Purple Monkey Jumps the Shark

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LonesomeOctober Video 5
Purple Monkey Jumps the Shark

Purple Monkey... REVEALED!

Blogger LonesomeOctober
Date Posted September 28th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description ...okay, he doesn't actually jump anything, but it's a metaphor, get it.
YouTube Tags puple monkey press LG15 Lonelygirl15 final goodbye
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Purple Monkey Jumps the Shark is the fifth fan-fic video by LonesomeOctober. Purple Monkey, standing astride a shark, announces he will be making no more videos.


(Purple Monkey stands on the back of a shark.)

P. Monkey: Hello everyone, this is lonelygirl15 spokespuppet, Purple Monkey. I'm coming to you today from the back of this shark, to inform you that I will not be doing any more lonelygirl15 spoof videos. I had a really good time; I hope that some of you did, too. I'm gonna go ahead and put myself back in the toy box, for the foreseeable future. If there are any... stunning changes in the lonelygirl15 phenomenon, I may come out of retirement, but I don't foresee it now.

My message today is twofold. I want to thank anybody who's been a fan of these videos. I, I appreciate that a great deal. However, I also want to say some things on behalf of the guy who's got his hand stuffed up my ass right now. (P. Monkey is lifted upward, and we see that there is, indeed, a hand inserted into his bottom. He then goes back down) The more resourceful among you have probably figured out who he is, uh, and that he is not in any way involved with lonelygirl15, or its production, or its writing, or its distribution, or any aspect thereof. He's just a fan with... some critiques he wanted to add, uh, in the form of Purple Monkey observations.

He also wants to let you know that this channel is gonna be used for some different content in the near future. It's, uh, fairly far removed from the sort of things you've seen here before, so those of you who want to stick around and check it out, he encourages you to do so and looks forward to seeing you there. For those of you who are really just hardcore lonelygirl15 fans and don't want to have anything to do with any other aspect of YouTube, this channel's gonna go a different direction, so you may want to "bump it off."

At any rate, um, he looks forward to talking to you, perhaps in puppet form, uh... My friend Brutus here (petting the shark) may be able to help him.

Brutus: (turning briefly to the camera) What up, YouTube?

P. Monkey: Uh, I, on the other hand, am gonna sign off for the last time. Once again, thanks to all of you. Um, the hand inside me looks forward to seeing you in the future; I, however, will have to live on in your memories. (waves) Peace, YouTube.


  • "Jumping the Shark" describes the point in a long-running series when there is an unexpected or questionable event, and it is generally agreed that the quality of the series suffers afterwards. The term refers to the series "Happy Days," when the character Fonzie pointlessly jumped a shark on water skis.
  • This is the only LonesomeOctober YouTube fanfic video that was not reposted on Revver.
  • Some fans had already discovered that LonesomeOctober was a university professor in the Midwestern United States. Others believed that LonesomeOctober was an account by those responsible for lonelygirl15.