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Owen hiding in his shell.jpg
First Appearance Last Appearance
First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails I Miss Her‎
Character information
Age Stuffed
MySpace owentheturtle
Portrayed by Owen

Videos with Owen

Owen is Bree's stuffed turtle, seen on the bed in the background of almost every bedroom video. He was first seen in the first seconds of the first episode of LG15 in the background on Bree's bed. Owen was a rarely used character who was overshadowed by P. Monkey and at some times Thor. However, in the Zodiac of Denderah video, he was a major supporting character. In What Makes Us Sad?, Owen also makes an appearance as Bree demonstrates how he attempts to hide in his shell when he is sad.

Bree tries some first-aid on Owen.

In Ransacked!, Bree says she fears Owen has been tortured by the person who broke into their motel room. She puts a bandage on him to make him feel better. While some fans thought this was an indication that Owen was indeed wounded, it is much more likely that Bree was just playing. However, some fans have speculated that whoever ransacked the motel room planted a tracking device in Owen.

Owen's increasing popularity is due to his more numerous appearances in the lonelygirl15 videos and his outspoken role in the LonesomeOctober fanfic videos (in which he often appears to be very angry). He even has his own fan club.

Owen was last seen in several flashback clips in I Miss Her. He is presumed to still be residing with DanielBeast.

Owen's likeness was sold at many Target stores around the United States, for much longer than the P. Monkey "Gepetto" puppet, under the name "Littlest Pet Shop Plush Jumbo Plush Turtle." At present, it seems to not be available.

Owen highlighted in the background of one of Bree's video blogs.

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