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Pete Gibbons
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KateModern: series producer
Portrays Kate's Watcher, Gary
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Pete Gibbons filmography
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Pete Gibbons is the former series producer for the webseries KateModern. He grew up with a passion for radio. His dad, who was the station manager of BBC Three Counties Radio, gave Pete his first big break, a job in the station's sports department, at age 12.

After failing most of his A-levels, Pete moved to Manchester to work at BBC GMR. He stayed there until a BBC Radio Five Live program called "The Score" was commissioned. The program was soon dropped, and Pete moved to Five Live's News team as the Entertainment Producer for Phil Williams. Pete worked there for four years before becoming bored and leaving the BBC to set up Sniffer Ltd.

Pete got involved in KateModern after his Sniffer Ltd. buisness partner, Ralf Little, went to Los Angeles and met with lonelygirl15 Creators Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried. Ralf came back from this meeting and told Pete about lonelygirl15. Pete watched a few videos and thought the show was cool, but figured that only geeks would watch TV on the internet. In spite of this, he agreed to talk to the Creators and see what they had to say. Miles and Greg flew into London, where they all met for dinner at the Soho House. As they spoke, Pete slowly began to realize that perhaps he was wrong about geeks being the only ones who'd watch online shows. He and Ralf eventually signed a buisness deal with the Creators, which cemented Pete and Ralf's roles with the show.

As time went on, Pete began to watch more videos and finally realized how flat out WRONG he had been with his theory that only geeks watched TV on the internet. He also learned that working on an internet-based entertainment show was a lot of fun! As he became more and more immersed in the online community, Pete, who had never been a morning person, began finding himself waking up at 6 am just to surf the internet.

Pete's role on the show is to "make stuff happen." On a day-to-day basis, he has to make sure that the production is on track and source the props, locations, and lunches. He is also responsible for making sure the videos don't break any broadcasting laws and adhere to KateModern's strict production guidelines.

Creativity, artisticness, music, food, and beer all inspire Pete. If he weren't working in entertainment, Pete says that he'd like to be a sports person, particularily a footballer or rugby player. He currently lives with his partner in London.

In March 2008, Inside LG15 announced that Pete had left KateModern "to take on other exciting projects, and no doubt continue his amazing work changing the face of entertainment as we know it." [1]

News reports in April 2008 stated that Pete is involved in a new Myspace series called "I Love Chieftown," to debut in September 2008.

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