shadows are here.

Steve: Yeah, I know.

Charlie: Which means we've got to get out now!

Steve: No! I'm sorry, Charlie, no.

Charlie: Steve, I'm not joking. It was amazing that you got Lauren out of here today, but there's three against one. And unless you've learned the Vulcan death grip overnight, I don't like your odds. We have to go! Please?

Steve: Oh, shit. Oh, shit, you're right. What am I doing?

(Charlie looks up and down in the stairwell.)

Charlie: Come on. Come on.

Steve: I mean it, though. Terrence is gonna pay for this.

Charlie: Okay, but we've just got to get out.

Steve: It's this way. Shh.

Charlie: Which way? Down?

Steve: Yes. This is the way I was going.

Charlie: Okay.

Steve: Hang on a second.

(Steve motions for Charlie to be quiet as they reach the bottom of the stairwell.)

Charlie: Which way? Which way?

(Cut to a shot of the stairwell.)

Steve: This way.

Charlie: Are you sure?

Steve: Yeah.

Charlie: Okay.

Steve: Okay. (Kate's Watcher appears behind the second door in front of them.) Oh, shit!

Charlie: Oh god! Steve, we've got to go. Steve...

(The Watcher breaks the door's window with a fire extinguisher.)

Steve: Okay, let's go. (They both run up the stairs.) Go-go-go-go-go!

(An alarm sounds and more glass is heard shattering. Cut to Steve running through two doors. They run into a hallway behind the room, into another room, and up a flight of stairs. Steve leads the way through two more doors.)

Charlie: Shh-

(Steve motions for Charlie to follow him into a room filled with bunks. Steve stops when he spots the bloody sheet covering a body.)

Charlie: What is it?

(Steve enters the room nervously. They look cautiously at a table covered in bloody sheets.)

Charlie: Oh my god...

(Charlie pans the camera to an X-Ray image of a woman's pelvis. The camera pans to numerous bags of blood hung up next tot he table and surgical equipment covered in blood. It then pans to the body covered with the blood-soaked sheet.)

Charlie: Oh! My-

Steve: Shit, shit.

(Charlie whimpers as Steve moves slowly to toward the body.)

Charlie: Oh! What is it? (Steve moves to remove the sheet.) No, don't! Don't, don't! Don't, don't! Leave it! (Steve lifts up the sheet slightly.) Leave it! Oh god, leave it! (Steve drops the sheet and rubs his fingers.) Leave it!

(Steve covers his mouth and Charlie wretches.)

Steve: Let's go. Let's get out of here. Let's go.

Charlie: Oh my god... I've got to go... (Cries as she passes the body, following Steve.)

Steve: Oh, shit.

(Charlie turns the corner and finds numerous garbage bags piled near the door.)

Charlie: Oh my god. What the hell?

(A loud banging is heard and Charlie looks up to find Kate's Watcher coming down the hallway in front of them.)

Charlie: Oh...

Steve: Oh, shit!

Charlie: Oh my god, run! Run!

(Charlie screams and she and Steve run out of the room.)

Steve: Go! Go! Get out! Get out!

Charlie: Go! Run!

(Cut to the two running into a dark room. The alarm can be heard blaring.)

Steve: Run!

Charlie: Fuck! Oh god, which way?

(Charlie runs in the dark with the night vision on. She follows Steve up a flight of stairs and into the sewage room. They run past equipment and Steve motions for Charlie to come with him behind some boxes and fencing. Cut to Michelle Clore's Shadow entering the room. They film him nervously as he surveys the room. The Shadow leaves and Charlie looks to Steve.)

Steve: (Whispering.) Come on.

(Cut to Steve looking around a corner outside of the room.)

Charlie: Is it clear?

Steve: Yes it is. (They move out and Steve looks nervously around another corner.) Okay.

(Steve and Charlie walk down the hallway toward the exit.)

Charlie: Shit!

Steve: What?

Charlie: I'm running out of tape!

Steve: Oh, for god's sake, Charlie.

(Running footsteps are heard in the hallway and Charlie zooms in to find Kate's Watcher running toward them.)

Kate's Watcher: Oh, shit! We better go!

Charlie: Oh no, we've got to run!

Kate's Watcher: No!

Charlie: No, we've got to run!

Steve: Go! Go!

Charlie: We've got to go! Now!

(Charlie and Steve run away from the Watcher.)

Steve: Go! Now!

Charlie: Oh my god!

Steve: Run!

Charlie: Go! Go!

Kate's Watcher: Stop!

Steve: Go! Go!

Charlie: Oh my god!

Steve: Go, go, go!

(Charlie opens the fire exit door to find Michelle Clore's Shadow.)

Steve: Shit!