Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15

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Episode 15/1x015
Proving Science Wrong… with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15

Bree looks good on the bed. Daniel in the boa? Not so much.

Blogger Bree
Date Posted July 26th, 2006
Length 1:36
Description We LOVED your spoofs (okay, not ALL of them), so we thought we should do one of our own. Hope you like it! It took FOREVER to make one where Daniel wasn't laughing!!!

Music was submitted by a fan! Yay!

Location(s) Bree's bedroom
YouTube Tags LG15 danielbeast daniel lonelygirl15 spoof funny humor platypus silly weird mauf pink boa dance
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Miles Beckett
Director(s) Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Vidplay Mesh Flinders and Miles Beckett
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Editor(s) Miles Beckett
Music The Truth by Mauf
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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Proving Science Wrong… with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15 is the fifteenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is the second in the Proving Science Wrong series. This video is correctly called "Proving Science Wrong… with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15", with an ellipsis () special character instead of three separate periods - it resides here for easier accessibility. It is a spoof of the spoofs of LG15, with Daniel acting dorky like Bree, and Bree lying on her bed reading a magazine (a favorite practice of Daniel's.)


(Daniel is sitting in Bree's desk chair, wearing her boa and outback hat, with one knee drawn up. Bree is in the background, lying on her stomach on the bed, reading a magazine. She is surrounded by Owen, P. Monkey, Thor, and The Other Monkey in a cameo appearance.)

Daniel: I will be teaching today. Hi guys! Welcome to another exciting installment of Proving Science Wrong. This is episode 5122.4, and as you can see, Daniel's still on the bed.

(Daniel looks at Bree expectantly) Danielllll?

(Getting no response, Daniel turns back to the camera and mouths "he never talks")

Daniel: Today we're going to learn about the Cornwallis Effect. Isn't that cool? (nods while Bree's face falls into the magazine, probably out of frustration and disbelief)

Bree: (cut scene) Actually, it's the Coriolis Effect.

(cut back to original shot)

Daniel: The Cornwallis Effect is, basically, when you flush a toilet, the water goes down in one direction in the Northern Hemisphere, and goes the other way in the Southern Hempisphere.

Bree: (cut scene) Actually, that's a common misconception. The Coriolis Effect has nothing to do with water going down toilets.

Daniel: Pretty amazing, huh? (nods goofily)

Bree: (from the bed) It's Coriolis.

(Daniel looks at Bree)

Bree: (cut scene) Ko. Ree. Olis. Coriolis!

Daniel: The Corn- the Cornwallis Effect is basically just something that makes hurricanes spin in their spiral. If you ever watch it on TV you can see it, you know it's that big cloudy thing on the Weather Channel...

Bree: (cut scene, in a singsong) Ko Re Oh Lis. Coriolis. Coriolis, Coriolis.

(Daniel plays with the picture board, dances around with the boa, tickles Bree.)

(Cut scene of Bree staring at the camera, looking appalled.)

(Cut scene of Daniel looking into the camera, spoofing Bree's goofy faces from First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails.)

(Cut scene of Bree giving a sigh/raspberry.)


  • A gold band can be seen on Bree's ring finger in this episode. Before Jessica was identified, many people thought that this was a clue that the actress was married. It turns out Jess just likes the bling.